Want Free Crypto?? Don't Waste Your Time With Faucets

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... Airdrops


Yes, that is right folks. I said Airdrops.

Airdrops are the EASIEST way to earn large amounts of FREE... yes, totally free, Cryptocurrency.

All you have to do is sign up, go through a few simple tasks and enter your address to receive your free cryptocurrency.


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Steemits own @cherylsonty

wrote an excellant article on how to sign up for Airdrops that you can read here. Read her article

Sign Up For These Airdrops

Get 50 FKX (Est. $10)

Get 15 OPEX (Est. $15)

Get 50 SEED (Est. $5)

Get 100 YDS (Est. $7)

Get 1000 SPH (Est. $100)

Get 2500 TATAU (Est. $45)

That's $272 (Estimate) in Free Crypto if you sign up for them all!

Airdrops are an awesome way to earn Free Crypto.

Sign up for them all and you can make hundreds of dollars.

Be sure to follow to get more free coins.

Want More Free Airdrops??

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Airdrops are way better than Faucets.,. I started with faucets though...

Me 2.

how do you research your airdrops @maxwell95?

I follow specific legit airdrop pages and groups... I have also signed up for newsletters from airdrop sites...

Shitty airdrops are not necessarily better than faucets. Any airdrop claiming to give away 100$ value or something like that is just shit. Just avoid this kind of "airdrop" that are just collecting spam email lists.


Yes Airdrops are way better, most faucets have malware/spyware on their site!!!

This looks awesome, thanks for sharing!

Flagged for disagreement on rewards.


@fbslo do you mind elaborating on why you disagree with this content?

your shitpost is of high quality and worthy of a flag....does that help?

no ... @dj123 ... all you have done is further perpetuate this perspective of intolerance without really sharing what it is you dislike. I am open minded and eager to discuss yet all you have done is throw insults around.

Please either respect me and my wishes or don't take part in the content I create

You demand respect and you cannot tolerate an opinion? ...smh

Well i suppose it would be pretty pointless to get into the fundemental of steem reward distribution is decided by a collective, what we choose todo with our votes as well as expectation...oh well.

Trust me you could do alot worst that @fbslo, he's one of the more moderated witness who actually leaves a comment, perhaps you should take his feedback, buff up your post content before you self upvote it with >$200 (which is probably like $1000 when Steem was >$4)....shit i'm probably wasting my breath here, i think you're already offended and don't realize anything i typed after the ? mark benefits me zip but benefits you the more so.....wish you best of luck regardless of what future comments and votes anyone leave or not

ps. Do a review of each airdrop....good, bad, pros, cons, etc.

Which are in exchanges, which are not, which you can cash out immidately, which you can't.....i bet if you add up real immediate value of even USD$100 worth that can be gain immediately without scammer ico behavior and broken promises after data and survey and getting whatever they want from user (ahem...and not just for your own referral benefit) it probably won't get flagged...and I know i would upvote as well.

BTW. I upvoted only 3 third byteball airdrop post i saw which explains things clearly, pros and cons, just saying.

daem you're long winded @danieljavier! well i hope that guys actually listens

I did an article exactly about this few weeks ago: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@david236/how-to-stay-away-from-fake-airdrops-and-crypto-scams
Most of the airdrops around are just spam lists ready for selling

Please either respect me and my wishes or don't take part in the content I create

I can see that you are quite new to Steem Blockchain, so I will explain some things to you.

  • Reward pool is limited to ~49,000 STEEM per day.
    This STEEM (75% of all created STEEM) is distributed among all content creators.
    When you boost your post, that is clearly promotion of your affiliate links for some scam airdrops with no explanation, you take from whole community.
    As a stakeholder, I can take some money from you with flags and give it back to reward pool.

  • As @danieljavier mention in his comment, you need to give some value to Steem community, so your post is worth rewards. This post is NOT worth more than $5. If you just want to promote your links, you can decline rewards or set @null as 100% benefactor (Read how to do this). This will not take any rewards from community and you will not be flagged.

  • Maybe you think that my $0.1 flag is not much, but your "shitposts" posts will be flagged by whales with millions of SP soon. There are still some whales who care about community.

I wish you luck on Steem.


this is why folks need to vote for @fbslo, also cause he has an awesome snake game amongst other reason.....when can we expect your next game buddy?

You can expect better Steem Snake v2.0 soon.

I agree with you...this post not as per steemit standard and it is not adding any value to community.
Intentionally written to earn referral income. Steemit it not a place for that.

Dear @fblso, 49,000 is a lot of steem. My post currently has nearly 234 of them as potential rewards... that's .47% of the rewards pool ... less than half of a percent.

I am trying to generate income through this blog. I can't effectively do it just by creating good content. Even the people getting the most "organic" votes aren't making more than $10-20 per post.

I have provided a service : sharing valuable information : the value of the information is determined by the user of that information ... and by my bit.ly stats, I'm providing a valuable service for lots of people

I hear that you disagree with the content I am producing.

I am not going to stop producing things like this .

I will try to do a better job of providing key and relevant details for the coins I highlight.

I see that there are many people that are really passionate about the steem platform ... I am one of them ... I generate the majority of my income through this place

For that I am really grateful ... but I personally am totally ok with the content I am producing as well as my on platform behavior (specifically promoting posts to gain relevancy/page views)

If you still disagree that is fine, just don't leave troll comments in my posts

According to steem.supply, your account is getting 0.0739% of the rewards fund.

