Hots Or Shots Episode 25 ~ Meet Your Fellow Steemians ~ DLive Link and Embedded Video Included

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Good TimeZone Steemit!

Welcome back to another episode of
Hots or Shots!

Before we get to it, I have a few things to say.

First off...
For those that aren't aware, @booster recently decided to close it's doors.
I'd like to thank @fyrstikken and @booster for being a sponsor of my content.
You really helped this show take off and build an audience in this community.
So from the bottom of my heart...
Thank You!

Recently, one of our other sponsors @steemmonsters held a game jam.
The goal of the jam was to encourage members of the community to create a video game based on the theme of Steem Monsters.
There were a handful of entries and I want to give a shoutout to everyone that participated.

was a contributor to this game jam as well.
They asked for the game devs to build the games in HTML format and upload them to their new site

They are having a contest of their own with the games that were submitted.
I ask all of you to please take a look at the submissions,
they can be found here....

After checking out the games, please vote for the top 3 in the comments of that post.

We had a blast participating in this game jam...
and with your support, our game
"There Will Be Dragons"
might just win!
So Go Vote Dammit!

Now....on with the show.
I present to you...

Hots or Shots
Episode 25

Let's Get Sauced!


My video is at DLive

As always I want to say thank you to everyone that supports our content,
I couldn't make this show without you!

Thank you to our sponsors
make sure to check out their awesome Kickstarter...

Thank You For Watching!

See you all next week.


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Thanks for having me on! It was a blast meeting you and hanging out.

Right now Booster is using SmartSteem by @therealwolf, incredible good bot. Using our posting key instead of delegation so I can still give a manual upvote :)


hey booster.. please send my steem back... I was not aware that you turned off.. how can I contact you?


I'm glad I got you to use their service.
Now if we can just get @smartsteem as a new sponsor.
Let's do this Wolfy!

I'm sad I missed this live. Following now.

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Check out the Video Here:

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Shots=Life lol

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i missed it live too!!!

very good article.@aryaan

It is much better when you could use a camera-man, because I want to see straight into the faces, not always from the side.

Your show is great! Keep doing that great work making people breathe fire!!!


Your show is great! Keep
Doing that great work making
People breathe fire!!!

                 - mycryptostalker

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Good informative article friend.
well done ..

Its sad i missed it will be follwing now onwards

@jonny-clearwater Amazing post I liked it and moreover this knowledge is also useful for the readers. Video quality is quite impressive. Keep posting, best of luck @printskill

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