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RE: Delegate And Receive Daily Passive Earnings!!

in #steemit3 years ago

Great news! Congrats on the big step! I will look into this as I have only recently started to test the waters of delegating SP and using an upvote bot. I am finally over 500 SP so delegating more than 50 seems like a tradeoff at this point. My first (and only) use of an upvote bot was for a slight gain so not bad. I would love to help you though as I appreciate the help you put out to the community in your posts.


Thanks @newageinv, I have literally been going at this all day long.. tweaking the code, etc. It's been a busy day to say the last lol. And yeah, if you'd like to delegate that would be awesome! Just use one of the links above or go over to and use their delegation tool which is very simple. Thanks for the support!

Done! Hoping to be one of the first! Just delegated 50 SP! Not much but I know you will do great things for the platform and community with it. Look forward to continue watching the journey!

Awesome! You're the best. I will have Matt at the bot to the bottacker website by tomorrow so we can get lots of bids coming in.. and payouts coming to you!! :)