I'm Boycotting Dtube... And Here's Why

in dtube •  10 months ago

Why I've Decided to Part Ways with Dtube... For Now

You've probably made it to this post because you asked me why I use YouTube to host my videos for Steemit. In fact, that's exactly why I made this video because I know it's inevitable that I'll get the question. So in today's video (which is freely hosted by YouTube) I will explain why I've decided to boycott @dtube until some changes have been made. I eagerly invite @heimindanger (Dtube Creator) to share his thoughts if he happens to see this. I would be extremely gracious for your feedback.

Learn How Dtube and other applications on the Steem blockchain collect your rewards to fund the growth of their platforms, and see how much each one takes by reading this article.

Two Changes I Would Like to See Happen:

  1. Dtube drop it's fee from 25% to 15% by using other methods to raise funds. I've left a couple of suggestions in the video above but there are numerous ideas to crowdfund your project... especially here on Steemit. Simply posting a weekly @dtube stats report would draw many upvotes from the Dtube community. You could also have a monthly expense report that lists where all of the reward funds are going. I'm sure we would all be happy to see the expenditures and would gladly upvote the report.

  2. Add some notice or TOS to your platform (or even on the about.d.tube page) so that users of Dtube are aware that you're taking a portion of their rewards to fund the platform. Transparency goes a long way.. probably even more here on a blockchain. Users should not find out 3 months down the road from some blog article here on Steemit.

UPDATE 3/15/18 - I reached out to @heimindanger on discord but couldn't get a response for why there is no notice on the website about this fee. I'm really not sure why that question was avoided... twice. But he did mention that they're wanting to create an SMT (ICO) for Dtube which will fund the platform's growth from that point on.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 12.16.40 PM.png

UPDATE 3/16/18 - A big thanks to @movievigilante for bringing up this question again on the Dtube Discord chat. And also a thank you to @heimindanger for his response. Not only did both questions get answered, but they're now both listed in the Dtube FAQ as seen below...

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 5.37.02 PM.png

If you're interested in more videos, tutorials, and how-tos, I encourage you to follow my channel and leave me replies of things you would like to learn about. If I don't know the answer, we'll learn together! :)

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I am with you 100% 👍🏼
Except for any dapp should not charge than 5% initially. However, I ‘d suggest they take scaling portion e.g. ok let them start with 15% as max for little vote generating posts and the more income come of a post their fees should gradually go down the road to 5 % or less. ( in this way Dapp developers still guarantee an income and encourage small bloggers to grow more .. the more bloggers grow and benefit , the less developers fees ( but will be greater in total big posts) .. and sharing bloggers success .

  • just suggestion for scaling fees to be worked in away or another .

I welcome to any other suggestions too. But I wish developers keep ears open before it’s too late and new developers start a similar but more fair Dapp that would make the community flock away from them


I've heard that there's another version of Dtube in the works but haven't confirmed that yet. Should be interesting to see what a little competition injected into the blockchain does. :)


I like that idea. I'm not sure how easy (or if) it could be worked into the algorithm as I think they're limited to what the blockchain offers. If that is possible then it should be implemented. People really need to be incentivized to use Dtube, especially when it all links back to Steemit anyways. You know what I mean? Why use Dtube for your Steemit crowd when you can use YouTube absolutely free to host your videos? After polling everybody yesterday I learned that probably over 95% of my followers really follow me on Steemit anyways, not Dtube. But I guess it all depends on what you're trying to do here.


Wow! Thanks for pointing out that Dtube takes a 25% cut. That seems way too high for what is supposed to be a heavy volume use platform.

UPDATE: I just received this reply when I asked @heimindanger about it.



I guess it took a couple of people asking. He knew we weren't going away, lol. Thanks for the update and I appreciate you bringing it up to him again. Nice work!!

Edit: I also updated this post to reflect the changes.


I also asked him about maybe explaining how the 25% is used and he basically said that it's all public which I assume he means you can check his wallet.

He explains it in more detail in further replies on Discord.

I salute you for bringing this up first of all, and second...I hope the change you speak about is taken into deep consideration.

