Opportunities Come to Those Who Prepare Themselves...

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Hello Steemians

Before you start reading this post, please pay attention to what @lauram @gowealth @akdx and others are doing. I do not give votes in people's comments if I observe that they have not read the post. In the first post (link below) you can see what happened. Almost everyone who struggled to write something positive is with 8, 10 upvotes because I really want to teach you sharing my life and I have very little time I have for it because I really have a busy schedule. There is a very important question in this post and:

Please pay attention to what I asked for in the post that will be very important in what I intend to pass on to everyone on a positive and positive mindset. I really want you all to understand the true spirit of networking and a union between everyone who comments on my posts. I told you not to vote for yourself. I also asked you to vote for everyone who made positive comments. Please understand that it costs nothing and if everyone votes among themselves we can create a community where everyone will always be receiving more votes. No matter how much you have of Steem Power, what matters is the attitude, change the mindset so that everything can flow genuinely. This generates respect and unity and as a consequence financial prosperity and perhaps true friends in the future. This is one of the keys to building an honest network between all of us.

If you are new in my blog, this post is a continuation of the other two I've previously shared, so in order for this to make sense, please I I suggest you check those out first.

1 - Building a Successful Business and

2 - Winning By Adapting to a Changing Life

As I was saying on the last entry, when I was 18 I had to learn about a new world, started to see a world where you have to know how to sell what you are doing. Im still not talking about entrepreneurship as I understand it today, that came a little bit later in life.

When I started to produce spots, jingles, and commercial music, working with radio personalities I also landed on the opportunity to work with publicity campaigns. That became the catalyst for the second company I started, a Publicity Agency when I was only 22 years old.

img src

Once again I found myself in a new world, learning how to workout media maps, because I no longer had to work only with audio. I had to work video, negotiation with communication mediums, and at the same time learn how to manage the budgets for our clients so that they would get the best bang for the buck.

I can guarantee you that not having a mentor, and just being 22 years old, gave me a lot of stress, and it required a lot of personal sacrifice, but it was worth it.

I continue to be self taught, and believe that it's very valuable to be this way, to run after the information you need, learn from your mistakes, let them guide you. Eventually you build a puzzle in your head that will make sense, but for that you must be willing to work really hard.

What are the takeaways from this post?

Mainly: Don't be lazy, today google is a thing, you can use it to research just about anything, find forums, be critical, and skeptical.

I also wanted to ask you something:




Let me know on the comments below. On the next post, I will share some thoughts on that front, what it means to work hard.

I would encourage you to share (resteem) these posts that I've started to write lately. I've been really short on time, since I'm mainly focused on my artistic career these days. On top of that I still have four companies to take care of, and cannot ignore them. I can guarantee you that the ideas I'm going to share on these posts are going to help you take a good look at yourself and reach a better way of living, with the right mindset that can translate to finances too. This is what I'm trying to do for the users of this platform, for my steemian friends.

Very important:
I would really like it if those who read these posts would take their time to support, to upvote those who have taken their time to read, understand and leave meaninunful comments, in the same way that I do. From now on I will stop upvoting those who self vote on their comments, and I would suggest everyone to do the same.

Why? Because believe me: This is how you build a good network, with good people. Like this everyone can win recognition.

If you are new here reading my blog be sure to read the previous post because as I said earlier I am writing a number of them and to understand every context that I wish to teach for everyone it is important that you understand that they are interconnected step by step to build this journey of change of mentality and positivism.

Don't forget to follow @chbartist and resteem these posts if you like them. The content and conversations could be valuable to someone else, even if you don't know that person.

Wishing you all the best



Put your work around life instead of trying to live your life around work.

Very good thoughts @nuoctuong

You are the favourite author of me, because, I read your every blog including the mentioned blog in this post. Whenever I read your blog, I feel from my heart that, This blog you write is for me. In that case, these blog are the conversation between me and you.
As I see, you write today about the positivism. yes you always write about this topic & it is very important in every field. Such as your artistic career experience.
So, I think we have to positive each other in steemit also. Because "unity is strenth" in this platform.

Thank you for supporting us. @chbartist.

