Crossroads of the Heart: Who is @d-pend, Really?

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Crossroads of the Heart:
Who is @d-pend, Really?


Image: "Lion's Heart" by Kancano


Hey everybody. I hope this post finds you well (or even excellent!) This is probably going to be a long post, so feel free to click away now and find some juicy memes or something else more entertaining. Or, if you're one of my thousands of followers either inactive or who ghosted me, don't click on this post at all! (oh...too late, eh?)

But, if we've made any kind of connection here, take a couple minutes to scan this post. I'm going to reveal some things I haven't shared on Steemit before, because there's no time like the present to make a change. :-)

(I also have to give thanks to @flauwy and @tribesteemup, whose focus for sharing conscious content activated something in me that has lain dormant for some time. This post came to me at the exactly right time.)

Face Photograph - Daniel J Pendergraft.jpg

Me last month, all dressed up and hair pulled back :-D
If you want to see how long my hair is here ya go.

The more attentive of you may have noticed I changed my profile picture on Steemit, something I have never done in 15 months. Why? I feel a major shift coming. Most of you are probably wondering what the heck my profile picture ever was in the first place. Well, it was cropped from this lovely album cover created by my friend Chris Davis for the solo album that I unfortunately never completed (so far) titled "Cosmic Youth."

Daniel Pendergraft Cosmic Youth.jpg

Below, here's a youtube video of me and my longtime friend/former bandmate @samvan playing a slowed-down piano/guitar version of the first track off that album back in Winter 2016 when I stayed in Nashville for several months to record all the instrumental parts for the album.

Where Does "@d-pend" Come From?

Many of you know that it originates from my name, Daniel Pendergraft. It was one of many creative nicknames that I was called over the years by musician friends. I didn't know the name would be permanent when I joined because I knew nothing about the STEEM blockchain! I never had any desire to affect some pointless "privacy" on the internet, because I knew the government already had every single detail about my life. In the modern world, privacy is something of a frail illusion. With high enough technology, a hacker can find out everything they want to know about you.

I liked the name because of its multiple entendre: it stood for my given name, but could also be interpreted severally as "deep end," "depend" (as in dependable, not the adult diapers, thank you very much!) "deepened," etc. The d and the p with a dash in between could also create something of a yin-yang representing opposing yet equal polarities. (d-p)


yin-yang image source

Why I Joined Steemit

When I joined Steemit I was coming out of a rather dismal phase of my life. I won't tell the story here (at least, not in this post), but it's a story about beatboxing, gaming addiction and feeling directionless. At the time I joined in June 2017 I was living with my parents in Allen, TX but a week later I moved all the way to the lovely mountains of Boone, NC.

Once I got to Boone, I made a couple of promises to myself. I would use only Steemit as my social media, as I wanted to start over from square one. (I have 5000 friends on Facebook and used to post there very frequently about metaphysics, nonduality, consciousness, spirituality, and related topics.) I also used to make podcasts discussing these topics, which never really got many listens, but I enjoyed making them anyway.

the good ol galaxy.jpg

link to my old podomatic website

galaxy image source

Promise to Myself

The second promise was that I would write and post a poem everyday, staying true to my artistic and philosophical inclinations. I would try to build a following around something that seemed impossible to become successful with: experimental, strange, and esoteric poetry. I decided to stay away from posting too much about spirituality in prose form, because I was very burned out and jaded due to what I had experienced being part of these communities in the past.

The more "spiritual" people seemed to think they were, the more elitist and arrogant they seemed to get about just about everything, including their intelligence, "superior" diet, knowledge, wisdom, "vibrational frequency," fearlessness, godliness, etc. I was fed up with all these dualistic and false human concepts and had found them to do just as much harm as good.


Image: "Transcension" by Cameron Gray

The Beauty of Encryption

Instead, I would encode my intimate thoughts and feelings into poetry. This avoided pointless debates and the endless bickering of those with conflicting ideologies. I could express myself without any fear of wasting time with these unproductive activities because my beliefs were conveyed in a manner difficult to understand without spending some time to unravel what was being said.

