SteemFest³ Updates - "Wall of dApps"-Expo, a word from Steemit Inc and New Names!

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This week I was pretty busy with many visa invitation letters because of various philanthropic Steemians giving away Steem and/or guiding Steem users from West Africa to come to SteemFest. After 2 years of unsuccessful visa requests I hope finally it will work out. Thus far I have written 20 invitation letters (!!) for Schengen applicants for SteemFest 2018 already. Compared to 5 (or so) last year in total.

Additionally I did some logistics planning and reserved a slot of tickets for a potential Auschwitz visit on saturday, as this needs to be reserved months in advance. And then loads of calling back & forth to Kraków to venues and closing deals after previous weeks visit. I think I also found a great spot for that for "Art at SteemFest v3".

Also, I've setup a fundition campaign for the @t-r-f Travel Reimbursement Fund to experiment with this dApp - You can donate any amount to all SteemFest attendees to relief their travel costs somewhat. The fund will be redistributed based on "travelled miles" and only to those who apply to join in Kraków during SteemFest. Next to using the fundition model, you can also just donate by sending steem/sbd to @t-r-f (! note the da-sh-es). See more here at the campaign page. By the way, if you donate to @t-r-f the @steemitboard will also reward you with a nice unique badge!

pic by Antonio Martinetti on Flickr

New this year: "Wall of dApps" - Expo / booths

SteemFest is all about showing the diversity of the Steem ecosystem. Major enablers of that growing diversity are the wide range of dApps giving tools to creativity.

dApps were already present on the previous SF's in the so-called "State of the Apps" sessions: quick pitches about several steem apps, and various individual sessions dedicated to new apps and projects. As the ecosystem of dApps evolved and matured, for example thanks to SteemConnect, it is time to give some more attention to those all those tools out there. Hence, new this year: the Wall of dApps, setup in the breaks area during both conference days, a no-frills rollup banner wall of dApps where you can find your favorite app or tool including the dev(s) who make them!

A couple of slots for the wall of dApps are still available and we kindly ask you if you want one of those spots, to contact via [email protected] and/or checkout the extra product (not a ticket) called 'dApp booth' in the fiat ticketshop. Your spot will then be reserved and you'll get a rollup banner included with that.

Steemit Inc's presence on SteemFest

Last year Steemit Inc came with a huge delegation to SteemFest in Lisbon. This was great as the Q & A sessions with them had great attendance and feedback. But in my communications with "inc" after SF2 I learned that being with such a large group attending the event significantly impacted the roadmap. I can see that, because being at an event is one thing, but also preparing for it is another.

Hence Steemit Inc. wanted to make clear that this year it's presence will not be that huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge as last year's in Lisbon. Here is Steemit Inc's own quote on that:

"While Steemit continues to support Steemfest, our presence this year will be smaller due to development workload. Steemit is fully focused on growth with continual improvements to the Steem blockchain, releasing SMT's and other behind-the-scenes projects.

That said, we look forward to meeting you all in Kraków to celebrate and meet the great community and ecosystem formed around the evolving Steem blockchain."

Imho totally understandable. As the holiday season approaches swiftly after SteemFest, it's just a couple of (working) weeks that are left prior to the SMT testnet launch. I get that it is not the perfect timing to get the whole team into "conference preperation & surviving mode".

So yes, @Ned will be at SteemFest as well as some others (tba) from Steemit Inc, so you can still get that selfie 🤳 and get all chitty chatty.

And... don't forget. You are Steem, we are Steem. Steem, steem, steem, steem, steem!

Yes, yes, new names announced:

  • @brian-rhodes (CA): Film actor, screenwriter, producer and founder of
  • @cryptogee (UK): Sci-Fi author, entrepreneur, tech geek and motivational speaker
  • @sorin.cristescu (LU): Blockchain Competence Centre leader at the European Commission, in his words: The "government" guys love Steem too!
  • @teamhumble (UK): Content creator and Steemhunt moderation team

Ongoing SteemFest ticket give aways

  1. SteemFest ticket raffle:
  2. @smooth is throwing a contest for 2 tickets:
  3. @steemfestdreams is running a contest and you can still participate:
  4. @spl and @blocktrades + @anomadsoul contest: (LAST QUALIFIER TOMORROW!)
  5. @sndbox and @blocktrades + @anomadsoul contest:

Have a nice weekend!
Greetings from Amsterdam,


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Wow so awesome of you to write all of those invitation letters!!!!!!!!!!!!! And to all the steemians who were able to help out financially!!! Reading stuff like this and seeing people like you guys makes me love steem/steemit more and more each day

Looks like you've done tremendous amount of work already! I hope you're still enjoying this huge task of organizing such a big event!

Wonderful updates, looking forward to it!

This post is featured on my news show :( in Chinese :D) for today.

Looking forward to SF3!

Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

My goal is to grow as you are here in this great family, and I do not lose hope of participating in a steemFest.