My friend it is not at all necessary to maintain a spirit of struggle, instead you can also learn to stay balanced in such a way that whatever life throws at you; you are not a struggle anymore.

Grace is a super productive state 💖

yes struggle may be the first step to success..confronting our fears... pushing our limits... integrating patience, perseverance and right effort... and after struggle comes ease and grace..after struggle comes the flow of creativity when everything you create comes through pure intelligence and joy... peace

Hola soy nuevo quien me enseña como es todo esto???

Saludos, @jmz33. La idea de es apoyar los comentarios positivos en este post y otros publicados por el amigo, @chbartist.


With the few stuff I have read about your posts, I have observed that you are good at sending messages that can promote and enhance others' progress on the platform. However, it is also important to note that we all can be successful as individuals if we learn to stay positive, promote one another and possibly build our careers financially on the platform.

Exactly @yemirichard - "promote one another" Regards

I congratulate you on the success of everything is to love what we do and perseverance, persist and resist, for many the road is not easy, but this journey makes us better people. success @chbartist

Yes I agree with you @yemirichard. I took this to be the overall message to be presented here. Promoting each others hard work ethnic and quality material in a way reflects our own level of appreciation, like the saying "it takes one to know one". By promoting quality material, we send a message that we have qaulity taste. I see it as a win-win.

Does Eye™ smell sum RhetoricalDVice /=0) ?

looking cool

Dear friend! You got a chance in your life and you did not waste it. Now, you are a successful person in many aspects. It takes hard work to be successful. I also worked hard and now work with a reputed organization. Normal working hours are 8-9 hours daily. We remain free on public holidays and Sundays. I am not a rich person but I am also not a poor guy. I have a decent living. I don't get panic when workload comes all of a sudden. So, I can say that I am enjoying my life. However, I want more from life. I want to visit the whole world and author my books. I don't know when will I be able to fulfill my dream but I am hopeful that one day it will be done.
Thank you for your inspirational posts.

@akdx, read again - I did an update on the post

You explained things nicely in the updated version of your post!

Great post my friend!!!

saludo @chbartist soy nuevo en mundo de steemit sin embargo siento similitud en tus expresiones de compartir experiencias donde enriquezcan el conocimiento y apoyara que las personas crezcan financieramente dejastes pendiente sobre un comentario de trabajar duro, sin embargo yo pienso que trabajar duro es si no te gusta lo que haces pero cuando haces lo que te gusta y lo que te apasiona no es duro aunque trabajemos 36 horas al dia todos los dias saludos hermano

@chbartist Feel good to read this article. You are really doing good. I feel motivated to read this article as well. As your blog title is

Opportunities Come to Those Who Prepare Themselves...

These lines are self explanatory. Well said because if we want to be successful in our life then we have to create opportunity by our selves. You write awesome lines in this blog. Lines are self explanatory whole blog is meaningful. You are really doing great in order to create a community of positive people. Your blog bring positive energy in every reader.

Don't be lazy, today google is a thing, you can use it to research just about anything, find forums, be critical, and skeptical.

These lines are conclusion of this blog
Great work done by u👍👍👍

There's a Question asked by you in this article..

How many hours to you really work per day?

I work 10 hours in a day but I'm not satisfied whith this because I don't get good results from that time I had invested...

I'm really disappointed 😶😶😶😶

Please suggest some ideas so I could improve


It's a saying coined by Albert Einstein, "to do something over again and expect a different outcome, is insane". I shared this quote to say this my friend, this is a awesome platform to express one's creative divine. To spend 10 hours a day and not be satisfied the outcome of what was invested, sounds like a lot of man hours being, which I hate to say, being wasted. I know there are cases when our circumstances seem to weight out what we truly desire, yet if we spend all our time and energy feeding our circumstances, when do we ever have time to feed that burning desire within?

I'm totally agree with this line

to do something over again and expect a different outcome, is insane"

But sometimes we don't have any other choice to do then how to get Max. Results from that time we had invested in .
Doing something again and again really wastage of time.
How to invest our time in good work....@the21plus

Doesn't Time on.ly Xists in #PerPetualCircles?

