Simplifying TAUCHAIN: What You Need To Know About One Of The Most Fascinating, Significant Projects On The Block(chain)...

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The blockchain space has been flooded with over-hyped projects claiming to be "game-changers." While the fact of the matter is that most are nowhere near as revolutionary as their marketing campaigns make them out to be, there are a select few that actually do have the potential to serve as platforms for unprecedented transformation of industries and society.

One such project that's been overlooked by many due to being very early on in development, highly technical in nature to the point of being near-incomprehensible to most without extensive computer programming experience, and not yet given any real publicity as its small team has been focused on proof-of-concept before marketing:


For these main three reasons, Tauchain has been flying quietly below the radar.

Yet, the few who've invested the time in understanding what exactly this project is and the potential implications of its successful deployment seem to agree: this could very well be "the next biggest thing" - as unprofessionally overly-sensationalistic such a phrase may be - since Bitcoin and Ethereum came onto the scene...

Up until recently, there was a mere handful of individuals following this project, spearheaded by acclaimed genius Israeli developer, Ohad Asor.

A child mathematics prodigy enrolled in university at age 12, Asor later began working on the project after discovering the core concept via a colleague. Putting his brains to work programming what might come to actualization as one of the most significant breakthroughs in computer programming, his work on Tau utilizes the foundational advantages of blockchain technology in tandem with a highly-innovative programming meta-language and knowledge economy, the implications of which may be impossible to sum up in any single piece of writing.

To-date, the direction of the project has not been on the business side of things, but the development of code itself. (A noteworthy differentiation from the majority of blockchain projects which have prioritized polished whitepapers and flashy ICO first). Thus, little focus has been given to articulating the expanded vision for its practical applications in everyday, non-technical language - only a very few with the background to understand the technical complexities, able to see the potential impact of its completion.

However, as attention towards the Tauchain has grown, there has been a increasing distillation of the project essence & vision into language more-accessible to the non-technically-inclined. And the consensus is in: this is a project to keep an eye on for very good reasons.

As the above vision and description - sourced from the main website - summarizes above, the key essence of Tauchain is enabling the scaling of discussions and collaboration.

Why is this so important?

Let's consider...

Social media has allowed billions of people to connect across the globe, chat, and share information. Yet when it comes to effectively collaborating and solving society's greatest challenges, the current generation of social media platforms have not proven as suitable tools.

Yes, we've formed groups and forums to have conversations. Though what generally tends to happen as a result of those threads? Not much. There can be a great deal of information conveyed within them; however, the more people that join, the more crowded the spaces become, the denser the fog of information listed in linear threads there is to sort through, and there are generally no organizing principles or structures by which that information can be put properly into place within action plans for solving large-scale problems requiring elaborate exploration and consensus on a great amount of interconnected details.

To ground that down from a more abstract conceptualization to something more tangible...

Not only are there all sorts of scattered discussions across multiple forums and social media platforms regarding societal challenges such as those outlined in the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, there are an estimated 10 million Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) directed towards a vast variety of causes relevant to those same (and different) goals, as well as countless educational institutions and research organizations working on different projects and initiatives highly relevant to the work millions of those others are. However, despite the tremendous amount of common aims and goals, the majority of these distinct groups, institutions, and organizations are largely operating siloed from one another. And even within themselves, there are countless bottlenecks limiting the extent of effectiveness in successful collaboration.

To-date, large-scale projects collaborative projects - such as the Human Genome Project, for example - have required billions of dollars worth of investment to establish the infrastructure for sharing data across vast networks of institutions and organizations. Yet, for the millions of groups working towards solving other various challenges, such a scale of infrastructure which would successfully enable global collaboration between thousands of other stakeholders in shared societal goals remains inaccessible.

