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Get Upvotes or Earn Passively.. Your Choice!

After weeks of pondering and debating, I finally decided to pull the plug and create an upvote bot for my account. I was hesitant to do this because quite frankly it seemed daunting. It’s been a few years.. okay maybe 5 or 6… since I took my last programming and Linux courses. And even back then I wasn’t very good at it.

But with the help of a programmer that I’ve worked with in the past, and some help from @yabapmatt (owner of and @potspromoter), I got the script uploaded to my server, tweaked it, and it's working perfectly. Speaking of, the code I used for my upvote bot comes directly from @yabapmatt and @postpromoter. I felt good about this decision because @postpromoter has always been one of my favorite upvote bots to use. Plus, Matt is constantly updating the code with new features.

How Does The Bot Work?

So I guess you want all the juicy details, huh? The @brandonfrye upvote bot will have the following parameters which I carefully considered before launching…

Minimum Post Age: 20 Minutes
Max Post Age: 3.5 Days
Upvote Comments: Yes
Bot Leaves Comment: Yes
Minimum Bid: 0.05 Steem or SBD
Maximum Bid: 999 Steem or SBD
ROI Limit: -10%
Refund Bids: Yes (for unaccepted bids)
Anti Spam: Yes (sharing data with Cheetah, SteemCleaners, etc.)

Note: These settings will be adjusted over time as needed. I know that as we get more and more Steem Power delegated to the bot, we'll need to increase the minimum bid.

How Do I Get An Upvote?

That’s easy. Just send your bid (currently minimum of 0.05 SBP or Steem) to @brandonfrye with your post link in the memo field. Each bidding round lasts approx. 2 hours and 24 minutes. Your percentage of the upvote will be determined on how well you bid against others. And you will receive your upvote once the bidding round is over.

Be sure to check for current bids and voting times. I will be providing them access to my bot's API for accuracy.

How Can I Earn Passively From Your Bot?

This is the fun part and really one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to take on this project. Not only can we share the love to others through gratitude on their posts with upvotes, but those who have some Steem Power to spare can earn passively by delegating to the @brandonfrye bot.

Here’s how it works…

Delegate a minimum of 50 Steem Power to the bot and earn Steem and SBD directly to your wallet every single day. Doesn’t get much more passive than that!

I will leave some links below to those of you who want to delegate to the bot but don’t know exactly how to do it. All you have to do is click on one of the links below, insert your username on the next screen, then confirm your delegation through SteemConnect.

Delegate 50 SP to the Bot
Delegate 75 SP to the Bot
Delegate 100 SP to the Bot
Delegate 200 SP to the Bot
Delegate 500 SP to the Bot
Delegate 1,000 SP to the Bot
Delegate 2,000 SP to the Bot
Delegate 5,000 SP to the Bot

You can also change the delegation amount to anything you like after you click one of the links above. The more you delegate, the more you’ll earn. Just keep in mind that anything less than 50 SP is not recommended as it will bring you such small returns. Also, you should keep (at a minimum) 20 SP in your account so you have enough bandwidth.

How Much Will I Earn From Delegating to Your Bot

The short answer is that you will earn significantly more than you would if you simply used your Steem Power for curation. There's also zero risk with delegating to the bot because we never have access to your money and you can take it back at anytime. This means that everything you earn is pure profit!

Obviously, the actual amounts on returns are not yet available as we've just launched. But I can tell you that the bot is paying out 80% of it's bids to investors/delegators (that's huge!). We will also be tracking all earnings and making this information available at a later date. This way we will know an estimate of what to expect if you delegate say.. 100 SP over the course of a month... or... 1,000 SP over the period of a year. I love data so you can count on me bringing that to you soon. :)

So Whats Next?

I really want to do so much more with this bid bot than just provide upvotes and pay investors. My plan is to find a Steem project (or community) to raise funds for. There are so many great things that I would like to contribute to.. and now we will all be able to help. Not only will we be providing a service to help minnows build their Steemit accounts, we'll also be helping investors, all while supporting great causes within the Steem ecosystem.

The next step is to get in contact with @yabapmatt to let him know that the bot is ready to be added to Right now is a great time to bid as this bot is currently unkown and you will have little competition. Plus, the minimum bid is super low! As we gain more Steem Power from delegators we'll need to increase the minimum bid amount accordingly.

UPDATE: The bot has now been added to and is connected to my API for accurate pricing. I've also created a video letting you know (in more detail) why I decided to create an upvote bot and how I went about it. This video is super helpful if you're considering creating a bot for yourself. See that video here

If you're interested in more videos, tutorials, and how-tos, I encourage you to follow my channel and leave me replies of things you would like to learn about. If I don't know the answer, we'll learn together! :)

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The short answer is that you will earn significantly more than you would if you simply used your Steem Power for curation.