Your posts always boost my thinking level and force me to work hard and try until I reach my goal.
And I bet your posts must have encourage some many people like me to never give and work hard to reach the goals.
I am constantly following your posts. And I became your great fan.
Whenever I read you post in sometime I forget all my disappointments if any and boost up my brain and start working hard.
And you always mention in your posts to help others which makes you different from others.
I work 8 hours a days.
Thanks for these beautiful post.
Eagerly waiting for such more interesting and encouraging post in coming days.

Good response to @chbartist! But do you devote the EIGHT hours/ day to STEEMIT or to OTHER OFFICIAL ACTIVITIES??

I think he did say that he doesn't have much time here (on steemit) so he emphasize more for the community to help each other, also he have four more companies to take care of.

Im glad to help :)

Good morning
To other official activities.

Good to know this . Txz!!

What is Ur #AccountCount? /=0

Good question!! Can you imagine the type of work day to deligate 8 hours a day to steemit as if you were working a 9-5 job?! That will be the day surely, we all look forward to.

Eight hour/ day is pretty damn long. But I think some folks are into Steemit FULL TIME which much long, even much more long could be perfect ok. It all depends.

I give in 8 hrs a day on daily basis in research, but having a lot of things I can do is becoming a distraction to me. I Just want to start all over and focus on IT . Atleast that's one of the areas i can get involved in Nigeria, and make a descent living.

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Keep going, stay focus and keep patience. Success will come.

Indeed, this is true. Remaining positive, proactive and consistent can at times be challenging. However, having that drive or focus and patience along with these other ingrediants does lead to a more favorable outcome.

I give in 8 hrs a day on daily basis is in research, but having a lot of things I can do is becoming a distraction to me. I Just want to start all over and focus on IT...


I am humbled by your words and I wish to learn more.

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We in the IT sector in Nigeria seem to be people who settled into IT and did not originally have their eyes on it. Many had chosen related fields like engineering, mathematics, physics, etc

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That's cool. I am thinking in that direction. I have a little knowledge of java and java script and I want to update it.

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I admit that I cannot live like this my entire life. I adore you for giving your 8 hours a day for research and that is hardwork, I hope success would come on your way

When you find purpose in what you are doing. Time becomes a mirage, You can be what ever you choose to be with the right mindset.

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This is mostly true, I feel like im in a generation where we just walk life without actually enjoying it, we say we do enjoy what we do but deep down in our hearts we actually feel, is this what life is? is there more life then this?, most of us say "Oh yeah life is going pretty great" even when we doesn't actually feel that way, I feel like our generation doesn't have a choice to actually learn new things, it feels like there is a border, a limit where our mind and our life is just not able to get throught that border, example school. No matter how much we hate it, no matter how much we don't want it, WE HAVE TO DO IT!, there is no choice here.. even my parents say I HAVE TO go to school even sometimes I think, I don't want this. I know there is something more then just learn the same thing others have learned 24/7, we are not robot that's programmed to do the same thing, we are human that have a choice. But I cant say this to them because there is no choice here, no matter how many times I explain this they wont change a thing. I feel like a slave even when they say were free, I always feel something is missing in my life and I cant figure out what It is, its frustrating.

However, i'm always follow your blog which motivated many people a lot. So keep moving forward [ALL THE BEST]
Thanks for sharing your thoughts...
Love lots @pranto 👍...

Prolly Hints in Here n There ;)

My life is going little bit similars to yours only the field is different. Currently I am struggling in my investing career. But now when I am learning new things daily. I think every thing will be fine soon. Your blog is also motivational for me thanks for sharing your story @chbartist keep growing sir

Learning is a continuous process. That more we learn, the more we understand life.