This ispart of the value proposition Tauchain presents: providing a foundational technological stack/platform which could effectively serve as a bridge between a limitless number of individual and/or groups requiring the scaling of discussions essential to developing the strategic architecture of solutions to a broad range of challenges - complete with sets of features and functions birthing entirely unprecedented opportunities. (Which may not be quickly or easily seen, explained or grasped upon first glance).

While there may be a great deal of complexity to these features and the possibilities created through their introduction, we shall hereforth attempt a simplified overview of the few most pertinent, beginning with those listed on the website...


Sure enough, for those of us not highly-inclined in the technical intricacies of computer programming, these descriptions may not paint a clear picture. Though even if understanding what all that means, that's still merely the tip of the iceberg and far from enough to get a firm grasp on what all is coming together with this development.

While the full scope of writings available on the Tauchain blog, as well as the collections of writing by @dana-edwards, may begin to better-articulate the breadth & depth of functionality & capabilities, this is but a brief summary of key points as understood by this author through a limited amount of research:

The core innovation: Tau Meta-Language (TML).

a language intended to define other languages and translate between them while maintaining the same information. TML allows seamless communication and semantic translation between programming languages, knowledge representation languages, visualization and organization formats, domain-specific languages, and more.

Or in other words, TML is a development which shall enable not merely a direct translation between language - as a basic conversion of English to Mandarin, for example - but the extraction of MEANING from a wide variety of types of language, both verbally spoken/written and those utilized in computer programming, such that the knowledge encoded within language may be stored within a repository and easily accessed (whether for use in basic inquiries, consensus-derivation, collaborative research projects, Decentralized Autonomous Organization functions and smart contracts, or other) irregardless of the language an inquiring person or program may speak/read or be programmed in.

The scope & significance of such an unparalleled breakthrough is difficult to overstate.

Whether in the worlds of conventional everyday language, computer science, industry-specific subdomains with a complex variety of customized organizational models, niche institutional arenas housing their own bodies of knowledge in unique formats, or far less formalized groups & cultures utilizing constantly-evolving slang in their internal communications - there exist thousands of languages being used across the globe within a range of systems designed for the facilitation of solving all sorts of problems. Yet despite many of these serving their purposes well within the boundaries/limits of their systems/organizations/communities, many of their consequential accomplishments exist in isolation from one another, separated by language barriers - whereas multiple groups working towards similar ultimate ends would immeasurably benefit through the synergy of sharing, combining, and leveraging each others' developments in collaborative efforts.

One aspect of TML (Tau Meta-Language) is to serve as a bridge between parties operating in different languages - to remove those language barriers preventing/slowing effective communication & collaboration - such that all contributed knowledge and data sets may be compiled into a single database, accessible to all (permitted) parties and available for utilization in programs or context of a different language than originally contributed in.

(Yet still only one of many aspects, one single component enabling numerous other functionalities of the systems which could be built upon Tau's broader technology stacks.)

This concept of a semantic translator paired with a shared knowledge base itself is not new. One such comparable project, possibly the largest of its type, would be Cyc:

“Cyc is the world's longest-lived artificial intelligence project, attempting to assemble a comprehensive ontology and knowledge base that spans the basic concepts and "rules of thumb" about how the world works (think common sense knowledge but focusing more on things that rarely get written down or said, in contrast with facts one might find somewhere on the internet or retrieve via Google or Wikipedia), with the goal of enabling AI applications to perform human-like reasoning and be less "brittle" when confronted with novel situations that were not preconceived."

However, while Cyc appears to be a developed by a privately-owned company and is geared towards offering enterprises custom-tailored solutions - including but not limited to research analysis assistance, information extraction and dissemination, compliance monitoring & situation awareness,and infrastructure & resource management - Tauchain aims to be an open-source public platform upon which anyone is free to develop. And another KEY distinction differentiating it: Tau is hosted on a blockchain.

Meaning - applications built on Tau may utilize all the strengths of a blockchain architecture, including but not limited to the numerous benefits of decentralized models and smart-contract capabilities.

This is where the possibilities really begin to emerge.

