You're awesome, @rawutah!! Was wondering who that came from. Appreciate the love man and look forward to sending you the daily earnings!!

YOU ROCK brother!!!!! waiting to see if steem drops lower tonight. if it drops to around a dollar, i'll scoop more. then...i'll delegate some more to you! you're doing great things brandon. please keep it coming!!! we appreciate you! let's earn some steem..and spread the love! it's gonna be a GREAT year for steemit and the steem blockchain!!!!

No doubt!! Major flash sale going on right now lol. Time to grab it up while we can. I got another $1,200 worth last night but maybe I should've waited until tonight.

cheer to that! ok, so i just delegated another 1000!!! so excited to support this! weird thing this...i'm only seeing 1000 delegated in my wallet. hmmmmm? i was seeing 500 delegated before. shouldn't it be 1500 total now?

yah weird. i just checked see delegations out. its only showing -1000. i'll wait through the day....and send delegate another 500. for a total of 1500. thanks brandon!!!!

You’re the best, @rawutah! So did you edit your first delegation using the delegation tool on the steembottracker website? I think you just have to edit the previous delegation and change the amount. I just checked on and it appears that you’re currently delegating 1,000 SP.

perfect! thank you....that worked well. clicked update/ you said. super easy. let the good times roll! 1500 total now.

@rawutah, You Rock! Just saw that you increased your SP Delegation to 2,500!! 🤑🙌

FYI - You're going to love tomorrow's update! 😉

yeeeeeehawwww my friend!!!!!!! long live the brandonfrye bot! i can't wait for the update! you are SO appreciated!