Another great post, @chbartist, and I agree with what you're saying. I found it interesting that you used the words lazy and google in the same sentence! I think google is making people lazy with regard to information gathering and research. It does so in the same way calculators made us lazy in the area of math. We risk missing a deeper understanding, and perhaps being misinformed altogether if we rely solely on a couple quick google searches. I'm glad you advised people to be critical and skeptical. It's essential.
As to how many hours of work per day, there are different types of work I'm engaged in. I devote usually 4 or 5 per day in my coaching business depending on how many clients I have at any given time, and what paperwork needs to be caught up with. I'm also developing a website to offer brainwave entrainment and meditation recordings which I create. I like to do my best to give this at least 2 hours a day. And on top of that, I have 2 young children. I run them to school and their extracurricular activities, help them with homework and do all the cooking and cleaning as well. So when they finish school in the afternoon, the hard work really begins!
It can be hard to stay focused at times with all that's going on, but I do my best.
As regards mentors, I tend to be self taught as well, and have never really had a mentor as such, unless you would refer to the authors of all the books I've read as mentors. They've definitely helped me, and prevented me from re-inventing the wheel in a number of ways.
I enjoy your work - keep it up!

As Long as There is on.ly sum #BackLink, consider IT a #DeadEnd?

It's your Story of Success.I just want to know what is the difference of your thinking and view to life between your struggling period and now ?
Are they same or they have changed @chbartist ?

Wow, am so touched by your goodwill. The fact that you did run a media agency at 22 is just so inspiring. You are indeed one in a million and would really love to understand you more. It is even more amazing that you did all this without a mentor and you learnt things on your own, am really [email protected] I will continue following your content, alot to learn on positivity. I had a different takeaway from your post, because I am good at searching for information but poor at executing or putting it to work, so I learnt from you that opportunity comes to those who are ready to take it. Finally, I work about 16 hours per day and I know it is too much, but am trying to moderate it. great day.

Wow! I wants to adden something: There's a whole industry built up around telling "millennials" how terrible they are for being exactly the same as every generation of human beings that ever existed. And very few have figured out that the entire business is a survival strategy adopted by middle aged people nobody has ever heard of who want to keep themselves afloat in an atmosphere of intense overpopulated competition against raw youth who have different dreams. Maybe better dreams. Internet "truth" is dangerous indeed.

Want to feel motivated? Stay busy. Busy = happy. Have a bigger dream? Stay busy at that. Try not to stay busy for other people after 30. Not complicated. Nothing to do with "parenting", whatever that was, is, and ever will be. That's sheer paranoia, and it get under people's skin so well because (as pro rhetoricians know) everyone resents their parents to some degree, and parents resent their kids. The brute fact is people are what they are because of a few molecules behind their foreheads right now. This is the truth. Go do something else instead of watching videos where somebody you've never met is paid to tell you about yourself. thanks.

An educative post as usually and i have been learning from all your recent and this one also.
I do work for 7 hours per day @chbartist,i need your directives

I don't have any fixed time everyday how many hours I work everyday. Sometimes very long hour for work, up to 14 hours. When I don't go to work, I try to work on steemit. Thanks.


Ah the previous time I missed voting for the other comments, hahaha ... I did not realize that part. Excuse me...

In today's topic, you made me look a bit melancholy ... but it's because my younger sister, who is a graduate in advertising, she worked in an advertising agency in the media department, she negotiated with the media and she had the budget of the clients, as you count in this publication ... my melancholy? ... is because she had to leave the country (current situation in Venezuela) and I really miss her a lot ... that your publication reminded me of my little sister.

How much work? uff a lot ... I feel I have no rest, hahaha but my work is more of life ... Actually my little daughter is very, very active but very active, she is 2 years old and she is in that stage that everything she wants to experience hahaha and wao, she does not let me rest ... imagine that many times like today, I'm publishing at 3:16 in the morning, to be able to concentrate ... they are sleeping at this moment. As I mentioned, I am publishing 1 or 2 daily publications!

I already published, so now I'm going to sleep, I'm very sleepy !.

I am retired from the private sector now so my day is mainly babysitting so the next generation of workers can get along better since day care is so expensive and the babies don't get near the love that I can give them. But I had to work 18 hours a day when l was my kids age so now my life is shared with their kids while they work.

My reason to build this network on a blockchain is for ownership and to preserve my thoughts forever. It can't be censored or managed. It will literally last forever.