I definitely give every app on Steem the benefit of the doubt right now, just cause they are so new...but I'll tell you this. In my years of being online....Off the blockchain apps always make the fatal mistake of not listening to their early adopters....They ignore them to try to cater to the big fish and it always back fires...

Blab.im is a perfect example of this. They tried to cater to the big boys and completely ignored the original adopters and original community....Blam.im doesn't exist anymore.

Please please please...All you guys and gals in charge of the apps on Steem...Never forget to listen to your community! We will be your biggest fans and tell the world about you!


That's true. And there are no written rules to abide by. When you use Google Ads or Facebook Ads, they make sure that you have a Terms of Service. If you apply for a merchant account through a 3rd party merchant to take payments on your website, they make sure you have a privacy policy, TOS, and Terms and Conditions. There are no rules here regarding that. And I personally don't think there needs to be. But some common sense would say, hey we need to let people know that we're taking 25% of their rewards lol.

Hi @brandonfrye - excellent article - well done. A whole group of us are heading to "Viewly" which is such an exciting new platform. Here is a short video of some of the creators on View.ly

Their public ICO is happening right now and almost at 80% sold out. Only a few more days left. Just followed you and will be checking out your videos today.

Really enjoying your videos! I have learned a lot from you and followed much of your advice and have gotten great results. The bots are still tricky as its hard to see what you actually make...ie the author rewards don't match the​ totals paid to the ​wallet. Als, ​ can you point me in the right direction to create my own upvote bot. I can't find any references online. Would make a great video​ (hint hint) lol! Anyway keep up the great content and I want you to know it's making a difference for other's out here on the steem blockchain!


Hey @ground2feet, thanks. I'm glad my videos have been helpful to you! And actually I looked into that a while back. I didn't get too far though, lol. I'll look into it again and see if it's even possible to create a walkthrough video or a "point you in the right direction" video for that. ;)


Ok got you, thank you! Glad to know it's not just me lol. If you figure it out and want to partner up with someone I'd love to have a conversation to see if you we can create an opportunity​!

the 25% won't last. Once SMTs are out, DTube will launch it's ICO and get all the funds they need for operating and growing their business. Right now, I'm not against 25%, the price of Steem is volatile and having a reserve when we hit a buttom may make the difference for it's survival.


Thanks for chiming in @cryptoctopus, I appreciate it. And I thought about that too. As Steem prices dip, server and hosting costs don’t lol. It must be strange and somewhat complicated doing decentralized business in a fiat world.

Sorry as I am about it, I must admit that you are perfectly right.

I would love to see Dtube growing, for it is a great idea. So let's hope it won't take them too long to catch up with diskussions like this one. All we ask for is a professional business conduct. This is not asking too much.


Exactly, I really think it's common sense to list this "reward fee" on their platform. Thanks for your comments!

I don’t think the amount matters. It’s just about disclosure. Transparency (god, politics have made me hate that word) implies honesty. Integrity matters. And people don’t like to feel like something’s been ‘pulled over’ on them.


By the way, thanks for the SBD. I feel a little luckier when I win SBD when it’s down so far. :)


Great points. And you're welcome! Yes, it is already going up, up, up!! :)

I will begin by saying that it doesn’t matter where you post, the followers will find it and support your growth. Regarding dtube taking 25%, I agree that at the least they should be transparent and disclose this to the content creators whom are the value creators on the platform. This would support the blockchain culture of decentralization which is the future. However, as they intend to grow, they also need the funds to foster their technology needs. Therefore, I would say they should put forward a roadmap that maybe begins with 25% but reduces as adoption increases and overhead decreases. If they are transparent about it, it would be easier for content creators to make informed decisions on where to put their efforts. At the end of the day, we all want for the Steem blockchain to grow by increased users and applications to drive value realization.


I like this idea. At a minimum be transparent about your expenses so that we can properly judge whether 25% is too much or too little. I've heard from several people who say, "But they need 25%". Well, if you're not part of their team then you really probably don't know that. It could turn out that they need even more to take on the things they're trying to achieve. But we'll never know unless they share their expenses with the community.