That way, I avoided the attention of those without the patience to study and comprehend the pieces on a deeper level. Of course, the downside of this approach is that there is only a microscopic handful of people willing to do so. However, I didn't care about quantity. If I touched only one person, it made what I was doing worth it.


my first ever Steemit post

Interests Other Than Poetry

If you want to ask about my interests, it would probably be easier to ask what I'm not interested in. Or more specifically, what I'm least interested in. I hold an endless fascination with the reality in which we find ourselves. I've been like this since a young child, and the only time this ebbs is during phases where my depression is more crippling.

To list some of my greatest areas of passion, expertise and/or curiosity: piano, singing, beatboxing, trombone, music composition, nonduality (advaita), meditation, world religions, spirituality, culinary arts, nutritional balancing, foreign languages [Spanish, Japanese, Malayalam, Chinese], biochemistry, quantum physics, cryptocurrency, video games, digital and traditional art, photography, programming, etc. Out of anything I can think of, what interests me the least is politics.

reduce quality.jpg

study image source

What is the Future of @d-pend?

That, my friends, is the open question of the day. And to you, dear readers, I want to extend the opportunity to weigh in. Do you like that I have kept my blog to poetry (and music), avoiding other types of content, including more contentious areas of discussion? Or should I open my heart and trust wider to the Steemit community and show more of my "self?"

I have a deep intuition that something big is happening, that I'm launching into a different phase of my existence on this planet. I want to share it with all of you, while protecting my peace of mind as well as respecting different lifestyles from my own. You have my heart, because every human being is my mother-father-sister-brother. Now, it's up to us where this journey leads.

Sending infinite love and gratitude
to each one of you from the bottom of my soul.


To Be Continued.....


"Meditation" by leonard art

Note: I will be promoting this post with several bid-bots, because it is rather important to me.

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It all depends on what perspective you look at it Daniel,

At first I was sure you were the decentralized pen. There is only one person alive I know who could spin words together like you. Most of his writing came in his twenties. It it a treasured time but confusing time. You did well to write a poem a day.

From my point of view you have exposed a lot of yourself already in your writings and actions on Steemit. When I was curious about where you were coming from and asked I usually got no answer which made the puzzle to understanding you more interesting. I got a lot of the answers from the poem itself. Others may consider esoteric writing as ostracizing because they don't feel like they can grab anything out of it or it is too indirect. Anyway you really couldn't hide on Steemit because your full name and city are here and by interactions your story unfolds. I won't tell it for you as I have my own story to unravel. To each his own. But from my shoes I have ask, "What did you get out of your visit to India?" Honestly for a while I thought you were an amazing Indian living in North Carolina. You just knew too much of the terrain and language. I know your major was Music but I wonder if you had a minor in Geology or inorganic chemistry. I know computers run in your blood. You also come from a background of a certain professed faith. Your writings reveal the struggles you have had.

One of the problems with is that I cannot message you directly or have a voice conversation from the blockchain. I really respect your decision to reduce media. From my perspective you should just say what you want to when you want to. You don't have fit any pattern. Once you shared a podcast here about poetry. That was interesting. I know you are crazy busy getting stuff together so I couldn't imagine asking you to do more. I remember twenty years ago when I prepared to go to Korea. Everyone told me not too go because it seemed of uncertainties with IMF but I was glad I came. Standing on the other side of the world I was able to see both sides of the yin and yang.

Oh and spiritual things... I'm pretty sure we can't teach them like poetry or English or learn these things in the same matter either. There is so much I can say here but i will just say,



I'm so grateful for this comment, @mineopoly. You have been able to see something in my poetry that only one other person ever has. That was @cabbagepatch, and she was my only cheerleader when I began. She would comment on every single one of my poems, often with paragraphs. She was an amazing soul in the body of a middle-aged Japanese lady living in Hawaii. I fear she must be either quite ill or have passed many months ago. It's not like her to leave Steemit. I wish you could have met her.