I have been wanting to write more for a long time and this avenue is not only rewarding, but is a way to express myself whenever I want to as well.

In my professional career there were countless times that people thought I was lucky. But I wasn't. I was prepared.

Remember this...chance favors preparation. This is an ancient Chinese proverb. Success is not about luck.

As always, thanks for listening.


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It dosen't matter that how much research you have done until you convert your plans into an action. making only plans will never leads you to the success.you should have to work to achieve something. action is the first step towards the success. and opportunities comes to those who hustle for it.

thank you

@chbartist To me, opportunity may come to any one but only prepared can recognize them If some one is not prepared for an opportunity he/she may not differentiate them from a general situation. He may realize it later and regret.

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@chbartist I read you all posts. All are awesome. It give me a true motivation every time I read. Thanks for your good efforts. Best of luck. Keep posting. @printskill


I work all day. I wake up very early in the morning to be able to pay attention to all my projects. At dawn I have to take care of my little daughter. Throughout the day I am writing, creating, taking some orders because I am an artisan, I draw, I make garment patterns, I study on my own because I like to learn how to do better what I do, I attend my daughter, I do errands, I attend my home and a long etcetera. I would like to have more than 24 hours a day to be able to do everything I want to do, but I am organized at that time to be able to attend to a large part of my responsibilities and my projects.

Thank you brother for your nice post. I got more knowledge by you.

Sir really this is great post because of it's value based on self-understanding,self-guideness,and support for self-development.Sir you really speak truth that when we make mistakes in our life,we have a chance to learn from it and improve that mistakes.According to me i believe that mistake is great source of real learning.please do not understand yourself as a perfect, be a lifetime learner of our ownself and life.Sir again thanks for sharing your precious views and knowledge...Thank you very much...

I work 50-60 hrs per week which is 5 days.
Go tothe gym
Very lazy on the days im off which needs to change
Work is making me chase time and time bound which im trying to break as i know it is not good

I spend about 6-7 hours working daily on my progress which could mean at a job or on my art or in marketing. I spend the rest of my time in leisure or study which to me is pretty much the only way to stay sane. I think it's really cool that others like yourself are sharing their stories of success. It is awesome to do what you love and I hope to one day be able to survive solely off my efforts of love.

Mente conectada con el universo ....me gustan tus post siento que puedo aprender muchas cosas leyendote

on a true words this post is really wonderful...
keep good work and be patient to all of my dear stamians...
good luck have a great day~!

Even defining work feels tricky when you're a freelance photographer. And it's not the same week after week.

Sometimes I travel for days and I gather new material - the sort of which I like and I would do for my soul and for everybody who eventually feels the same way about it. But years may pass before something I do now takes effect. All the rest is dust in the wind, right.

At other times I shoot thousands oh photos per day, for sometimes more than 10 or 12, or even 14 hours. And the next few days I have to edit the material until it satisfies me. Even though for a client it may not be necessary. But I want my images to speak for me and not for certain client's tastes. More dust in the wind.

And I need so much time to work on projects that I come up with and at some point I grow desperate with. If that's not dust... you know...

I had weeks of laziness and I am sorry now. I'm in the mood to work on tasks and tasks every spare minute. And I know this is wrong.

Why? I need to step back and be able to see the big picture. I met a man last year and he asked me what was the first thing I did in the morning. What was the second, the third and so on. Ok, I have tasks I answered but then he asked me what for - what was the purpose behind each task?

So I realized with his help that goals should come first even if prioritizing takes some of the time away.

Yes, I realize it now but I keep falling in my old habits. Give priority to others first - make promises, keep promises, make surprises, make them happy - small task after small task. I still work kind of blindly, though, just putting one foot in front of the other, hoping I get somewhere.

What is the big picture? What does it consist of?

This is the hardest part. Making a long-term plan. I still have just dreams but not the whole plan how to get there.

I am curious did you have a long-term plan and how it turned out.

