Steemhunt Sponsor Report - #10

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Hello sponsors!

This is a weekly report for the Steemhunt sponsors. For the sponsors who missed some of our important changes/updates, this is a brief summary of the past week.

1. Diversity Score System

Last week, we’ve initiated our new voting weight algorithm - Diversity Score System. This is how it works.

  1. Diversity Score (DS) calculates each hunter’s voting patterns over 30 days.
  2. Min-max is from zero to 1.
  3. DS is higher when a hunter upvotes a diverse range of hunters. The background of this logic is derived from the Gini–Simpson index (–Simpson_index).
  4. Voting weight = voting range by Steem reputation * DS
  5. Good upvoter’s advantage: If the hunter has a longer diverse upvoting history with a higher amount of voting power, then the advantage score will be multiplied 1.5 times to his/her DS.
  6. Bad upvoter’s penalty: Steemhunt analyses mutual voting history. If the hunter has more mutual voting records, a higher penalty score will be added to his/her DS.

Please check out this post for more details -

2. 10% Allocation for Non-hunting Posts

We decided to allocate 10% of our voting pool to upvote the Steemit contents which promote Steemhunt and other SMT projects. These include some articles/video content that can attract new users to become hunters, and some other SMT project posts. Over the past two weeks, we’ve upvoted 37 posts so far. Please read this announcement for more details -

3. Random Feature

We noticed that people constantly upvote the top ranked hunts because they didn’t scroll down enough to explore more hunts. We think this reduces an opportunity for good but undervalued hunts to be upvoted. So we created a “random” order chart for the “today” section. If you keep refreshing the page, you will observe more various hunting posts in a perfectly random way.

Weekly Sponsor Rewards

Here are the week’s STEEM rewards and HUNT tokens reserved for sponsors (the STEEM rewards have already been sent to sponsors from 90,000 HUNT tokens per day are reserved for the sponsors, which amounts to 630,000 tokens per week.