For example: the knowledge contributed to Tauchain's repository becomes both monetizable for contributors and easily-accessible for utilization in a variety of applications, from consensus polls to research projects to DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) / automated business operations, and more - the value of which, becoming directly measurable, and the corresponding compensation able to be distributed back to contributors accordingly via smart contracts.

The first official application being developed for launch in tandem with Tau, Agoras, is being built (partly) for these purposes:

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 5.41.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 5.42.25 PM.png

Now, while some of the basic pieces of the puzzle have been addressed above, there is another key aspect to Tauchain that while has not been labelled outright as such, could be viewed in the context similar to that as the description of Cyc above:


The distinction - and perhaps reason why the Tauchain team has not (yet) chosen to emphasize the A.I. component - is that it is not so much artificial intelligence in the sense most people understand/view it, but rather more something along the lines of augmented and/or automated intelligence - a set of tools enabling (comparatively) advanced automated commands & programs for purposes such as (though not limited to):

  • searching a knowledge-base not for keywords, but for information & dataset compilation relevant to specific inquiries reliant upon on the extraction of meaning and verification of truths as pertaining to the context of the inquiries, with language barriers removed

  • deriving evolving consensuses from ongoing large-scale group discussions (and feeding those dynamic information sets into other programs, projects, inquiries, or smart-contracts in real-time)

  • (in application for program development), validating computer programming scripts, so as to:

    • eliminate the need for trust between developers and those contracting their services
    • audit for identification of coding bugs, such that no software may be released until working 100%
    • ensure contracted jobs meet requirements 100% without flaw before payment issued
  • compiling information from other databases/repositories for the purposes of growing Tauchain's own, such that the above-stated applications may have an expanding knowledge-base from which to draw more accurate data - thus increasing capacities for greater effectiveness in a broader range of applications serving a wider variety of needs

Now, for how all this shall be translated into such conceptual theory in a tangible user experience... time shall tell.

As with most other blockchains, Tauchain (and Tau Meta-Language) are merely a foundational layer upon which an infinite number of applications with both distinct and interconnected user interfaces may be developed for a wide range of industries, communities, institutions, markets, organizations, and groups of nearly any kind, public or private. Even Agoras' launch may only be a starting point, with any entrepreneur or developer able to connect into its knowledge economy for utilization in their own customized dapps - whether on Tau itself, Ethereum, or other third-generation blockchains.

From platforms and protocols to faciliate collaborative research between scientific institutions and/or economic thinktanks, to governmental decision-making in which citizen participation is able to be streamlined and incentivized, to entirely new breeds of social networks enabling the shift from simply consuming information and sharing content to engaging in and contributing to discussions - the direct value of our input derived via augmented intelligence, factored into consensus polls and problem-solving, and proportionately rewarded via smart-contracts - or all three of the above plus IoT (Internet of Things) sensor datafeeds interconnecting with each other...

The possibilities might only be limited to the imagination of the visionaries and system architects - nearly all developmental resources becoming fully-available, limited by neither language barriers nor traditional obstacles in scaling discussion between the human contributors.

These may be aspects of an integrated planetary vision which many pioneers in the blockchain space have already foreseen and have been working towards. However, the infrastructural components Tauchain aspires to deliver could play no less a fundamental role in the actualization of these shared goals and outcomes than the introduction of blockchain technology itself.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed.

It may be possible that even if the technical development of Tauchain is fully-completed, any variety of factors could restrict the adoption required to see the entire project through to success. Ultimately, it is not the initial innovation that shall drive the success of any blockchain project, but the ecosystem of developers building applications upon them and size/strength of userbase which determine whether Tauchain emerges victorious, or there shall be other ventures building upon the same core principles who can pull off the entrepreneurial side of network growth better.

Either way, it is clear that in the world of abundantly over-hyped blockchain projects claiming to be "game-changers," Tauchain may be among the handful of few well-deserving of that title to keep tabs on - if not hopping onboard as a stakeholder contributing to the project & vision, oneself...