Thank You For Giving a Valuable Information @chbartist I Think always compete with yourself! If you constantly compare yourself with others – it soon may cause you to lose your motivation! Even in the moment when you are with great enthusiasm and desire to start at full speed on Your difficult way to the cherished dream – the constant comparison of your success with the success of other people very quickly will deprive You of energy and desire to achieve your goals Just Like You (@Chbartist)

We are moving forward from a world of knowledge stocks to world of knowledge flows, here we need to support each other by sharing & following. It is best whether we do it on social media, but the question is how well we do it. Audiences let us know the value of the work by upvoting, resteeming. But upvoting own post is like highfiving yourself in public. It can't be a parameter of success when someone is judging himself by his own. These days I am working 4-5 hours on steemit to research upon as I am a complete newbie here, that doesn't mean I have to work so long even when I will have a strong human network along with lots of steeming knowledges. Building network is most important, thanks for sharing your valuble thoughts, I loved it personally, so resteemed it. Keep steeming <3.

Thanks & regards

we are always social animal, always have been & always will be, thats why networking is always so much important.

Everyone that you will meet knows something that you don't.

The human connection is the key to personal & career success.


Meaning posts. I love you


Solidarity in the economic aspects is almost uncertain, you break paradigms by asking everyone to vote for each one of us, plus you add enthusiastic positivism, in the middle of a world where everyone eats each other, I think your form could be said a philosophy of seeing life, greetings and very grateful for your good vibes. !!

Thanks @chbartist for this expository discuss on how to Productive In All Sphere of Endeavour; Steemit Inclusive!!

Your Advocates on the above are succint; therefore they ought to be A MUST DO if being Successful is Our Goal
That Notwithstanding, most Minnows, are disillusioned because their Efforts, as good as they Could be are not SEEN AT ALL to be considered for Rewards and even Cognition in the Ocean of Seemit . A Grave Disincentive, I must say
Nevertheless, this Gulf Should Not be an Alibi for LAXITY for Co travellers in Steemitville

It is common practice within social media that you don't 'like' your own publications, but I've been handling Steemit only on my phone and I've pressed upvote on my own posts by mistake twice. Happens because my finger is all over the screen all the time. Next I press again to undo, and a message shows: "removing your vote will reset your curation rewards for this post" at which point I'd rather not further touch anything because I don't completely know what that means. But I do get the feeling I screwed by upvoting me because that's uncool. It's common sense.

Hi @chbartist, your life experience which you shared in this post is quite helpful for me. Also I got some motivation from you.
Really this is nice post.

I think everyone likes to post a post.

I believe in hard work

wow it's so beautiful

A wonderful post as usual.

Life is nothing but continuous struggle.

I work 8hrs a day to support the 4 other hours a day I work. The second ones are things I love, and which I want to do the rest of my life, the things that make me happy.
And I you do what you love, you never have to work! (Playing bass guitar is one of the btw).
And yes, always keep a positive mindset, it's the only thing you need I. Life to get anywhere!
I like your ideas!!!

True sir
Surprise post and amazing

Great post..
Your speeches inspiring also motivating.
Its true that without struggle and hard work you wont be a successful person in life.
May your speeches motivate my life.
Thank you..

I liked your comment, very good. and wish success.

Honestly, I give only a few minutes since I work full time and a mama of three. I feel so guilty knowing that these reasons are invalid and I really need to work hard. Thanks for this post anyway. Inspires a lot!

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I continue to be self taught, and believe that it's very valuable to be this way, to run after the information you need, learn from your mistakes, let them guide you. Eventually you build a puzzle in your head that will make sense, but for that you must be willing to work really hard.

Until that time comes, patient is more crucial and standing up in all troubles you get.

@chbartist I hope you inspire more people

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Work hours per week? Zero, I do some volunteer work in exchange for the Newstart allowance of $276 AU per week. I’m enrolled in one University unit, which is approximately 10 hours per week and I spend hours filling out online surveys for spare money. Sometimes I get some gardening work from friends.

Great t know you and what you do here. But I was sceptical about online survey Jobs until I heard you here. Could they be reliable??

In no way are they reliable, some sites give you $6 per hour, some are as low as $2 per hour. Each survey has a qualifying section first, so you don’t always get through that. Depends on your demographic. The forums are the best paid. The best advice I can give you is to join the Survey police, it’s free and if you’re in the USA, better than here in Australia.