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Powerful Roeland!
I voted for the Auschwitz tour when purchasing my
ticket, so glad you're setting that up!
Thank you!!!
Super stoked for November brother,
thank you for all you do!!! 😀

cool. Yeah. Sampling the registration i think about 1/3 will want to go there. If you are nearby like in Kraków it is definitely worth considering. It will be very emotional though, really. I also get it if people won't go there, it is part of the saturday program in which people are also free to roam Kraków or join in for a little art workshop at #ArtAtSteemFest

Of course, you are right - a heavy personal visitation of past absolute horror (one of which we all are susceptible to, may be a weight that is more than many are willing to bear).
I recognize the werewolf that resides within me. I need to channel the forces to release it when necessary; seeing firsthand the horrors of the past will assist in correctly knowing when to unleash the full fury of a man who stands for something; protecting the infirm, the wounded, the victimized. I don't give two shits over whom I'm protecting, gender be damned. Laying monstrous, bloody WASTE to those who would victimized others - that is my paradigm.
I need to see, first hand, how bad it can get.

As men, we all have the Incredible Hulk within us, unleashed correctly, THAT'S what will save humanity from the next atrocity.
Men: THAT is your mantle: As protectors, as Saviors, as sacrifices to accomplishing a better future.
Do NOT take your testosterone lightly.
It comes with responsibilities, and obligations.

Great top see you there again @scan0017 buddy, the Steemfest³ will be awesome again!

Can't wait to see you again brother! 🍻

We're proudly and happily contributing to this event. Hope you guys dig it! Just booked muh hotel!

Yes, yes!

Awesome updates. It is always read this things to me cause i wont be able to be there. but well there is always SF4 ehehehe :)

Excellent, very much lookin forward to this. Well i have been since SF2 lol.

  ·  last year (edited)

@roelandp, I have one question. Can I buy a ticket just for the first 3 days of the SteemFest? I mean I want to come on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Let me explain you why. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the company I work at will celebrate its 20th anniversary in a big hotel close to a resort in Moscow, Russia. (I work in Moscow) All employees are supposed to attend it. The company is paying for everything (flights from other countries, etc.). Everything is for free. But, for me the SteemFest is more important! I want to go to the SteemFest! But, if I dont attend the 20th anniversary of my company, my boss will not be happy...I've been working at this company for almost six years. I dont know what to do... I think I can come to Kraków on Wednsday in the morning and flight back to Moscow on Saturday in the morning, take a bus to the resort, and attend at least the last evening of my company celebration... Once again for me the SteemFest is more important, but I dont want to lose my job. Life is not cheap in Moscow and without job (I am a foreigner here) I cannot survive here. Please, tell me if I can buy some kind of ticket with some discount just for the first 3 days of the SteemFest?

I am very very interested in visiting the SteemFest. I have been folliwing all your recent articles on this topic.

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi! Thanks for your interest into steemfest.

The vast cost of the program will go into those 3 days tbh, so you will be enjoying the most of it. However, the weekend is also a good one to spend more touristy time with steemians into a new city and fortify those new relationships.

I have to disappoint you in a way that there is no further discount available beyond the gracious amount already given. I am happy to let you know that for 2 more weeks the plankton ticket (if you are planktonish :D) is available for 50% discount of the actual costprice of the event, thanks to sponsorships. Further cutting up is unfortunately undoable, logistically and monetary.

I sure hope you can make it! Thanks for understanding...

Additionally I want to let you know that I admire your thinking, and your boss should too!

@roelandp, hello again! I want to buy a ticket for the SteemFest today or tomorrow via the site
May I buy the plankton ticket that costs 277,77 Euro paying with Bitcoin?

hi! you can buy with Bitcoin via . Please be advised that you need to follow the BTC instructions very carefully (bitpay I think) exact amount (dont forget that you need to add the fee). Just be careful with it and pay the exact amount.

@roelandp, am I allowed to buy the Plankton ticket for 277,77 Euro?

  ·  last year (edited)

@roelandp, I've just bought the ticket for the SteemFest! Thank you for the help! See you in Kraków!

@roelandp, ok, thank you! The process seems to be a little bit complicated. I will try to figure it out in the evening when I will be at home.

@roelandp, thank you!

Posted using Partiko Android

@roelandp, thank you for the answer. I will manage it somehow.

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If part of the Inc. team will be working In House they will need a great Stream, cool we have a Blockchain for that kind of content ;)

Everything said...
Steem, Steem, Steem!

yihaaa! there will be a stream for sure :P

And I know it will Rock!
Peace V!

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Thanks for the amazing update!

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@teamhumble on stage, yay!!

Flight is booked!! 🤗

heheh, thanks! :) -- not sure if stage or panel. panel might work better.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you for the next update @roelandp and Im sure we will have another really great Steemfest event in Krakow! Greetings from Berlin and see you in Poland again. Jonas

I guess even the presence of steemit inc. not being large as the previous years is a indicator of all the development that is taking place here and thus the lack of time. Good things are coming to the Steem blockchain and there is no doubt that they are going to require a lot of work by those involved.