But I like your idea of a roadmap for what they're trying to accomplish. And knowing that there would be a decrease in "fees" over time would probably inspire more of us to continue on with dtube. I personally would love to say that I was a pioneer for decentralized video hosting but I'm afraid I can't do it at the rate of 25% indefinitely.

This post has received a 7.69 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @brandonfrye.

Wow, I had no idea.

As a new user, this is great information to have. I would expect a slight "fee" but 25% is very excessive. I might just stick to youtube as well for now.

I hope the DTube devs take your suggestions to heart. You seem to really care about steemit as a whole.

Thank you, so much, for bringing this information into the light. Love your content man, keep it up!


Thanks @giostrus, I appreciate that a lot! And I hope they do too. And FYI, I've been looking more and more into Dlive which is another video hosting platform on Steem and they charge 0% and allow you to upload prerecorded videos or do a live stream. So that is another option as well that I might be testing out. Anyways, thanks for the support!

No worries @brandonfrye.

Whether you use DTube or YouTube, We always support your quality contents and I totally agree with you. First, DTube must take less rewards than the 25% of our author & curation rewards. Second, They must update/aware all the Steemians about the expenditure. Third, They must create a terms & conditions page or any other page to let us know about how much reward they took.

Good luck Brandon and keep producing more contents.

I understand your point of view in this matter, but Youtube is

Hey Brandon I was one of the people you gave the 5 SBD to. I cannot thank you enough. It gave me a kick. But since then I have decide to leave. I had over 100$ Taken from me from @jerrybanfeild as well as cruel people who are @JB diehards when I made known what happen to me. I decided I will be removing all the money I put in and power down my Steampower. this place is all about making the whales richer and only helping people they like, while harming others.Here is the post that got downvoted and an explanation. I cannot afford the cruelty of it all and the loss of money for the benefit of @jerrybanfield. https://steemit.com/ketogenic/@nichemeninja/when-all-else-fails-eat-eggs-ketogenic-lifestyle


That's interesting what happened. But if I'm not mistaken, when you send 20 SBD twice then the bot puts you down for 40 SBD.. so you got an upvote worth that. That's probably why they couldn't refund you because you paid 40SBD and got that much (or what was available percent wise) in an upvote from the bot. Either way, I'm sorry to see you go and hope you change your mind one day. That situation definitely sucks but isn't worth leaving for. I've lost money with some bots too. It stings but ya gotta keep going.


I did no purposely send twice. Never moved to the success page or whatever. The send page just kept popping up I figured was a glitch so hit send again. Popped up again. Hit send several more time and gave up thinking was not working correctly fortunately only able to take all my SBD which was only 40SBD I went to bid page and saw that @jerrybanfields bot took all my SBD and messed up that bid. I did several othe vote bots and did not have this issues. So I did nothing wrong. Tried to explain this to Jerry banfeilds minions. But of course I am the on trying to scam Jerry Banfield. Heartless. I am out of hear. I have loss 80% of what I put in . I am assuming from down votes. I was threatened that I would be downvoted. This is not for me. Too many abusive whales on here.

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nice video on dtube and i agree with you totally . Be aware, not only dtube reaps up users. Dmania i think takes upto 50% which i found very wrong. Thanks for sharing and lets keep in touch so we can ensure they make changes.


Thanks @kenjudoy. I appreciate the support! And the last I checked @dmania only takes 10%. That's based on my own experience with them and the data in my www.steemworld.org account. It's possible that it was higher and they dropped it. Maybe @dtube will do the same.


A friend they upvoted checked. Have you checked from those who got dmania upvote their final payout ?


Hey @kenjudoy, I went back through my stats on SteemWorld.org and they actually take 25%! I also confirmed this against somebody else who just posted to Dmania. That's crazy for a picture sharing site lol. Anyways, thanks for asking so that I would check it again. I've also updated the table on my previous post with this amount.