0.5 percent is lots of rewards. 0.5% of reward pool started "Great Flag War".

are all of my active posts "shit posts" in your opinion?

that's a pretty good shit comment right there! you're on a roll

Hey bro, Of course I want!!!

I am doing well earning Free Dogecoins

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how you get them free doge @offgridlife?

What’s the expected payout? Sounds nice. DOGE is great somehow, as simple as stupid

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I get about 5 Dogecoins a day so far

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won't freebitco.in be easier. It's very famous and historical, just 1 click per hour. If you want, just try my link, otherwise you can do Google

i think it is just a waste of time

you have your point, indeed

even i think so because the amount which we get is way too low...

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The better way to earn on that site is to deposit over 30k sats and earn interest. The faucet's kinda terrible.

Earncryto is pretty scammy, they will shut down your account if you start earning too much.

I would not support them, centralize scam ads monger.

Scammy ?? I never had any issues with Earncrypto.

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Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

Also, if you are looking to get some tokens without investing or mining check out Crowdholding (https://www.crowdholding.com). They are a co-creation platform were you get rewarded for giving feedback to crypto startups on the platform. You can earn Crowdholding's token as well as DeepOnion, ITF, Smartcash and many other ERC-20 tokens.

I followed you to keep a lookout for those airdrops

Airdrops tend to be full of lies. They tell you you get a certain amount if they reach their goal which most won't. I've tried a few and its not worth it.

I don't know if this is necessarily true. You actually do get the tokens (in the cases I've referenced). The value of the tokens is not certain as they are not listed on exchanges yet (in most cases) but I don't see how you can be harmed (other than the use of your time)

I got some tokens through airdrop but it worths nothing

Screenshot (476).png

@utsav.kat1, how long have you been holding them for?

Right free money is waste of time. do something

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Probably the most honest advice here. Even byteball wasn't exactly free money, you had to have an account on Steemit and work it to Rep 50 to get something decent.

everyone loves freebies!

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@icosandwhich I regular participate in many Airdrops but merely I get some of tokens. Most of projects makes only advertisement through our social media platforms, but only some of them around 5% gives rewards. What is the probability of getting Airdrops from these project? @printskill


I wouldn't say that I have enough experience to accurately predict the future in this case. I know that I have received tokens from many airdrops , yet , I have not sold any for btc. I just started doing this and am waiting to see what happens as well.

Great @icosandwhich
You are doing a fabulous job. If you found and good and legit Airdrops, please let me inform. @printskill

if you are interested in hearing about more airdrops, I'd recommend joining my newsletter. I am going to send one out per week and will share All the best airdrops.

The link is in the post @printskill

Talk with this.
I need extra fish.

Do you believe in a 6000$ airdrop ??

Then you can check my recent post. You will sure be benefitted. Please give an upvote if you like my post

Smart post, and yea faucets are pretty much done with. The best by far was the Raiblocks faucet! congrats to all those who grabbed that up before the 2017 boom ;)

Don't be so confident investing in crypto because of it's still vulnerable to be used and full of uncertainties.

yaaa ... noooo ... sorry

but some of the airdrops token are wen say somewhat useless because they promising a new way of currency but a lot out their have the same technology as them so why wasting time and speculate that the new can will be as successful as Bitcoin

is it right guys? can someone explain that ?

Thanks for the info

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nice post sir, good information

i have joined many airdrops but none of them appeared in my wallet.

I am going to try it...

I've done a related stuff like this recently but couldn't make use of the currency, it was locked. Can I have people who have succeeded on this platform to share their stories? I'd like the author to give some assurance also. Nice tip tho.

I have just recently begun using airdrops myself. I have received a lot of free coins but have yet to sell any for BTC/ETH/STEEM. I am estimating it will take about 3 months from the time of the airdrop to convert to BTC. Take that how you will.

read the post my g

hay Buddy thanks for sharing airdrops keep sharing good airdrops in future as well...

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Or you can join #bounty or #contest by doing a simple task and get rewarded huge amount of tokens. One of them you can find here https://goo.gl/qHA2VX

Hi, Thanks for the info. what exchange are you using to change that coins??. Because I am used to trade them. And it is possible to take tje money for the first time?, Because they are used to let you withdraw after collecting a Major amount of this cryptos.

different coins are listed on different exchanges. If you check out airdrops.io or airdropking.io they will have all of these listed with more information

i agree with airdrops, i understand, however all airdrops are nor legid

muy buen aporte de informacion gracias

I don't like free crypto.I wanna crunch numbers legitimately.

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thx for the post, very interesting!!

How! Yes i use some moon faucets

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How much steem for 500 new followers

i want the airdrops!!

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Nice post, maybe add the Job.com Airdrop to the list 💁

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You forgot about KYC! First you get the tantalizing airdrop promo. All this free crypto, just do some tasks. Then months later, boom, you need to do arduous KYC for what turns out to be $5 worth of shitcoin. So if it was 2017 or earlier, I would agree with you that airdrops are a fun and easy way to get some free crypto that you can turn into BTC. But in 2018 forget about it. KYC is for the birds.

Thanks for sharing your Airdrop finds! You're right! Airdrops definitely are better than faucets. :) You can check my blog as well. I post news headlines and articles daily, and as well as airdrops too.

i will try this, thanks for sharing :)

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