For more information on Tauchain:

What is Tauchain & Why It Could Be One of The Greatest Inventions of All Time (Part 1)

Tauchain 101: Essential Reading On One Of The Most Revolutionary Blockchain Project Under The Radar...

Official Tau / IDNI (Intelligent Decntralized Networks Initiative) Blog

Bitcoin Talk Forum Thread

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It's definitely an interesting project. The Tau Meta Language is due to be completed this month followed soon by a demo. Keep an eye on it.

Ask any questions in the Tau telegram chat:

The goal is Tau is simple: it'll be the first useful general decentralized network. Imagine a decentralized network whose code can automatically update and be executed according to the real time wishes of it's users. That's Tau. With Tau, each successive block of the blockchain is defined by the previous block according to the on the fly specifications of its users. There is no voting, no centralized core coding team. It is a seamless form of decentralized self amendment that takes into consideration the wishes of its users at any given time.

This isn't done via magic and is very sophisticated under the hood. Tau requires a decidable, self defining logic which supports negation, a meta language that can translate any computer language defined under it, the ability to scale discussions and derive knowledge up to millions of users, synthesize code automatically, and finally implementation of the blockchain. It took Ohad, the smartest person I know, years to come to this design.

A true general decentralized network doesn't come from just shoving a turing complete language into the blockchain. That's far too simple and impractical. Forcing everyone to run the same code in a single turing complete language would be like if bittorrent forced everyone to download and upload the same files, yet almost half the money in the sector are invested in these projects.

Give it time, Tau will demonstrate it's something else entirely: a not just practical, but indispensable technology.

EDIT: Small factual correction, Ohad went to university at the age of 13, not 12.


I hope to see more of your writing on it soon coming out regularly, as it (this being but one example) is definitely some of the best, easily-accessible, well-articulated coverage out on the project so far.



I definitely will write more when milestones are met.

I don't explain Tau well, because I know I don't understand it very well. I try to learn and eventually get better at it.

Development should be interesting over the coming months leading up the the Alpha, especially since we're expecting the Tau Meta Language to be done within a month or so. I'm a big believer in Ohad, and this is definitely the most interesting project out there right now.


Personally I think you did a great job of explian it. I am pretty much a novice dealing in world crypto currencys but I was able to follow pretty well.


@trafalgar This is one of the wonders that the blockchain brings with the cryptocurrencies to generate alternative income to the communities, democracy and universal income is on the way. I wish you the best of successes and I will follow you to be attentive to your content, greetings and luck!


Thats an amazing information, i love it


Yes, interesting project but what a difficult sell! Will need use cases and the 'proof will be in the pudding'.

After reading The New Tau last Dec, I started spending almost every night reading the blog or the irc chatlog or just about anything related to the technicals/concepts surrounding it just trying to catch up with Ohad's mind. The technical sophistication and rigor he has put into this project is nothing short of astonishing. IMO, he has zeroed in on something very fundamental about the nature of (intelligent) decentralized networks, and with following through it, providing many first-time solutions to a lot of life/blockchain problems in one fell swoop.


Hmm I'm now slightly more interesting now that you've commented about it.

My hope is that we can use Tauchain to collaboratively cure cancer. Cancer is one of the main killers and not enough resources are being directed toward finding a cure.


Great Post!
Check out this article on the advantages of blockchain development

Great Post!
Check out this article on the advantages of blockchain development


Omg this is brilliant. I am interested now after never doing a deep dive. Thanks for writing this.

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He he, purrrrrfect.

Your welcome. 😇

I need to read this about 10 more times to really get my head around it, but bravo there's a lot of information there in lay man's terms. This has been on our radar for a few weeks but yep with out the relevant understanding it's been a bit of a mission to really get our heads around it. Ill be getting my b.f to read this blog too we will most likely be investing if our crypto portfolio's recover a bit! Ha!