Sure and do also confirm from someone who got dmania upvote. Their rip off is crazy especially these days when folks invest in bots, bots also share from curation plus dmania % then slashing of pay out due to market fall then most are in huge loss constantly . A loose for users and gain for bot and platforms especially bid based bot that one invest in and they usually upvote at negative roi. Anyways, just worried and hoping we keep posting on this issues so they have a rethink. Tks for the post. Let's keep in touch.

now this is could start a good consensus because 25 percent is really harsh but because of decentralization there are no rules


Right. And I know they have numerous expenses but I feel there's a better way to go about monetizing the platform that could be added on top of.. say.. a 15% fee. We'll see what happens. But I'm perfectly happy with posting my YouTube videos here for the time being.

Yes You Are A Doer Brandon! As And i Think This Is How To Do It! 👍


Thanks @kephawalks, I love the support! :)

This post proves that you are working for us - the authors. And not just the blockchain. Thank-You!


Thanks @tedtv, I do what I can. I appreciate your support!

Hopefully, more #steemians will have the intestinal fortitude to make a stand for what they believe in. Because of your post, I have zero intention of ever using D-Tube. What's the point? I have no USD to invest in Steems, so I rely on social media and trying to provide something "nutritional", while learning about other cultures, food and things in the cryptoverse.

Google owns YouTube. If I have any aspirations of my posts ranking under search terms, I'm going to stick with YT every time. I'm not interested in coughing up what little Steem action I get to a vendor for the privilege of hosting stuff I can upload for free on a plethora of other sites. Thanks for this post, I'm adding you to my follow list for future posts. Looking forward to seeing what goes on in your neck of the woods.


lol "intestinal fortitude" I love that! It can be frustrating to learn about this but I'm glad you learned now instead of 3 months down the road, like I did. There's absolutely nothing wrong with posting your YT vids to Steemit and share the videos you're already creating with the community here. Like you said, it's free, and it makes more sense for a channel just getting off the ground. Thanks for your comments and support!

I think it's good that you're raising this issue.
Like you, I think it would be only fair if DTube made it visible
to its users that they would earn 25% of the rewards.


Thanks for the comments, @quattz. At a minimum, that really should change. I highly doubt the 25% will be lowered unless other people demand it. As long as they'll settle with 25%, there's no reason to change it.

How about "great video" AND "Follow me".....jk
I just read the other post about how much all the other platforms are charging. I do understand what you mean about transparency and you're right about 25% is kinda steep, especially since you only get 7 days of money making opportunity. That really isn't much for the noobs like me and those who have low self 'esteem' levels. (see what I did there)
I'm still too noob to have it affect me much but I can understand that for those who already have a large following, it's kind of a raw feeling.
I hope they figure something out.
Keep up the good work.
Oh yeah, great video. Follow me.


Lol, "self esteem levels" 😂

And thanks, these apps on the Steem blockchain will continue to evolve and with a consensus from the community we have the choice to shape the future of our world here.

25% might be reasonable down the line. If Dtube keeps adding features so that it can really compete with youtube in terms of 1080P and 4K video as well as playlists, channel customization and all the other features YouTube has it could be worth it for many.

Especially for people who do not want to focus heavily on making video content all the time Dtube could certainly be a preferable platform. What I mean is someone who creates content on Steemit or the other associated platforms and who occasionly wants to make a video,

Getting 75% of the profits for 7 days is way better than YouTube who will pay 0 to that kind of creator.

For those really focused on creating video and who has other forms of monetization beyond just the adsense I think YouTube is still far ahead.


Great points. For a full-time content creator who is used to YouTube revenue then I think Dtube makes a lot more sense. You're getting a bigger cut and no censorship (at least not from Google anymore). I've seen several comments on YouTube from people telling me that 25% is no big deal because of what YouTube pays out.

But honestly, that hasn't nothing to do with me since I have never been paid anything from YouTube for my videos. And I've built my Steem following almost solely from Steemit.com. So really I just need a place to host my videos so that I can share them on Steemit which is what I'll do now. I may never rely on Dtube for acquiring a following as it's just too pricey compared to Steemit which is free.

I guess that's the real comparison - Dtube for 75% of your rewards? Or Steemit for 100% of your rewards? I've noticed a lot of big YouTubers come to Steemit and embed their YT videos and now I think I know why. It really makes more sense... for now.