Thanks for your kind advise. Great guy you are!!

My pleasure, no problem

yes Dear @chbartist
I am totally agree with you building a voluntarily community will helps each other... sometimes we became lazy we need to keep hard working in order to become successful .
I am also same condition as you @chbartist I have no mentor I have studied self, at my High school and college level . It was based science and Mathematics so huge stress was there and unfortunately financial problems let me down ... I wanted to be a Dr. but due to heavy financial crunch everything wiped out from my life.. now I have to work 12-14 hrs from home to maintain myself and my family... just 2 years gone but not still able to be financial self strong enough...

but every time at the time of arising bed I keep an oath I have to be financial strong enough that I can taken care off my family and maintain a standard of life and help to those who are still fighting.....

let see what fate has kept for me ... Lets start fighting for Financial social successful career... let start afresh for better life....


u took this picture by camera ??

I really admire you and read and digest every word to try and learn as much as I can. I'm here and I'm grateful I found Steemit. It kind of has given me a new direction. People that do not understand this platform (or whatever the proper name is--as I'm still a newbie), but I think I know more than I think I do. Maybe I don't.....I'll find out--and that's the plan. Thank you for helping me with direction and focus. (I really don't understand why someone would vote for themselves?)

When I started out, I was voting for myself because I was In dire financial need and i needed to grow my wallet, But with his mentorship, I saw a different light and I adopted a different mindset . Ever since then, I have realised that the pressure was only existing in my mind. THAT IT'S NOT REAL

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Hi @gowealth! Love your guys and posts! But how do I get Him to mentor me ; any advise??

Upvote others comment and don't vote for yourself in his post

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Read his post, understand it, up vote others and don't vote for yourself.

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@chbartist I think it is very important what you are doing, inviting us to cooperation. It is also very motivating to know that what you write, you preach by example, because you have had to fight, but you teach us that if we propose something, we can achieve it with the help of God. Definitely today there is no excuse to stay stuck, because as you say there are many resources to learn. My work is practically all day and I can not take vacations, but I have decided to learn about writing and get ahead on this platform, although I see that I move very slowly, but that does not matter to me, because I am having fun in what I do and how you say, this is a long-term project. I congratulate you for your achievements and for this initiative that motivates and teaches us, I only ask you one thing ... never forget to thank God for what he allows you. A hug my friend.

Before I proceed let me answer your question... I work up to 6hrs a day and almost everyday in a week

I love what you said up there about upvotes because really some people are just stingy with it... I posted something sometime ago expecting to see a good number of upvotes as any newbie would, but surprisingly people with a higher steem power than I would just keep commending my post and contributing instead of helping me... I felt really bad, I just pray I get better with time

It is necessary to everyone to maintain all the aspects of living to be fruitful person. Having hard working stamina, struggling strength besides good wills and should maintain good relationships with loved ones - spending time with them, trying to fulfill their sweet expectations (not each and every and the dumbs). That's why they of fulfillment of our life.

Publication after publication I still think the same, you are an example to follow. Please continue to share your experience and knowledge with us. I love reading your publications.

@laykenia please, read again the post! Update

It certainly is true what you are trying to express in this article and in this information age i guess everyone knows about everything they must or should do in life.

But can you please tell what it is that stops people from implementing it actually in their day to day lives?


thank you for this oppurtunity for all of us, i am working 10 hours on my job and then 4 hours i work for online work.Kindly let me know where i can build successful business , i am waiting for oppurtunities, thank you

very well said rather giving upvote on our own post we should search for people whose works excites us and that's how a community in long run can be built.

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It's really very good knowledgeable information for everyone to grow in life, thank you so much for sharing such type of Post, I read your all posts , I got a lot information from your writings. Thank you again. Keep it up.

very true sir , a real definition of successful person to took the right decision on the arrival of opportunities, because opportunities comes in everybody s life but some people miss them and very rear people who took them , do agree ????