So thank you for taking the time to write it, i think it will be super helpful to a lot of people!

UPDATE- 3 times was sufficient. I managed to give a rough brake down on the phone to my b.f which he seemed to understand. :p

@rok-sivant Do you have any video presentation ? This blog is seems to be more complicated to understand. Please share or make some simple video to understand the project. @printskill



As stated, there’s been very little marketing done yet, so no, not really much available in regards to simplified videos.

This is one - however, it only speaks to a very small aspect of what the project offers, from the standpoint of contracting developers - not at all touching on the much larger aspects of scaling discussions, TML, or the knowledge economy. Thus, it might give some idea of some capabilities, but only a very small percent:

The other best video content would be this, however it is not at all simple, nor exciting, nor fully comprehensible by the average person (or even above-average, myself included):


The problem with knowledge, whether it is generated by code or by a scientific work of three hundred pages, is that it will never be a knowledge that represents a totality.

All knowledge is never total knowledge. Even if one would unite all scientific works of all existing sciences in one tau intelligence, it would only reflect knowledge exactly on the level which is available as data. Inevitably a knowledge outside of this matrix is excluded. So far completely unknown knowledge, which does not know any language. Beyond the space of language, which is always bound to the mind that understands this language, there is "speechlessness". Everything, which is so far unconsidered and unnamed. This unnamed and ignorant is not found in the mind (of a human being or a machine), because it is bound to the corporeality of organic life, it is an experience not yet made.

The comparison Ohad Asor makes here is very well made. A person who learns a language from the age of 0 to the age of 20 has reached exactly the language level he has reached. In this span of life he has learned to reach a level: his own level. This is the same with Tau. It would be worth asking when the time had actually been reached when Tau had reached a learning goal of which one could say: This is the final goal to which learning is needed. How long would such a time span be? Five years, ten years, a hundred years? How long does Tau's intelligence have to mature to become an "adult" from "childhood"? And what effect does this have on the ability to make decisions and the applications that, for example, Tau suggested in its childhood - based on its current knowledge - and which have an impact on the physically organic world of humans?

What if the question of atomic energy revealed that the operation of atomic milers was a deeply illogical form of energy production? So if the answer would be total certainty that we humans are overwhelmed with a definitive analysis of atomic energy? Would this then mean that people who are currently deciding how to proceed with energy production would make physically relevant decisions because Tau Intelligence has calculated it that way? Would the Tau answer change anything about the fact that nuclear waste is highly toxic and solve the question of disposal for us?

Ohad Asor also says that applications would be many times faster. But what about human speed? Since we humans do not have an almost infinite capacity for processing knowledge in the sense of data, we feel inferior to machine knowledge. To what extent is an application of human value if it specifies speeds that are beyond human speed?

I ask myself the question whether we are not heading towards a transformation of our physical world, which - already now - allows us to rather serve the needs of machines. We seem to believe that machines are at our service, but when I look at how much space machines need, how much effort is required for their production, maintenance and care, I can already see that my living space is highly dominated by them. The time and energy I have to spend to maintain a car, for example, from both the financial and energy aspects. Production facilities including again machinery, then roads, parking spaces as external operators and space requirements as well as my own time and finances spent on administration and driving. Hospital employees who understand, maintain, operate, and manage their high technical equipment to a high degree can compare this with the amount of energy spent on organic entities such as staff and patients. It's clear to me that as technology increases, it's the technology that's cared for and noticed by us humans. This can be seen very clearly in the Caesarean section in maternity clinics, which give preference to this method because of its technological structures. This means that the collection of data outside of clinics and intervention-free births does not take place or takes place to such an extent that it is not relevant. That means that data which could be collected is not collected because of the use of technology.

From an organic point of view, tau intelligence does not make as much sense as from a mechanical point of view.

On the other hand, I, too, find it fascinating to get an answer to a question that neither I nor other people would have come up with. In fact, it's not the answers themselves that are interesting, but the questions we ask.