I kind of suspected you were leaning in this direction.

While I don't know if the first change you propose is going to happen, I don't think it's too much to ask for the second change.

Have you tried asking @heimindanger directly about these proposed changes? I know that he answers a lot of users' questions on DTube's Discord account. It can't hurt to ask, right?

If we are going to hold DTube's feet to the fire, I don't think other Apps like Steepshot should be off the hook. It should still be apparent to everyone that they take 15% because that is one I didn't know about. Just because it's 10% less than DTube, that is no reason to not disclose that in an obvious place.


Hey @movievigilant, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, there wasn't much of a response though. He wouldn't even comment on my question about adding a notice to the platform.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 12.16.40 PM.png


Hey @movievigilante, thanks for the suggestion. I may try to reach out to him directly and see what he proposes. I know that for me personally, I'm not willing to give up 25% of my rewards. If I had a bigger channel that brought in hundreds per video, that might be a different story. But even then, it wouldn't make much sense seeing as I can post on YouTube for free and the majority of my followers here see my content on Steemit anyways. So I don't know.

And I agree completely. I'm hoping that this will bring awareness to all of the various platforms who are using the rewards beneficiary feature and are not being transparent about it. This will likely be the last post that I make about this for a while but I plan to continue this campaign behind the scenes until change has been made.


Thanks for the update. Maybe if more than one person asks him that question, he will answer it. I will try asking him and see if I have better luck.

Speaking of better luck, I posed the same question to the Steepshot developers on their latest update post and they did answer me.



That’s awesome!!! Glad to see them taking responsibility.

This is just what i have been looking for sir.

Am sure they will do something


Here's to hoping. I know I'm not a big enough channel to make such a drastic change but if more people become aware and demand some change, it just might happen. :)

That sucks bro but I'll watch your video on it later.

How much money is YouTube taking ?? You sure it's not more then 25%??


YouTube doesn’t give or take any money from me. They simply host my videos. If I were relying on ad revenue from YouTube that might be a different story. But even then it would be better to embed my YT vids here on Steemit. As long as you’re just using Steemit, you receive 100% of the rewards you’ve earned.


I hope they fix that.

Just watched the video and it made me laugh because i want to boycott Dtube for not letting me upload of post any videos on dtube stupid errors i am dealing with but at the same time i want to boycott pump and dumps and alot of other things that frustrate someone who is new to cryptocurrency i know this is a irreverent topic i am supporting you in all your causes @brandonfrye.
now i want to bother you with one of my posts i made very recently about my journey with crypto and steemit if you get a chance take a look at it please.
i really put all my thoughts and feelings out there on steemit to see if anyone cares to know or not. thank you for your public service you do for all of us.


Just checked it out. Great article and it sounds like you've had a similar experience to many of us in crypto. But I'm glad it's not turning you off from what will become the future of currency and technology. Thanks for sharing!

I realize that the developers need funding as a means to update and improve their project. That being said, I was also disappointed to find out NOT from Dtube, but from a blog post, that a portion of rewards are taken--just for using their app. It's crazy to think they take 25% when you could be using other apps for free...


Right!? I keep hearing people argue that YouTube takes much more than 25% but what they don't realize is that Dtube pays you absolutely nothing. The Steem blockchain is what pays us. So why upload your videos to Dtube, and pay them 25% of your rewards, when you can simply embed your YouTube videos or upload to Dlive for free?

25 is too much .

Hell, it's pretty easy for me. If you say a thing about a video provider that is good enough for me.

Thanks for taking a stand. Just that is incredibly important.


Yessir, thanks @bigtom13!

You got a 40.00% upvote from @dailyupvotes courtesy of @brandonfrye!

This is great sir....I love to watch other videos from you...thank u

yup...i'm with you. i am one of the new youtubers that came over here to steemit....through your videos being shared on youtube. i just made my very first Dtube video....basically from all your tutoring...and excitement for that platform. i'm excited about it too and have been sharing about dtube and steemit everywhere. but...i had no idea about the 25 percent dtube is taking. my first video will be paid out soon. i would have rather known up front about the 25 percent....then finding after the fact. i'll keep embedding with youtube videos for now also. thanks for your immense research, time....and HEART put into this brandon. in my opinion....Dtube should be much more CLEAR UPFRONT....about the monies they remove from not only authors but curators. that's huge! the curation part. i'm mainly a curator and have upvoted almost all your dtube videos. so it affects us all. thanks again. please keep it coming!