What people like you are doing is DESTROYING curation. Damn profiteers. When will yall learn that what you all are doing is killing the platform.

Get back to manual curation and stop encouraging people to disregard it. You, sir, are setting a BAD example. If y'all keep it up, one day this gravy train is going to end.

Look at post quality. It's shit for a reason. Bid bot abuse is on the rise and your kind are the enablers.

I'm glad I found you on YouTube. Delegating looks like a great way for passive income. I currently have 6 delegation leases out on Minnowbooster, but once those finish up in about 3 weeks, I'm going to move my funds to your delegating bot. Thanks for the informative vids. Keep up the good work. I'll be following along to check on the progress of the payout percentages and to watch your other vids and steemit posts.

Hey @pbgreenpoint, thanks so much for the support! I will have a video up very soon with the payout percentages/amounts so far. But what I've seen so far are much higher returns than those you get from MB. I'll have some hard numbers up very soon though!

I'm SO in on this!!!!!!! Just clicked the link and delegated 500!!! Thank you Brandon!!!!!!

You're awesome, @rawutah!! Was wondering who that came from. Appreciate the love man and look forward to sending you the daily earnings!!

YOU ROCK brother!!!!! waiting to see if steem drops lower tonight. if it drops to around a dollar, i'll scoop more. then...i'll delegate some more to you! you're doing great things brandon. please keep it coming!!! we appreciate you! let's earn some steem..and spread the love! it's gonna be a GREAT year for steemit and the steem blockchain!!!!

No doubt!! Major flash sale going on right now lol. Time to grab it up while we can. I got another $1,200 worth last night but maybe I should've waited until tonight.

cheer to that! ok, so i just delegated another 1000!!! so excited to support this! weird thing this...i'm only seeing 1000 delegated in my wallet. hmmmmm? i was seeing 500 delegated before. shouldn't it be 1500 total now?

yah weird. i just checked see delegations out. its only showing -1000. i'll wait through the day....and send delegate another 500. for a total of 1500. thanks brandon!!!!

You’re the best, @rawutah! So did you edit your first delegation using the delegation tool on the steembottracker website? I think you just have to edit the previous delegation and change the amount. I just checked on and it appears that you’re currently delegating 1,000 SP.

perfect! thank you....that worked well. clicked update/ you said. super easy. let the good times roll! 1500 total now.

@rawutah, You Rock! Just saw that you increased your SP Delegation to 2,500!! 🤑🙌

FYI - You're going to love tomorrow's update! 😉

yeeeeeehawwww my friend!!!!!!! long live the brandonfrye bot! i can't wait for the update! you are SO appreciated!

Congratulations to @stevelivingston for delegating 200 SP to support the upvote bot. Your daily payouts will begin after the next withdrawal cycle. 🥂

Looking forward to helping out!

Great news! Congrats on the big step! I will look into this as I have only recently started to test the waters of delegating SP and using an upvote bot. I am finally over 500 SP so delegating more than 50 seems like a tradeoff at this point. My first (and only) use of an upvote bot was for a slight gain so not bad. I would love to help you though as I appreciate the help you put out to the community in your posts.

Thanks @newageinv, I have literally been going at this all day long.. tweaking the code, etc. It's been a busy day to say the last lol. And yeah, if you'd like to delegate that would be awesome! Just use one of the links above or go over to and use their delegation tool which is very simple. Thanks for the support!

Done! Hoping to be one of the first! Just delegated 50 SP! Not much but I know you will do great things for the platform and community with it. Look forward to continue watching the journey!

Awesome! You're the best. I will have Matt at the bot to the bottacker website by tomorrow so we can get lots of bids coming in.. and payouts coming to you!! :)

I followed you recently for youtube, I did not know you because I speak spanish, but your videos are really great In fact I sent you SBD to vote for my post. Thank you and keep doing such a good job.

Excellent, @samycfc! Thanks for your support. And I saw your bid come in but it was too high for the current bidding round. Check your wallet because it's been refunded to you. You can bid again with a smaller amount though. I would try for about 0.05-0.25 SBD

Ok bro, I sent it again. You are very kind thank you.

Okay perfect, glad you got the bid in. Btw, this round will be a little longer than normal due to somebody (me) upvoting my own post here by accident. But it will be delivered. Just wanted to give you a heads up! :)

Ready, received the upvote. Thanks friend, I'll use it again soon. You doing an amazing job.

I have contributed my bit because it seems a great project, I have delegated 50 SP, very much luck

Thanks @luisitonews, I totally appreciate your support! I look forward to sending you daily earnings!! :)

Just delegated 300, love the project. Will keep an eye out for more to come!