Although I am pretty sure that the crowd this year is going to be a phenomenal one. I have been kind of making a mental list of all the people who are coming and it looks like that we are going to have a blast!

I need to get booked up. I've been sorting out the funds. I've got the Steem and just have to power it down. Really looking forward to seeing everyone.

I'll be there this time. I wasn't even aware of STEEM when Lisbon happened but I'll make up for it this year :)

Time flies so fast. This is the third Steemfest already. I have missed the last two events. I am still thinking about this one.

don't think to long :)

I thought Steemfest was gonna be in San Fransisco this year :(

Yes, that had been investigated and explained in the first announcement post about this year:

Unfortunately it was impossible with the funds implied. It would mean having a trifold budget and thus having a trifold price (minimumly), seeing the idea behind being as open as possible.

Even for US visitors coming to Kraków will actually be more affordable than coming to Frisco (unless one would live in SF and already have housing, which would equal to no-flights or hotels) - as ticketprice of SteemFest would be around $1000 then and then $150 usd average hotelprice/night.

Please consider come and join in Kraków! Alternative: livestream.

You do such a great job!!!
Full respect here and I guess from many Steemians as well.Have a great Steemfest all!

Interesting event, regrettable the Steemians of a country in crisis like Venezuela we can not assist,

I understand, the situation in Venezuala is dire to say the least. I'm sorry it will be virtually impossible to attend in real life, however there will be a livestream, if you have internet (seeing your post, I guess you have :D), so you could consider setting up a livestream and hosting a satellite event / meetup?

very good

Wow - sounds like a hell of a lot of work! Thanks for all the efforts!

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How interesting to really see how the update is going as regards the SF3, it is really amazing and encouraging to hear from the “Inc” themselves. They're the big guys, lol.
Well done Steem Fest crew...

  ·  last year (edited)

I do not know if it is related to @steemitboard support (i.e. people wanting to grab a new badge), but the Travel Fund has grown to 1671.853 STEEM _(+341) and 113.188 SBD (+28) in 4 days only.

I am sure it is also due to the generosity of the community members.

Thanks to all the contributors! I hope we can blow the record from the previous year.

Thank you @roelandp for all your effort to prepare an event that will be, as always, unforgettable!

Can't wait to see you all in Kraków!

I think it is! love it!

Really It is good.

Power awesome i like this

Oh yeah!

Congratulations @roelandp!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 4 with $ 183,67

Hello sir @roelandp How are you?Just Booked tickets two of us will be coming this year. We look forward to meeting everyone..

cool! don't forget to obtain Steemfest tickets and a visa if you need it!

Man, I get more replies and engagement when I post a single character... Sad.

Yeah. I think i'm giving up. If a blue square is doing that already, then what am I doing here. Maybe I should go back dishwashing. Please don't flag this.

X (o) X (o) X (o) X

btw N, i gotta do some New York / Guardianning here and point out the very facts, to take the edge of your comment.

This SF ann' post up till now got: 378 votes + 47 comments (+1 if you include this one) = 425 engagements.

And, although very interesting, unique, great, epic, lovely and definitely a piece of art, your X post drew 94 votes and 52 comments, which is 146 engagements.

But I gotta say, the comments on your post are piece by piece super epic and might be more fun to read. Anyhow... Also you lead the comment score by 4 so, CHAMPAGNE!

Shall we take time spent into account as well?

The circle-jerking lives on though, keep it up. Glad to see you're doing well, Roeland.

Yes I think we should. Time spent by the author or the engagers? :)

btw. maybe we can hang that Blue Square called X in the "Art at Steemfest" gallery this year. I kinda like it.

it's so amazing I like your post

Brother @roelandp, you are simply the best Congratulations.

Looking forward for the fest

Great work @roelandp are making Steemit Great.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks for all you're doing Roeland! Raymi and I hope to see you there!

Outstanding, this event looks really really amazing and sure wish I could have been there, perhaps the next one and yet who knows more miraculous things happen ... last minute windfalls and the like I'd be there!

Thanks a lot for being such good witness, I updated my vote, I do that every 2-3 months and I'm still voting you as a witness and I included you in this post to introduce you to a very good steemian : One of the best steemians

Very good nice post that is big earning

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all liquid rewards of the posts are immediately funneled to the @steemfest account and used for organising the event.

leotrap (69) · 5 days ago
If part of the Inc. team will be working In House they will need a great Stream, cool we have a Blockchain for that kind of content ;)

Everything said...
Steem, Steem, Steem!........

You doing great work here man :)

See you in Kraków.


I am so glad for such a interesting post with a lot of info ;)

Great task.

Tremendous work, you are doing here.

Applause :)

Yo! @roelandp, some friend of you ;) told me to be in touch because of this. seems not to be working so here seems to be the only way... in discord Im going by @Leotrap#1740 just in case


Welcome to steemit. Nice to meet you

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Hey! You should keep us noticed about those visa processes and stuff! Greetings, @roelandp.

sure as soon as we have good news I am happy to share it! I just did the letters, the actual applications and embassy visits is up to the attendees themselves.