And this is exactly what I would like to keep from happening. People shouldn't find out about this from a Steemit post. Hopefully something will change soon. But until then, I might recommend you to check out Dlive as they do exactly the same thing as Dtube but charge zero fees. 👍🏻

you represent steemit better than anyone out there in my opinion brandon. maybe become a witness?


Thanks @rawutah, and I'm not sure about becoming a witness. I travel too often to maintain a server lol. Who knows though. 🤔

I do not agree with you and here is why:

YouTube takes much more fees (if you get anything at all): 55% of your ad revenue goes to YouTube.

25% for hosting your Videos might seem a lot, but think of the fact that there are Videos out there wich never got a single like. These Videos have to be hosted too. The 25% fees ensure that every Video independent for its likes can be hosted for at least a Week.

Unfortunately I am boycotting YouTube at the moment so I am indirectly boycotting you. Sorry


@frathiemann, I’ve heard this argument over and over as I’ve covered this topic but it really doesn’t make any sense. You see... Dtube isn’t paying you anything. The steem blockchain is. Dtube is simply hosting your videos and charging you for it.

For a full-time content creator who is used to YouTube revenue then I see why you would make the comparison. You're getting a bigger cut and no censorship (at least not from Google anymore). I've seen several comments on YouTube from people telling me that 25% is no big deal because of what YouTube pays out. So I get that. But again, dtube isn’t paying you anything. They’re a middle man between you and the blockchain.

And honestly, that hasn't nothing to do with me anyways since I have never been paid anything from YouTube for my videos. And I've built my Steem following almost solely from Steemit.com. So really I just need a place to host my videos so that I can share them on Steemit which is what I'll do now. I may never rely on Dtube for acquiring a following as it's just too pricey compared to Steemit which is free. And after polling my following I don’t believe any of them originally followed me bc of dtube. It was because they found me on Steemit.

I guess that's the real comparison - Dtube for 75% of your rewards? Or Steemit for 100% of your rewards? I've noticed a lot of big YouTubers come to Steemit and embed their YT videos and now I think I know why. It really makes more sense... for now. Because even if YouTube doesn’t pay them out that much, or they demonetize their video, at least they can still share that same video with Steemit without having to upload it anywhere else or share their rewards with dtube.

So I think you should really think this through. Because until dtube moves to its own blockchain (which will likely happen someday) they’re charging you 25% to use to build their application with no end in sight for these fees. And while we all wanna stick it to YouTube, Dtube isn’t exactly being decentralized and they’re charging you for something you can do for free. Heck, you can upload your videos to DLive just like Dtube absolutely free. So if you want to leave YouTube completely then choose DLive. 👌🏻

I haven't used dtube yet but I checked out the site. I use YouTube alot and it would be hard to leave the platform completely. It's good to know more information about dtube to see how everything works.


The good thing is you don't have to leave YouTube completely. I know a lot of big channels that use just YouTube and embed it here.. or they use both YouTube and Dtube. But I've recently come across (and done more research into) Dlive.io which charges absolutely nothing to host your videos. So this could be another good option on the Steem blockchain when it comes to a video platform.

Hey there ! Thanks for the feedback! I have been posting daily for quite a while on DTube , and my content rarely get upvoted by Dtube, it only happened twice which doesn't encourage content creators to keep on posting.
I've been dedicating all my work to this platform, and now I am thinking of going back to Youtube as it's clearly not working for artists...
I feel that if you don't post about something related to the crypto world you won't hit the jackpot.

Dsound on the other hand is great, and support more than 500 producers and artists with their curation team and really allowed me to create more.

I am wondering if the music industry needs another seperate video platform to bring that incentive. Thanks @brandonfrye to have the courage of talking about what really matters.


