Steem Monsters Kickstarter Project is now Live! 200 SBD CONTEST!

Whew! It's been a wild ride getting here and we're so excited to let you all know...

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What is Kickstarter? It's a website that allows people to put up projects and earn community funding. If the project meets the goal then the transactions happen. If the project doesn't meet funding then the money is returned.

We need a strong start! We would love for you to pledge and get a great deal right off the bat. Please support this game and get some exclusive cards while you're at it!

We also need your help getting the word out. This isn't just about Steem Monsters. Think about how much of a win it is for the whole community to see a Steem based game have a Kickstarter that rockets to the moon! I imagine others will try to duplicate the success, and that's great for the whole ecosystem!

The Offer

We have a variety of limited edition rewards and sweet deals to get you going. Of course, these deals are in limited quantity and we expect them to fly off the shelf, so you're going to want to join in as soon as you can!

The main delight is that there are four cards that aren't for sale in packs and never will be sold again. This is your one and only time to get them!

Not only that, in order to entice you to purchase right away we've made some pretty sweet deals available, but of course there's only a limted number available. There are 2,000 people in the community and the deals only have 5, 25, or 50 slots available. It's best to get in there early because people that come in later can join, but they won't get the same price or they'll get beta edition cards!

With that, we're off to the races! Beyond pledging you can help us by spreading the word!


We're starting off on day 1 with a contest. All you have to do is spread the word. Post the Kickstarter link or you talking about the Kickstarter campaign in 3 social media places, take a screenshot to show us, and put that image down in the comments. 3 winners will be chosen for 50, 30, and 20 SBD each.

We also need some major account outreach, so we have a separate pool for larger social media accounts. Show us how your video, link, or share gets over 1,000 views and you're eligible for the second prize pool of 100 SBD.

The Same Moon

Everyone in the Steem Community goes to the same moon. Help us have a great Kickstarter and watch how that helps this whole ecosystem. We're counting on you! Please spread the word!

PS: We're going to bidbot this post very heavily! 😎


Well done @aggroed & @yabapmatt! Upvoted & Resteemed.

Please reduce the Drop Rate for Gold Foil cards after the end of the Alpha-Sale, otherwise we early birds are fucked up! I don't care if a card is alpha or beta, as long it has the same strength in a fight.

See you in the tournament :-)

Yeah wait, doesn't offering these rewards at lower than market price just push prices down for current holders?

Not only that... Fact is that it's also for purchase ONLY to fiat people... That means all the fiat folks get a ton of cool stuff the crypto folks can't get.

They've mentioned they would implement a crypto-option, but obviously all good deals are being exhausted as we're speaking and once the crypto-option is released, I doubt we'll be able to get anything good out of it.

Kickstarter to get some non-crypto people in? GREAT IDEA!
But the part about fucking the crypto people is really what bothers me. I really hope they're going to present the crypto-community with the same options as they did with the fiat community. Otherwise, it has been proven that steemmonsters doesn't care about its people.

I have to agree with you, it would be a good show of faith to have these deals available in crypto and especially steem/sbd-denominated amounts.

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Welcome to

Did you know? That what you do early in the mornings determines most things in your life. Click this link to find out. And please don't forget to upvote an d share. Thanks

Did you know? That what you do early in the mornings determines most things in your life. Click this link to find out. And please don't forget to upvote an d share. Thanks

i see u guys are on the right path

Very good post, it really is very good

Any Reddit users here? Post on /r/CryptoCurrency/ is up to over 1.2k views and it hasn't even been a full 24 hours yet nor is it even on the top of the front page (yet... you all could help that)

Oh yeah, and I pledged $50

Yep I pledged $25 as well. Its cool that this game is being created. A lot of potential. We need more Steem based games.

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i have my monsters


Awesome! You were fast! :-)

I heard you were in the top 10 as well :)

If I only would of known, lol! I was in there and it said 1 then 2 backers I was like ok let me stop reading and watching the video, etc. haha! I was a slow poke!

Wow! Steemmonster's promotion is at all time high and still kicking! This is great, while we are waiting for the next event which is the tournament - the devs were having a way to make steemmonster stay hot and on trend. Kudos to the devs of steemmonsters!

OMG I totally just bought into this game with a $200 pledge :-D
And will do a Youtube video shortly to promote the campaign. It might not reach 1K views before the comp ends but as you say we are all going to the same moon. :-P

PS: Those international exchange rates are killing us Aussies :-D

Welcome to Steem Monsters - make sure to visit us all in the Steem monsters Discord!

Sweet I just got myself the $50 Pledge, I shared it on Twitter, instagram and Reddit:

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