Thank you so much for your support, @envi.sage! You rock!!! 🤗

ReSteemed as well.

Thanks for helping me spread the word too!

Congratulations to @arslanhyder for delegating 50 SP to the @brandonfrye upvote service. You will begin to receive daily earnings after the next withdrawal cycle!!

I think its a good idea to delegate if thr account holder has a large amount of STEEM. Since I have very little, I will hold off on dping my share.

Yes, great point! I meant to write in there that you should save a minimum of 20 SP in your account just for bandwidth. Thanks for reminding me. I'll add that now!

Just delegated the MAX allowable from my account...#happytrails !

You rock! I just gave you a proper shoutout on my most recent post (in the comments). I appreciate your support and look forward to sending you your earnings!

Good to know. When I manage to make more steem dollars I will definitely use your bot service. Keep up the good work:)

You got a 14.13% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @brandonfrye!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

@brandonfrye , congratulations for the project! I'll definitely support you.
Do you have an idea of how much SBD would be provided daily for each 50 SP delegation?

Thanks @stilltnc. And no, it'll probably be a couple of weeks before we have some solid numbers on returns. Currently I'm working on the api for the bot so that it can be added to steebottracker with all the correct information. Once it's added, we'll have a LOT more bidding.. and more payouts. So until that is done (and we've been running for a couple of week) we won't know for sure. But I can tell you that I've set the payouts pretty high. Delegators are getting much more than me. ;)

All the people are very happy with this i will also try this and thanks for your information my friend

You’re very welcome. I appreciate the support!

Wow great!

LOL Is this for real?

Dude, tell me this is too good to be true?

Yes. It. Is!!! And thank YOU for delegating. This is gonna be Yuge!!! 😎👍🏻

Oh boy....This is gonna be fun! Already planning my attack to push this for ya ;)

You're the man!

This post has received a 11.21 % upvote from @boomerang.

woahhh cool bro, using bot
btw is that break any rule?
coz iam newbie in steemit

Hey @witul4r, welcome to Steemit!! And no, no rules against using upvote bots. In fact, there's a website that lists all of the upvote bots on Steemit that you can use: I hope to have my bot listed there by tomorrow.

Do you have any video on how bidbot works ?

Hey @wwealan, great question. And yes, I actually created a video a while back on using upvote bots:

That should help a lot!

That's Cool

I Like It 😍😍😍

Thanks! I'm pretty excited to take on this new project. :)

Congratulations @brandonfrye, this post is the third most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Superuser account holder (accounts that hold between 1 and 10 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Superuser account holders during this period was 1086 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $5271.71. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

I think I'll have a look at it in a few months.

Congrats On This New Venture! I Would Love To Delegate Some Seem Power But I Don't Have Much To Share... I Will Gladly Use The Upvote Bot Though!
Ps I Got The First Glimps Of The Upvote Bot
Screenshot (54).png

It's a very good idea, I hope this bot will be much better than others, because others are not doubling the money in real. Especially when steem goes down.

Its a gtreat project Ans soon you will success in this because you ar realyy doing a great work for the community members Keep the project up I wish you all the best

Thanks @travellingwomen, I appreciate your kind words and support! :)

Great @brandonfrye your information is great, thanks for this topic

You're welcome @dairy83, I appreciate it!

Hey @jlalvarez, I'm here to help all Steemit users... especially new ones. So please take this advice and don't leave comments like this in the future. It isn't attractive and will not help your channel. There are much better ways for building your channel here on Steemit.

I am interested in delegating. I would like to know how much I would earn depending on the amount I send though. If you could let me know that would be great. Thanks.

Hey @awesomegames007, great question. But it'll probably be a couple of weeks before we have some solid numbers on returns. Currently I'm working on the api for the bot so that it can be added to steebottracker with all the correct information. Once it's added, we'll have a LOT more bidding.. and more payouts. So until that is done (and we've been running for a couple of weeks) we won't know for sure. But I can tell you that delegators are getting much more than me. ;)

This is great will definitely be using your services in the future. Focusing on getting more Steem Power. Thanks for what you do!!

Thanks @journeyfreedom, I appreciate it. I'm hoping that in the very near future this project will benefit so many people here on Steemit!

Hey, i just followed you after i watched your recent YouTube video. I am new to Steemit and am currently learning about how all this works, i would love to be a part of your project in the future.

Hey @doom42, I'm so glad you followed over from YouTube and created an account. Welcome to Steemit!!

Hmmmm . . . that's pretty sweet Brandon. I don't think I would consider delegating some steem to anyone on steemit except for you - because it always seems like you are trying to help us make money - without a hidden agenda. I DO have 50 SP to delegate to you however a negative investment is not a wise decision. Do you think I should wait to delegate the 50 SP until you know the numbers and you know for sure if there is a profit to be made by investors like me?