That's good to hear about Dsound. It sounds like they're on top of their curation game and making it totally worth using their platform and funding their project. They are also taking out 25% (without a notice) but at least they're making up for it. Hopefully all of these sites will put some kind of notice that they're doing this. But they've gotten away with it for this long so I doubt anything will change.


Yeah a notice will be grandly appreciated, thanks again for your comment

Many people don't even know this .


Nope, we gotta get the word out. It's unfortunate that many people are finding out through blog articles after the fact.

Let's make revolution let's make Dtube to put some kind of notice on their page. Let's follow @brandonfrye example. Together we can do this!


Thanks for the support @samaritanfriend! :)

I also can't really comment when I watch your videos in dtube. I agree that embedding your Youtube videos in Steemit posts will have more exposure.


I've been hearing that a lot and I'm glad now that you know exactly where to find my videos and be able to comment as well. :)

I've only uploaded one video there didn't get any rewards on it so i never knew about the rewards rape lol i did go to their site when i first heard about it this but there was nothing written to suggest the 25% which would be taken so i thought it was a rumor until i came across this video on youtube. For members barely making it on steemit last thing we want is for our our little author rewards to be taken when you are trying to build yourself up in the steemit community i won't be posting there again but like you said in your video they won't miss a liitle fish like myself lol.


That's basically where I'm at. I understand them needing to grow, but I also need to grow. And 25% is pretty high when there are free alternatives like YouTube and Dlive. So I don't really get it. Thanks for your support and feedback!

Brandon, I saw this video earlier this morning over on YouTube as I was trying to learn more about the DTube/Steemit platforms. I've known for a long time that YouTube was a vanguard operation for the truther/conspiracy community. Initially I created Fallout 4 content, fully edited, and complete with embellishments like music from royalty free music archives. YouTube copyright bot networks would wantonly lay claim to my artistic product (BGM being the major culprit), and by the time my claim dispute was settled, the video was old news.
So offensive are the YT copyright bots, I'd be forced to run to in-game radios (at risk to life and limb) to turn them off to avoid the inevitable copyright dispute. YouTube sanctioned robbery.
I've followed you over here on Steemit. I appreciate the design, and so far, I've enjoyed investigating the Steemit community. The links you provided are exactly the starting point needed to jump into the DTube and Steemit projects with gusto.
Doom pros back in 95' used to tell the noobs, "it's about getting your feet wet or ass kicked." Thanks to your consideration regarding Steemit/DTube platforms, I may have been spared pain from the latter.
This is such an exciting project, and I can't wait to produce for a community that actually seems to appreciate Content Creators.
Catch you around!


Thanks @hankmcgurk, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and feedback. I'm glad to help in any way that I can. Btw, there's a BIG community of gamers on Dlive (www.dlive.io) You may want to seriously check that out. You can upload your videos for free (no rewards taken) or you can livestream while you're playing. Hope that helps!


@brandonfrye Awesome! I had never heard of Dlive before. I feel like a kid at Christmas. You're crushing it. Let me know if you are in the need when it comes to video editing or capturing internet media; I'm happy to lend a little time. You're an excellent guide, far better than marching off into this new wilderness blind. My internal CBA calculator has you net positive and I don't mind giving back. I'll be going over to Dlive ASAP. Very cool. Thanks again!

While I do support Dtube—for being a great alternative to YouTube, which is greatly needed—I also see your point. This post brings up an important issue, and one that I wasn't even aware of.

Thanks for working to make the Steem community a better and more fair ecosystem!


Thanks for your comments, @c-change. I'm glad to bring this to your attention and hope this helps you with your decisions moving forward with Dtube. Have an awesome day!

Thanks for sharing and votes!


You're welcome. Thank you, @haraldsylwester!

i honestly might start just embedding my vids from youtube too. half the time when i upload to dtube the videos dont even play.


Yeah, it's really not worth paying more for the hassle at this point. Thanks for your comments!

Thanks for your research about DTube and sharing with us.
25% is way too high - My opinion it should be 5%.
Due to buffering issue people are not too interested to post/watch video on DTube. Also if they don't reduce their fee then definitely they will lose their audience.