Since you started commenting on my pieces last winter, I've appreciated it a whole lot, more than I could really say or my meagre upvote could convey. It is so nice to have someone being able to intuitively know what I'm saying, beyond the words. Sometimes what you got out of the pieces was quite different from what I did while writing it. I love that, too. It's just a part of the dynamic transmutation process. You're right that I never tried to hide my identity, but I made people find it out on their own, if they were curious enough.

That is so funny about thinking I was Indian. Actually, I started writing a little bit about my intense experience in India the other day. I always tear up when I think about it. It was the first time in my life I ever felt like I belonged somewhere on this planet. The air quality and other infrastructure issues in India were very severe, and I chose not to return, even though I promised them I would. That still haunts me. I will definitely write some blogs about my experience in the future. It completely changed my life.

The way my music school was, we didn't have minors, instead we had "emphases." My emphasis was Composition & Arranging, so my most challenging classes were about advanced Music Theory, Orchestration, writing for Brass & Woodwinds, etc. However, I took an Environmental Science class as my elective science, and loved it. My mom @violetmed also wanted to be a Geology major before she finally decided on a Math major. I know much of my love for nature and rocks came from her, as well as (eventually) my understanding & appreciation for the strong faith in God she exuded. (I'll save the story of my "atheist days" for another time. ;-)

We definitely should chat on text or voice more. I hope in the future something of the sort is integrated into Steemit so it functions like a proper modern social media site. If they could find a way to put that on blockchain, that would be interesting, though one with privacy features would be nice. I'm thinking it could be based on a separate but complementary blockchain that had the ability to send secure transactions so people could still chat in confidence.



So much to read in this world but sincere interaction so hard to come by. I will never match your upvote and don't intend to. You invested a lot in Steemit. As for me I gave some of my time and was educated in return. I always got something out of your poems even though it may be something way out in left field.

Thank you for introducing @cabbagepatch. I read her articles. It seems that her last post on Steemit came the same day as my first post. She is an angel. I am nothing.

At the age of twenty I spent a summer in Haiti. I took care of kids in an orphanage at the edge of Cite Soleil in Port-au-Prince. Of course I foolishly promised I would come back. What's more the oldest kid in the orphanage sent me letters when I was back in Chicago (no internet back then). He got a scholarship to study in Minnesota, became a pastor and got married. Still I never kept my promise to go back there again. James keeps drilling in my head: "Listen, you who say, 'Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.' Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Instead, you ought to say, 'If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.'"

My guard stood hard when abstract threats
Too noble to neglect
Deceived me into thinking
I had something to protect
Good and bad, I define these terms
Quite clear, no doubt, somehow
Ah, but I was so much older then
I'm younger than that now

Quote from some other guy who lived in Minnesota

Hey Daniel, you are absolutely right it is like you are reading the mind of people, it was also my first thought "who the hell is that guy and where is the pirate @d-pend". I mean pirate because looking at you revious profile picture because of the size it was difficult to recognise the picture but I saw colorful something around the head and it was looking like bandana :)

Also it was a little discoverey to learn that you play piano and sing, you have a good voice and I really enjoyed your duet, guitar was also amazing. I pay more attention to piano, because my son play piano too, so I always try to find something interesting that I can share with him, but he listens, agrees but I do not think he really interested in my advices, he is 15 and as all children in this age they know exactly what they need and how the world works :)

It was a pleasure to see how everything started with your first post, it was a poetry and I love teh quote:
Dig deep and dwell in liberty--- remain infinite and free.
Also I noticed, you might have done a picture through the window, it is visible hand with the palm lines in it, am I right?

The library is amazing and that is my dream to have such bookshelves along the walls, balcony and fireplace. Is it your library?

it is easy to see that you are an artist in your soul and it is nice to know that there are different area of your interest. I like the fact that you multilingual with the interests in difficult languages, my respect.

Thanks for introduction post, it is difficult to advice what to post because with different areas of interests you attract different people. But I think you know it the best, just do what you heart tells. Good luck!


