Daily Steemit Report - [2018-09-09]

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Hello ladies and gentlemen!

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Today Top 25 Trending Posts:

1chbartistOpportunities Come to Those Who Prepare Themselves...543.693 $
2najohNULS 2018 partnerships + smart contract module finally out + smart contract bounty !448.956 $
3icosandwhichWant Free Crypto?? Don't Waste Your Time With Faucets236.215 $
4rok-sivanteSimplifying TAUCHAIN: What You Need To Know About One Of The Most Fascinating, Significant Projects On The Block(chain)...212.079 $
5rest100Problems Official Video Ft. REST100 & Young Fuego280.396 $
6steemmonstersSteem Monsters Kickstarter Project is now Live! 200 SBD CONTEST!776.631 $
7d-pendCrossroads of the Heart: Who is @d-pend, Really?195.477 $
8anomadsoulGet Creative and Futuristic and win a ticket to Steem Fest!141.885 $
9johndennehyIllegal: a true story of love, revolution and crossing borders [book serialization/ Prologue]138.483 $
10khaleelkaziElon Musk On Joe Rogan, But This is What Mass Media Focuses On141.990 $
11actnearnMonetize Your Social Media Channels with ActnEarn SMT : Action # 19386.274 $
12roelandpSteemFest³ Updates - "Wall of dApps"-Expo, a word from Steemit Inc and New Names!181.711 $
13muratkbesirogluArchitect of Ages: Architect Sinan (English/Turkish)143.905 $
14wildtraderChart of the Day: Zcash195.644 $
15chbartistWinning By Adapting to a Changing Life566.721 $
16jonny-clearwaterHots Or Shots Episode 25 ~ Meet Your Fellow Steemians ~ DLive Link and Embedded Video Included132.602 $
17mehtaअसत्य पैदा करता है अविश्वास (भाग #१) | False Unbelief (Part # 1)122.438 $
18anomadsoulToday is your LAST chance to go to Steem Fest by playing Poker!121.299 $
19etcmikeMorning Sunrise - 23 August 2018 (Original Video/Photos)353.570 $
20scipio@steem-ua, Let's UNITE: My Open Letter to All Accounts371.876 $
21crypto.infernoWhat coins have any users?123.370 $
22hiroyamagishi🇻🇪 God gave me Steem to able Give Support for People in Crisis / Dios me dio a Steem para dar Apoyo a las Personas en Crisis... 🇻🇪407.437 $
23bitfCome Join The BitF Community217.202 $
24telegramairdropsStakeCube - Earn Passive Income With Masternodes, LightPayCoin, LogisCoin, Bitcoin Green and more!155.525 $
25co-inIntroducing the Collective Intelligence Platform133.844 $


By the end of the month: 22 days.
By the end of the year: 114 days.


Ankara, TR17.2°CBerlin, DE15°C
Brussels, BE15.6°CBudapest,HU18°C
Buenos Aires, AR16.3°CCairo, EG28°C
Delhi, IN25°CLondon, GB15.9°C
Los Angeles, US31°CMadrid, ES19°C
Mexico City, MX21.8°CMoscow, RU13.8°C
New York, US18.6°CParis, FR15.5°C
Rio de Janeiro, BR23.4°CSeoul, KR14.8°C
Shanghai, CN20.5°CTokyo, JP24.7°C
Warsaw, PL17°CWashington, US18.1°C


Name:USD Price:% change 24h:Wykres:
Bitcoin$ 6206.81-4.18%
Ethereum$ 193.62-11.51%
Steem$ 0.76-8.06%
Steem Dollars$ 0.94-2.89%
Golos$ 0.02-20.05%
Golos Gold$ 0.03-2.94%
Scorum Coins$ 0.27-9.65%


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