Great point. The issues we’re having with the platform does make the 25% a little harder to swallow. Thanks for the comments @jabed70.

Thank you @brandonfrye for this information because I was just about to join dtube and give it a try, but for now I'll just pass on dtube. Also thank you for your videos on youtube I really enjoy them and I'm learning alot about steemit from your videos.


You're very welcome. I'm so glad that my videos have been helpful to you. Please let me know if you have any questions about Steem/Steemit as I'm happy to help! :)


Thank you and I do have a question if you don't mind, I'm not getting any curation rewards when I uovote people. Why is this? Is this because I have only 10 sp? Thank you


Yes you’re absolutely right. Remember that curation rewards go to those with some skin in the game (SP) so I would recommend powering up done steem. 👍🏻


Ok thank you sir

Thanks. I will take this in consideration today before i upload my video.

Thats right! Only because of your previous post i know that dtube and other apps taking fees. They not exactly say it
This is not nice
Changes will come for sure, i hope so

This is really important post to upvote and I will be the 100 upvoter now. And I will resteem this to my
3700 followers to let them know the truth.☺

I have a lot to say about that because I am on steemit fighting for a long time, almost 10 months. I have a big group where I don't let people post the direct link of youtube there and I accept only steemit links just because of that.

I think if they are taking 25% they have to upvote every single post. They also have to write about that in their website in a visible place or at least tell us about that when we login with our keys and reward us for our trust. I posted a lot a video in dtube and even some of them are not there on my channel but somewhere there in the server and it was hard to find them my self and I did found them just when I asked for a link in the discord channel.

The thing also in dtube is that is loading very slow and if someone have a simple internet speed like me he can't watch a video normally like in youtube. I think if I did hard work and I upload a video, I need it to be watched by most people, even if they have a low speed internet. In youtube we can control that by putting a low quality and just listening to the video.

I really hope they will change their politics and let us have fun from uploading our videos and earning at least 90%, because I think 10% is already big money for such big project.

Maybe dtube could open a promoted video section and all fund earned form the promoted goes to the dev of dtube.

I am surprised they can run a video hosting platform on only 25% of the rewards.

Of course use ThemTube as long as you can, because it's free.
Use up all of their money
Use youtube-dl to download the videos and avoid the adverts all together.

However, know that we are paying for ThemTube through the back door. But hey, that's the system we are currently living in.

Wow, I'm impressed by your boldness and about the idea how to make DTube creators think about changing their transparency policy.


It's worth a shot. I know my channel isn't big enough to affect them too much but I know that with every person who asks me, "Why aren't you using Dtube?" I'll send them over to this video. And I promoted this post just to see how others felt. At a minimum I would like to get some transparency about this added to each platform. We'll see though.

I had no idea that DTube took some of your rewards.

I am waiting to see if a whale comes and down votes (flags) you for your honesty....


Most likely, LOL. 🍿

I don't know though. The way I made this video was very constructive so if they watch it I'm sure they'll see where I'm coming from.


This is scarily true.

It feels like every industry takes as much as possible from customers/users unless the questions are raised (by the customers and users of course). It is human nature and why wouldn't you take more then appropriate if you can? After a while you'd even convince yourself it in appropriate, fair and justified. Everybody need to be paid, but fairness is up for grabs. Thank you for raising the question for all of dtube users @brandonfye!

Nice to see that you mention DLive as a good free alternative. And yes we are not charging any extra fees. The payout is the normal as on Steemit for the author and the curators. Everyone who want to talk with us or the community is every time welcome on our discord. https://discord.gg/vnXQBsM


Thanks @tidos for chiming in! And this is exactly what I love about @dlive. You guys are everywhere.. and on top of things. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that appreciates your 0% fees too. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!

interesting post, I was thinking of starting to create some dtube content. Basically just stick to youtube?

Just wondering why you don't use dlive.io then?

I noticed you said in your video '15% is not a big deal, in fact with 15% it's almost not necessary to put this on your page because it's such a little amount.' I mean this with respect when I say if ebay were to increase their fees from 7% to 15% would you say the same?