I haven't even started with all the psychological aspects but I will leave it at that.


Great to see your inquisitive mind entering the Tau discussions... :-)


In fact, I did think a lot about AI even before entering the steemit blockchain. I do know though, that I will be hardly listened to and that my critical attitude is somehow disturbing the enthusiasm about tau technology. This steemit realm has way more tech enthusiasts then all the other social media platforms I ever entered and is by nature more leaning towards foreseeing only the beneficial aspects of a technology like this (even without understanding it).

I haven't made up my mind yet - and don't know if I ever will take one side (probably not) - but I always would ask people to be more like a greek debater and also investigate the cons of a technology.

While I really do think that dealing personally with such a topic is highly enriching and leads to philosophical realms and intimate questions about ones own outlook on life and humanity I know that not many people are taking their times in doing so. They all have their reasons.


One thing I find particularly fascinating about the prospects of Tauchain:

Even if “people would hardly listen to you,” it wouldn’t matter so much.

There is value in your critical perspectives.

And if Tau gets built successfully, the contribution of that value gets accounted for and factored into whatever discussions you show up in. It wouldn’t matter whether or not other people wouldn’t “like” your opinions because they conflicted with theirs - your input would still be a valuable contribution - perhaps even moreso, as it might be of a rarer nature than commonly-held opinions...


hm hm ... :-) yeah, my man would say something similar. We talk a lot about this topic, really, a lot.

Oh, I am always risking my popularity, more often than I do promote it I would say. ;-)

We'll see what tau will bring ...

Thanks for coming back for a little chat.
Have a good day,
Night from Hamburg


Oh, I am always risking my popularity, more often than I do promote it I would say. ;-)

A sign of integrity, I’d say.

After all, what’s more valuable: popularity or honesty...?

(The answer no doubt varies person-to-person, though might reasonably be considered a reflection of one’s maturity/wisdom...)

Hi rok. I remember reading your article about this technology a while back and think the future does look bright if they can bring it to fruition. The knowledge and technology can be sped up and who knows what this can do for everyone going forward. The benefits could be huge.

I have been hearing much about this Tauchi, even @kevinwong throw more light on it before you doing same again.

I must say you heat on how the block chain d been messed up following the over hyped bragging and the rest. We all think they will be the game changer and they end up been the money waster. Sometimes, i say to my self, block chain is now looking like advance ponzi. Am shocked with the over hype and all that. Am still happy that we have some that are promising and doing well.

For sure, this stuff is looking like a great deal with what am seeing haven't read the white papers. Will pay close attention and jump on board if i can afford it. Thanks so much, appreciate you for throwing more light on it again.

please check your p.m there is something informative there

HYIP projects give wrong picture , hence we should be careful while going through details of any HYIP projects , TAUCHAIN looks promising and the team looks great , I am looking to work with the team


What’s HYIP?

great stuff!

Is this project's archnemesis PiChain?

Thanks for the write-up. It’s for sure the most interesting project so far. I hope it will succeed.

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I really like your line "The blockchain space has been flooded with over-hyped projects" as I am a big fan of blockchain. Your concept is really clear reagarding this issue. I like it.

awesome post

Articel good.


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Yes, that’s already included in this links at the bottom of the post, perhaps the most brilliant piece of writing on the project yet, IMO.

So nice and informative post.


totally indeed with your comment

I don't understand

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Interesante, puede ser que Tauchain sea otro nuevo "este si" o no. Mas allá de la complejidad técnica, triunfara el que posiblemente sin estar totalmente listo se lance, de verdad, y explote en la practica lo extraordinario en rutina. Abrir el camino pues.

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El proyecto es muy bueno y espero que tenga éxito. La explicación está bien detallada pero para los nuevos en esto es un poco compleja. Suerte.

Really thankful for the time you make from your busy schedule to write such good blogs. i hope you read this and it will make you smile ❤️

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