Hard work is more important in our life,life is nothing without struggle and efford,your all dreamz come true with effors,Great post,thanks for sharing,

I wish you the best with the four companies you are running, its hard work and time consuming. Stay Positive. No self upvoting.

Me parece muy interesante tus publicaciones...soy nueva en esto y la ides de trabajar todos unidos es una muy buena idea pero tambien pienso que habra quien le guste hacer su trabajo por su cuenta. Aun no se como se maneja todo esto porque la verdad nunca he sido muy dada a las RR SS

True success always required sacrifice. If anyone wants to get the success he should work hard moving out of his comfort zone.
Because great things don't come from your comfort zone.
Every Negative attitude person sees the difficulty in opportunity, but all person having the Positive attitude see opportunity in every difficulty. so to get the success you have to adopt the positive attitude and right determination.
Thanks for these post to motivate us. your all post have great theories of life. lets build a strong network to joining hand with each other.

So what is your goal in life by working your ass off? Are you really deeply satisfied when you reached one of your goals or are you just collecting trophys for the work you have done to show them off? It all comes down to what makes you happy in life right??? So does that only can be achieved by working hard??? I don't think so...my holy grail in life is to be in harmony with my environment, friends and family. And of course with your inner self...thats it.

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What a grasp from this content "It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared."

I completely agree with you friend......For Building a strong community between us requires mutual respect.....And Adapting on the different circumstances is one of the skill that everyone have to acquire quickly so that they can overcome every hardle....For that we should be active not lazy......Huge respect friend.....

Es primera publicación suya que leo , pues también soy nueva en esta red. Es un excelente consejo que comparte! Y con respecto a su escrito, le felicito pues no todo el mundo sale adelante por sus propios intereses! muchos decaen en el camino... Felicidades por su buen caminar!

Thank you for this post.

This is a womderful reminder of how we should be in our world.

Adapt, learn, evolve.

You can do most things if willing to learn how.

Also I appreciate your post requests that people should post real thoughtout comments. Good reminder.

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Nice post! I like the way you transform your thoughts to words. Look forward to read your other posts. You cover valuable topics, thank you!

Thanks for sharing such useful info in your writing. I've enjoyed the last few posts from you, since I'm new as an entrepreneur. I used to work 8-12 hour days at my prior job. Here lately, I've worked much less, but I know to be successful, I will need to put those hours into my own ideas. You are definitely someone that I am glad I discovered since I feel likeI can learn a lot from your experience! Thanks again!

Perhaps you are introducing yourself but those whom you think right will vote for you or else will not. Do not take any tension, this is a business.

Thanks to share a motivational message. I m new here and first tine I read your post and in my heart I just say to you thank you. Because, this is not an post for me, its my inspiration. Seriously today I m your fan and thanks to give me positive thinking. One of the great thing that u say "helps other" , its prove that u r different from other.

Opportunities Come to Those Who Prepare Themselves is a wrong myth.

A very explanatory post you write as always. actually, you make a very good point here about Networking and union. no one wants to do anything about it. I just started in August. It's my nature that I always go through the post. I even go through the comments on the post to learn something new. I invest my time to get new things as much as I can to enhance my knowledge base. I was surprised to see that some people here on this platform don't even give much time to their own post. People give just two lines and an image to post and that is it for them. as a newbie, I did the same by looking at other people's post, I thought this is the way. but then I realize it's better to get involved with people to make network and good union.

incredible story

Muy buen articulo. Ideal en este momento personal de mi vida ;-)

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@chbartist when i was watching a youtube video about steemit platform 3 months ago the youtuber was giving an example of your post which was on trending and today i created my steemit account and suddenting i get to see one of your post .too much coincidence.

you are doing very good work.because positive thinking gives you positive reward

and to those who don't give up as well !

Yes you are right honest network always with us.

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Very good post! But I see that no one reads anything! I wanted to tell my last post about how hard it is for disabled children ... But nobody cares ...

sir, good written struggle makes it own way anyhow and demand for hard work and passion to get something. (over goal)

So true... upvoted

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Point noted. I feel also that finding reasons to engage our minds at every point in time help us grow, identify and utilize opportunities as they present themselves. Amazing post. Resteemed