Pirate, hahaha! That's great! No one ever said anything about the picture, but I could feel the confusion, through the ether as it were ;-)

About piano/singing, yes music was my main passion for many years and my main study for my Bachelor's degree. Your comment about being 15 years old is soooo true. I thought I knew everything at that age. I'm glad you resonated with that line, it's really a trip to look back on that first post that started everything.

Also, you're correct about the picture, I took it through the window of a "house boat" (Kettuvallam) during my trip to the Kerala backwaters when I lived in South India for 4 months in 2015-2016. I'll blog about that some other time, because I took over a thousand pictures during my trip :-D

I wish the library was mine, too! It was an image I found on Deviantart. Thank you for the long comment, kind words, and advice @stef1. Have a wonderful day!

Hey Daniel! :)

It's great to get to know you a little bit better and to hear about your interests and your Steemit journey - how it started and what it meant to you. I like how you joined this platform with a meaningful purpose, a challenge for yourself.

I hope you'll share more posts like this since you have a lot of interests/passions and I think that people, including me, would love to hear your opinion and experiences on topics you mentioned (for me that would be meditation, spirituality, culinary arts, nutritional balancing, foreign languages, especially Spanish). And I have my fingers crossed that you'll find time/have interest in creating more ambient/meditation music for your soundcloud. :)

One more thing, your hair looks awesome! :D

Have a lovely weekend!


Hi Nikolina!

It's good to hear from you. I really appreciate your comment since you were so specific about the areas you'd like to hear about. I definitely would like to create some more ambient music and I'll move it up a couple notches on the priority list just knowing that it would be of value to somebody :-D

Glad you like the "lion's mane." xD

You have a wonderful weekend, too!

This has been such a pleasant surprise, @d-pend. It is great that you have decided to share some more of you with your followers. It makes us feel closer. I am surprised that you're younger than your poetry makes you appear. My respects to you and your art.

I had a similar experience with spiritual/philosophical circles

The more "spiritual" people seemed to think they were, the more elitist and arrogant they seemed to get about just about everything, including their intelligence, "superior" diet, knowledge, wisdom, "vibrational frequency," fearlessness, godliness, etc.

I am sure that whatever new content you produce will be liked by your followers. You have proven to be a very balanced and briliant mind.
I am looking forward to what's ahead.


The response I've gotten so far is a pleasant surprise, too—though truthfully I knew myself to be subconsciously limiting what I could achieve here by my particular approach. Something shifted internally, and I knew things needed to change.

Glad to be able to commiserate regarding some of the pitfalls of spiritual/philosophical groups. It is unfortunate, but that needn't condemn us into near-total silence on those matters, as I've experienced.

As far as my age (27), it is the cause of some chagrin, though I appreciate the benefits of youth. Since a child, I have gotten along better with adults and those older than me. I think part of me was worried my craft would be taken less seriously if my age was revealed :-D Thank you for offering respect, wisdom, and encouragement. I really appreciate it. Your commentaries on my poems make my day.


Well, yours make mine. So, we're even! :)
Intellectual exchanges are fading these days. People are putting their money in immediacy and gratification. Triviality treads on ideas and involvement freely.
You're probably right regarding age and being taken seriously. It might have been the case for most readers, especially in academic circles, where ironically, memory faults and we tend to forget about the Rimbauds, the Shelleys, and the Borgeses :)

Thanks for the peak inside your background, Daniel. It was good to read :)

Of course I always enjoy your poetry, but I for one would love to see a wider variety of content from you. You mention some of the things you posted about on FB—I'd enjoy reading your thoughts on other topics like that here. We have connected about matters of spirituality before, so it goes without saying that I'd enjoy reading more of your thoughts on that topic, but other topics as well.

BTW, love that bottom photo of the study. I'd love to someday have a nice library/study.


You are most welcome. I sat down and starting writing an account of my life from college until present yesterday, intending to make some sort of post out of it. Several thousand words later I had a few main thoughts:

  1. Holy shit, it's impossible to tell the story of your life, it'd take forever.
  2. Wow, this is cathartic, why haven't I done this before?
  3. Am I really brave/foolish enough to share this with people?