Great question. I actually answered this in today's video at the 15 minute mark. Video will be uploaded and posted here in just a few. Thanks @tedtv! :)

50 SP sent. Thank-you for the explanation of how delegation works in your latest video. Good luck to you (and me). LOL.

Excellent, congrats!! :)

Good for you! I have recently been thinking about this stuff too, Im too small to bid-bot my SP but I have delegated to MinnowBooster, I will seriously consider reclaiming some and delegating to you as well. I like what you said about wanting to use the SP for philanthropy.

The more I get invested in crypto the more I want to learn coding, and computer stuff, I am currently running into problems with IOTA and I need to run a full node in order to recover my coins, no idea how, but I know its easy for computer people. I need to figure that out and its got me thinking, maybe I need to learn coding in general...

Anyways, thanks for the content. Appreciate you and your work on Steemit.

Hey @infidel1258, that is so kind that you would consider doing that. I would certainly appreciate your support in delegating to the bot. And yes, I'm very much looking forward to spreading the love far and wide here on Steemit.. especially in communities that need it most.

And I'm with you on that. I am super eager now to learn (and refresh) my coding skills. I'm sorry to hear about your IOTA coins. I guess that would be a really good reason to learn some coding skills and get a server setup. It's often times these kinds of problems (or situations) that force us out of our comfort zones and give us that push to learn more. I'm certainly in that place myself right now.

As always, thanks for your comments and support. It means a lot!

This post has received a 5.59 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @brandonfrye.

Congratulations to @arslanhyder for their delegation of 75 SP to the bot. Your payouts will begin during the next withdrawal period!! 🥂

Congratulations! @brandonfrye. I have recently been thinking about this stuff too, Im too small to bid-bot my SP but I have delegated to MinnowBooster, I will seriously consider reclaiming some and delegating to you as well. thank you for information

Thanks @arvindkumar, I appreciate the support!! :)

Great project @brandonfrye. I love to delegate some SP . But unfortunately I don't have many SP. But in the future I delegate some SP for sure.

Sounds great, @khalidjr11. It will become more and more profitable over time for investors. So whenever you're ready! :)

Thank you @brandonfrye for making the upvote bot.. I have delegated 50 SP and gonna see how it goes.

Thank you @arslanhyder for your support. I look forward to sending you daily earnings to your account! Here's to a bright future here on Steemit!!

Congrats to @gadrian for delegating 50 SP!! You rock! Your daily earnings will begin after the next withdrawal cycle. 🙌🏻

Thank you @awesomegames007 for your delegation to the upvote bot!! Your daily earnings will begin after the next withdrawal period!! 👌🏻

Yep, as your little bot alter ego already mentioned, I delegated 50 SP to your new bot @brandonfrye after I bought more SP! ;)

Thank you to @drtarts for your 50 SP delegation to the bot! Your daily earnings will begin paying out after the next withdrawal cycle. Congrats!! 🎉

Thank you @garudi for your delegation of 66 SP! I appreciate your support and look forward to sending you payouts each day!

Nice move. coding is too complicated for me still but hope to learn more and create my own script to one day be a bot too ;) Thanks.

Hi Brandon, I just got my first daily delegation income, very exciting! Just wondering why the delegation keeps increasing. Is that part of the earnings too?

Hey @giddyupngo, glad to send you your first earnings. And yes, the bot will grown in value over time as more and more people delegate to the bot. This will also drive up how many bids it gets per rounds.. which will in turn increase everybody's earnings. :)

Sounds good, thanks!

Nice idea Brandon! I will use it right now! Just waiting for the post to get to 20 minutes old!

Okay perfect! Btw, the reason for that is because there are people who will try to time their posting with the time of the bid round ending.. so that they get the upvote within the first 20 minutes of their post and not sharing the rewards with their curators. So I like to keep that from happening. :)

I've been watching your videos so I understood that the time minimum time requirement was because of that. Usually the bots I use send me a transaction confirming that I'm on queue for the next round, yours doesn't do that or did I make something wrong?

Sometimes they'll send you a message with .001 SBD which is usually just to say thanks and ask for your witness vote. I'm not a witness so I didn't set that up. However, I will look into that and perhaps send out a message just saying thanks! :)

Thank you to @artonmysleeve for your delegation of 450 SP!! Here's to daily payouts of Steem and SBD to your account! 🥂

The UpVote Bot is a unique tool. How you decide to use it is entirely up to you. Whatever, your current reputation level maybe the Bot can help. I look forward to seeing how the community chooses to employ this instrument. Thanks for the share.

You're welcome, thank you @toptensteemit!

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