So, today I started writing this post over, with a more specific thrust. The prospect of writing more prose is an attractive one to me. Thanks a lot for weighing in; it confirms my intuition. Though I had rationalized the way I had chosen to use Steemit, deep down I know it partially originated from fear of opening up more. Writing only poetry is safe, but somewhat unsatisfying.

As for the study, I'd absolutely love to have a place like that, too. :-)

I'll say this is a wonderful post, @d-pend. How open should we allow ourselves to be? It is not a contract we sign, and then we have homework and deadlines. Let it flow; I mean, we only owe openness to ourselves and so it'll extend to others and everything we do.

Honest writing is sometimes just honest writing, honest art, a fictional self, a transient alter ego. It's like a journal of the soul. If you have not done it yet, I suggest if I may, try being someone else from once in a while. You'll find out once and over again, "someone else" is all people including ourselves. But tou know that already.

Refreshing post, @d-pend. Thanks for sharing.

Cheers! To honest writing :D


Intriguing comment, @marlyncabrera. The power of honesty is very great. Embracing ourselves authentically leads to a more meaningful life and better relationships with those "other-selves" that are magnetized by that same honesty.

I appreciate very much your taking the time to reply, and also thank you so much for the detailed feedback you've given several of my pieces. I regret that I have not responded to them properly, but I always read them closely :-)

Cheers to honest writing, indeed!

So happy @d-pend, that you have decided to share more about who you are. You are incredible and you have a big heart. There's a big world waiting for you to just stretch out all over it with all your gifts and awesome abilities. Where ever your journey takes you your presence will be a gift to all you meet. I do hope we here on Steemit will continue to have the opportunity to connect and interact with you for a long time to come. May you always know exactly where you are supposed to be, what you are supposed to be doing and that life brings you much joy, peace, adventures, and overflowing love @d-pend.

This is my first time to read you and you do make such a positive impact that I'll like to follow you. As to your question of which direction you should unfold and focus your interests, my take is that you flow in the direction of your passion, skill, and ability. However, you need to be focused. The key challenge of following all of your abilities and interests is the danger of wearing yourself thin and being ineffective as a result.

Blessings, Daniel! It is an indescribable experience to call it by its name, but I feel that it must be so, even if it is intuition. I'm surprised with the light of your eyes. I welcome this new way of showing everyone, including you. Of course, I will always be in you, since you are in me. Welcome to your new skin. I hug you infinite, @d-pend!


Thank you for the wonderful comment, all your lovely poetry over the past months, and the insightful replies to many of my pieces. Hugging you infinite right back @zeleiracordero :-D Much gratitude.


I, perhaps more than anyone else, understand your point of view. Sensibility is not understood by everyone. That need to put on armor, to withdraw from the rest is very normal for us. But, there are times when the layers are heavy and you have to free us a little, with what we believe is necessary. There is no age for personal growth and shine. Therefore, It is not an obstacle to being a "teacher", although I understand his position, most people associate "wisdom" with advanced age. I always felt his youth present, but never that external beauty: you are as beautiful on the outside as on the inside, especially when you expose your true light, that same light that carries you and accompanies you in your decisions.
Once again, welcome to this new "skin", to this new stage of transformation that you propose and that those who respect your being, we support you.
I honor the divinity that inhabits you. I hug you infinite, @ d-pend! :D


blush You flatter me, but I'm honored by your words! I agree with you regarding age and wisdom, although there are various hues/octaves of wisdom, I think, some of which it seems necessary to have lived for more years to acquire. In my experience, we can learn something from people of all ages who have something invaluable to offer us: a mirror of our True Self. Honoring and acknowledging that same ineffable light of divinity in you, too, sister :-) Your support means so much.

I enjoyed reading this. Your words have an underscore of a real positive vibe, which I love. I feed on that, actually. I'm trying to inject as much positivity as I possibly can into my own art and try to make up for as much lost time as I can. The promise you made to yourself...I can, should, and actually will borrow that from you. At least one song per day is what I should be striving for. Because I have a lot to say, and a very specific way of saying it, but I allow myself to become closed and center on things that aren't as important. So thank you! Nice to find you here.

All i have is heart eyes for you. Every time! I knew there was a reason i stayed up late tonight (to find this)!!
You do whatever your wairua (spirit) navigates you to do my friend! I will love it all the way. X

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@d-pend What a great surprise and pleasant you have given us today by opening your heart and telling us about your life and your experiences. I really like your passion and dedication to poetry. But if you decide to publish other topics I will be watching it with pleasure. It would be incredible if you chose to talk about other passions that you have. You have a beautiful voice and you play excellent piano accompanied by @samvan and his guitar. I liked listening to them together. Good to see your picture and to know your full name Daniel Pendergraft. A big @d-pend hug.


Hi @yeninsfer! Thank you for weighing in; I appreciate the encouragement and your kindness. I'm happy you enjoyed the duo version of my song "Everything" with @samvan. He has been trying to convince me to post the "rough" versions of the 7 songs off my unfinished album, maybe I will finally do so. I know people would enjoy them, but I feel guilty for not finishing the project since I did a kickstarter for it and was unable to fulfill my promise so far. Life's twists and turns are really something. Please feel welcome on my blog any time, and I look forward to getting to know you better. A big hug back :-)


Thank you for welcoming me in such a beautiful way. I hope our dear friend @samvan will continue to convince you to publish your album. To hear it would be fantastic. A big @d-pend hug. I want to tell you that I use a translator because I speak Spanish and sometimes when you translate from Spanish to English the meaning of some words changes. Happy weekend to you.


No hay de qué @yeninsfer. Les invito a comentar directamente en español si lo desean, ya que lo he estudiado durante varios años. Mi habilidad para hablar es baja, pero puedo comprender casi todo cuando está en forma de texto. O si eliges comentar en inglés con un traductor, también está bien :-) Un gran abrazo! Espero que tengas un buen fin de semana, también.

Daniel Pendergraft sir,I always follow you on your everyday post
Your article and poems are admirable. I think it was first clear selfie on your blog.
You are much interested in poetry and music.
I saw your YouTube video rhymes and devotion is super. Either you are a great singer or musician
Regards to @de-pend sir.


Thank you for the kind words @certain! I appreciate you commenting as well. Music has been a big part of my life so far, though I don't practice it much these days :-)


Sir ji
Some qualities are God have mentioned that you don't have much practice for music
But what I have seen in your video that can't be coincident.
If you decide to do some work in your mind, then the whole process takes up to complete it.


Yes, I started playing piano age 10, trombone age 12. I started writing my own music age 15 or so. After high school, I studied at Belmont University in Nashville, TN for 4 years and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Commercial Piano (Composition & Arranging emphasis.)

I was part of a professional touring band for about 2 years after college, until I got burned out on the lifestyle and the type of music I was forced to play (classic country/rock) as well as personal differences with the other members.

I still love music, but poetry is my main focus at the present. I practice beatboxing every day, though.


Great achievement sir ji..
I don't much know composing poetry
But seeing your poetry I learnt it.
Thanks sir alot for responding my reply


I'm honored to hear that, and you are quite welcome :-D

This is a pleasant surprise, Daniel. My advice, go further. Stand fully naked, share more and less "encoded" if you can--as that, too, is a mask. I, for one, am interested in learning of that something big that is happening with you, in plain language, since I feel a connection to you, as artist-thinker-seeker. I see you, brother, and honor the G_d in you _/|\_


You are spot on, this encoding is a subtle way of hiding, though it has benefits. Life itself is not "safe" and we cannot count on waking up tomorrow. Living less than fully authentically causes energetic pangs in the sub-and superconscious, I think. I am appreciative of your encouragement and happy to have connected with you here, over the past months. Honoring the divine in you, as well, my friend and brother. Namaste!


I’m shy and coy myself & literature invites games, and confessing in code. Great artists like Joyce and Eliot, for example, did it consciously to keep readers/critics occupied for generations with riddles/symbols & thus ensure their immortality.

But, I also know that games can get in the way of truth-telling, human connection & even our own evolution as artists and beings. That’s why it’s exciting to see you coming out from your shell/hiding and more courageously & fully inhabiting yourself.

Wishing you what I wish for myself, younger brother, Liberation ‘_/|_’


Shy & coy, what a pair. Perfectly said! As far as the other duo, Joyce & Eliot, the former I have never read. In fact, my reading of poets is a bit narrow, though the ones I've read was with an almost religious fervor. Thank you for your blessing; wishing us both that re-union with That Which Is... 🙏

@d-pend Thanks for sharing your story. You are a great artist and having a dedication in your field. Keep growing consistently, don't stop ever. Cross all the hurdles and obstacles. You have also a melodious voice. Best of luck for your bright future ahead. Please keep sharing your experiences. It help others towards the path of success. You have a good writing skill as well. It is a great thought that you have decided to share some more of you with your followers. It makes me feel closer to you. I am surprised that you're younger than your poetry makes you appear. I have respects to you and your art. @printskilllondon-artist-draws-faces-from-the-shadow-of-a-crumpled-up-piece-of-paper.gif


Hi @printskill, I appreciate you taking the time to read this post. Your words of encouragement help me stride forth. Regarding my age, it is sure to increase, so perhaps it will one day match my creations more closely :-P

I appreciate all that you have done..are doing and will do for Steemit and all the people that connect to your incredible life. Thank you @d-pend for all you do. Much success to you always.


Thank you so much @mrs.digitalgold for the words of love. Have an awesome day!

I hope you follow your intuition and heart. Do what feels right to you like in the song remember "to take the power in our hand, ... it's a wonderful thing my friend that we know what to do."


Hey there @emergehealthier, I appreciate your comment, and I will do my best to never forget that :-)

got around to it, and it is a pleasant surprise. having a real face on the avatar, is a gamechanger, and your seal of approval. good decision!


Hey @franciferrer thank you for taking the time to read it! Means a lot. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback.

Pleased to learn more about you. I'm new here but i have noticed and liked your work a lot. I also respect your sincerity! Keep up the good work. Do whatever feels right to you, but don't get drifted with the tide :)


Welcome to Steemit @creativechaos! I love that user name. I chuckled when I saw it earlier today, because the creative process is indeed often the attempt to make some semblance of order out of our often chaotic experience of life.

Seeing that you were an Egyptian-American and a poet, I wondered immediately if you had discovered @yahialababidi, yet? If not, I recommend you check him out!

Thank you for the words of affirmation/encouragement. I gave you a follow and looking forward to what you bring to the Steemit community!


Hehe, very true! I'm not sure if the same username can be used by many people, but when I attempted to create my account I was so happy that my username wasn't taken. Thanks a lot for the follow and the cheer up, truly appreciate it! I hope my work will live up to your expectations as well as to everyone's.

Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation, will be sure to check out his page as soon as I get a chance. I'm thrilled to see what my fellow Egyptian got to offer :)


Usernames are exclusive because of the way the STEEM blockchain works, so you can consider yourself the proud, permanent owner of the @creativechaos brand on Steemit (assuming you never lose your private keys, make sure to back up your master password several different ways!)

You are more than welcome; your viewpoints and work is very interesting. I hope you persevere in sharing here as I have seen so many talented individuals come and go on Steemit over the months I've been active here. It can be discouraging how long it takes to build on this platform since it's relatively small, but it is worth it because of the amazing people here.


Thanks, for the intro, @d-pend. I'm already intrigued by what little I've seen of Safwat's @creativechaos's POV. I dig his name, too, and am reminded of a Nietzsche quote I like:

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.


Cool Nietzsche quote! It seems I have some reading to do, never having delved into his writing.

Bringing positivity onto the platform is executable what we need . Nice to finally match a face or a screen


^__^ Happy to be at the point where I feel comfortable to do so. Have a lovely day @journeyoflife!

Thank you for being a member and supporter of the creativebot.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Keep Steeming on!! <3


It's been a pleasure being part of this project over the past months :-D Wish I'd been more involved, but I'm still grateful <3

My respect to your poetry and to you. It was nice to see you as you are. Ingenuity has no age. You built a path to success, now it's up to you to maintain it. I'm happy to have met you.


The respect is quite mutual. I always appreciate your succinct and wise commentaries. I was astonished with the depth of your poetry from the beginning of the 100 Days of Poetry project, finding it near-unbelievable you had not written any before. You are a natural poet and thinker. I'm honored to know you, too, @corderosiete!


I am honored with your words friend. If it had not been for you, I would not have done the poetry.

I applaud you for putting a face with a name. When I first got online near the beginning of the internet, people were very afraid for their privacy. Now for many that is not such an issue. I basically just heard about you before from meeting your mom on here. Seems we are both tree nuts... Or rather nuts about trees :)

Anyway I agree with Hemingway that really good writing seems to demand a bit of blood. My vote is for pushing the lines.


Hi @old-guy-photos! Thanks for the comment and sharing your anecdote about the beginning of the internet. Actually, I remember a bit of it myself, the internet being relatively new (to the general populace) in the 90's when I grew up (I was born in 1990.) What a trip! Flash forward today, and the fear has largely dissipated. Love that Hemingway quote, and I've dutifully tallied your vote in favor :-D

It is interesting to know more about you, that person who day by day brings new poems to delight us with those beautiful words is a great challenge to stay constant writing every day but so far you've done or at least most of the time , I am glad to know a little more about you because it is another part that you are knowing of those people who decide to continue to add them to your way of living in this community


Thank you for your kind comment @gvand. I'm happy to share more sides of myself to the Steemit community going forward. Of course, I will always remain a poet, this is very important to me. But to go to the next level of expansion requires a more radical baring of Self and Soul, I feel.

i listened to the song, your voice is wonderful, very easygoing song. now ill go to sleep but will read full post when i wake up. cheers.


Hey, thank you so much @franciferrer! That was definitely a very laidback version of it compared to the full band version. Thanks for your comment and sweet dreams :-)

Very nice loveyou


Very forward of you! Hehehe
Love you too 😘

hello daniel.
It's a pleasure to know you know about your emotions and great strategies that you have through this platform

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Thank you for sharing so intimately. I am glad that through Steemit, you have found a platform to express yourself. I do share your love if poetry.

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@D-pend really long post.. ;) good to see you man. best thing is you know so much about yourself and getting intuition about future. best luck man.
N your Profile pic is nice. I thought you are like something bohemian guy. But reading through your post you are really wonderful keep it up.

My god, your mind is shockingly beautiful!

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Thank you for the good article and the meaning


You're welcome, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Woww .. something to think about it

Looking into the paintings, it seems like you have something abstract and unique worldview.

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I think even though you've dedicated yourself to poetry, I see you share quite a bit about yourself.
About the phases of self-evaluation and redefining what you do on the Internet, on social networks, many of us have gone through that, and it shows a real interest in growing and in orienting yourself to the search for meaning in life.
I can't tell you that I've had a long spiritual search, or anything like that, although I see that I'm an older person than you. But even so, I can tell you that the more you study about spirituality you find points that cross, at least it has been like that for me, and all point to the search for simplicity and simplicity, because it is in simplicity where you can find the deepest. It is like running out of gadgets and masks to see what is real, or getting rid of elements that only obstruct the way to the encounter of true freedom and beauty and peace. In this sense, I seek simplicity.
What you write is very interesting. And with respect to what you should or should not share, I tell you to share only what you feel you are free to do and that it doesn't matter what others think. As you said, if only one person gets what you write, that's good, because the one who is interested in what you share will read with a more open mind ;-)


Congratulation @d-pend for very nice picture really this picture is very nice and wonderful post
oh! good good welcome pexels-photo-357189.jpeg


Hahaha, thanks @nissam. Nice butterfly. Have you met my mom @violetmed? She loves butterflies!