(For more details of HUNT token airdrop, please check out the manual -


Total: 3,016,637,743.34 VESTS (1,486,133.0 SP) / 2,033,154,493.32 VESTS OPTED OUT

User NameDelegatedSTEEM RewardsHUNT Tokens ReservedHUNT Tokens Total
@misterdelegation2,033,154,493 VESTS (1,001,624 SP)0.000
@freedom300,000,000 VESTS (147,794 SP)73.355192,1741,014,185
@tombstone50,855,446 VESTS (25,054 SP)12.43532,577204,379
@arama43,521,220 VESTS (21,441 SP)10.64227,879174,904
@kmyang6236,553,129 VESTS (18,008 SP)8.93823,41558,010
@i-d30,510,816 VESTS (15,031 SP)7.4619,545122,618
@bramd20,378,685 VESTS (10,039 SP)4.98313,054588,609
@thomasmore20,342,062 VESTS (10,021 SP)4.97413,03181,751
@myb20,339,967 VESTS (10,020 SP)4.97313,02981,743
@cryptomancer20,339,216 VESTS (10,020 SP)4.97313,02981,740
@ssm181020,338,614 VESTS (10,020 SP)4.97313,02981,737
@kwonjs7720,326,411 VESTS (10,014 SP)4.9713,02153,279
@eeks17,856,418 VESTS (8,797 SP)4.36611,43871,762
@cool19116,883,376 VESTS (8,318 SP)4.12810,81574,264
@steemtopark14,294,778 VESTS (7,042 SP)3.4959,15742,944
@tradingideas14,239,245 VESTS (7,015 SP)3.4829,12157,755
@jobviet14,216,879 VESTS (7,004 SP)3.4769,10735,516
@orientaledu12,181,834 VESTS (6,001 SP)2.9797,8037,803
@roelandp10,171,230 VESTS (5,011 SP)2.4876,51540,876
@heeyaa3510,165,219 VESTS (5,008 SP)2.4866,51231,121
@topping10,164,682 VESTS (5,008 SP)2.4856,51131,559
@fur2002ks10,161,263 VESTS (5,006 SP)2.4856,50933,453
@lighthil10,156,875 VESTS (5,004 SP)2.4846,50618,653
@freegon10,153,252 VESTS (5,002 SP)2.4836,50413,923
@lucky28,129,058 VESTS (4,005 SP)1.9885,20730,138
@lordoftruth7,431,571 VESTS (3,661 SP)1.8174,76132,518
@jwolf7,119,029 VESTS (3,507 SP)1.7414,56030,015
@kimsungmin6,163,350 VESTS (3,036 SP)1.5073,94819,543
@jxwonah6,130,101 VESTS (3,020 SP)1.4993,92724,636
@nexgen6,098,650 VESTS (3,004 SP)1.4913,90720,618
@forealife6,098,558 VESTS (3,004 SP)1.4913,90725,329
@asbear6,096,129 VESTS (3,003 SP)1.4913,90510,942
@sismaru6,092,954 VESTS (3,002 SP)1.493,90311,202
@autorent5,136,125 VESTS (2,530 SP)1.2563,29013,672
@kevinwong4,068,217 VESTS (2,004 SP)0.9952,60653,500
@scylogo4,067,948 VESTS (2,004 SP)0.9952,60617,034
@drtobi184,067,149 VESTS (2,004 SP)0.9942,60512,452
@supergiant4,064,450 VESTS (2,002 SP)0.9942,60444,727
@seoinseock4,063,715 VESTS (2,002 SP)0.9942,6037,352
@michelios4,063,032 VESTS (2,002 SP)0.9932,60315,948
@ys13023,661,505 VESTS (1,804 SP)0.8952,34515,288
@beerbloke3,457,989 VESTS (1,704 SP)0.8462,21513,897
@humptydumpty13,364,802 VESTS (1,658 SP)0.8232,15510,301
@ukk3,081,675 VESTS (1,518 SP)0.7541,9747,539
@zzings3,081,675 VESTS (1,518 SP)0.7541,97432,810
@jewel-lover3,051,402 VESTS (1,503 SP)0.7461,95512,558
@howtostartablog2,500,000 VESTS (1,232 SP)0.6111,6016,016
@bitrocker20202,440,174 VESTS (1,202 SP)0.5971,56313,975
@dmoons.kim2,439,368 VESTS (1,202 SP)0.5961,5636,413
@funworlding2,235,912 VESTS (1,102 SP)0.5471,4326,819
@kingbit2,054,450 VESTS (1,012 SP)0.5021,3163,127
@chungjh2,054,450 VESTS (1,012 SP)0.5021,3163,772
@jsquare2,037,865 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.4981,30559,368
@chunseungho2,034,267 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.4971,30310,394
@exyle.steemhunt2,034,258 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.4971,3038,175
@holbein812,034,236 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.4971,3038,175
@mastertri2,034,183 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.4971,30323,373
@themonetaryfew2,034,178 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.4971,3038,175
@vega3212,034,122 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.4971,3038,175
@jjy2,034,041 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.4971,3038,174
@absolutefive2,033,542 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.4971,3036,810
@rea2,033,472 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.4971,3036,226
@zet2,033,378 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.4971,3036,253
@jingdol2,033,069 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.4971,3026,224
@storysharing2,033,068 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.4971,3028,172
@aromi2,032,572 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.4971,3024,874
@deanliu2,032,559 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.4971,30214,537
@francium2,032,540 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.4971,3025,893
@kview2,032,327 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.4971,3024,950
@glory72,032,212 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.4971,3029,072
@thegreatgatsby2,031,709 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.4971,3014,260
@egonspace2,031,637 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.4971,3017,173
@str7motor2,031,146 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.4971,3013,060
@jinh07292,031,138 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.4971,3012,473
@blackyo2,030,830 VESTS (1,000 SP)0.4971,3013,142
@ulockblock2,030,827 VESTS (1,000 SP)0.4971,3012,473
@underground2,030,473 VESTS (1,000 SP)0.4961,3015,302
@happyberrysboy2,030,379 VESTS (1,000 SP)0.4961,30119,581
@cjsdns2,030,206 VESTS (1,000 SP)0.4961,301211,496
@cowboybebop2,030,020 VESTS (1,000 SP)0.4961,3003,933
@legend361,827,728 VESTS (900 SP)0.4471,1713,875
@andyx1,612,977 VESTS (795 SP)0.3941,0336,520
@khimgoh1,422,023 VESTS (701 SP)0.3489112,722
@earlmonk1,336,195 VESTS (658 SP)0.3278562,819
@jasonshick1,218,809 VESTS (600 SP)0.29878119,923
@woojumbs1,218,461 VESTS (600 SP)0.2987813,907
@saimegh1,218,331 VESTS (600 SP)0.2987801,556
@lazarescu.irinel1,196,203 VESTS (589 SP)0.2927665,526
@ehwan1,017,068 VESTS (501 SP)0.2496524,087
@lotusofmymom1,016,757 VESTS (501 SP)0.2496513,322
@yangpankil271,016,564 VESTS (501 SP)0.2496513,112
@greenlatte1,016,530 VESTS (501 SP)0.2496515,269
@heonbros1,016,515 VESTS (501 SP)0.2496515,385
@teoit1,016,478 VESTS (501 SP)0.2496513,501
@pandafam1,016,436 VESTS (501 SP)0.2496513,114
@ilovemylife1,016,406 VESTS (501 SP)0.24965146,304
@newbijohn1,016,401 VESTS (501 SP)0.2496512,807
@eastmael1,016,381 VESTS (501 SP)0.2496513,430
@remnant391,016,375 VESTS (501 SP)0.2496513,173
@dragonticketer1,016,295 VESTS (501 SP)0.2496514,883
@kibumh1,016,269 VESTS (501 SP)0.2486512,667
@fr3eze1,016,264 VESTS (501 SP)0.2486516,772
@levoyant1,016,125 VESTS (501 SP)0.2486513,693
@kgbinternational1,016,097 VESTS (501 SP)0.2486512,782
@studygroup1,016,059 VESTS (501 SP)0.2486511,824
@dodoim1,015,978 VESTS (501 SP)0.2486511,824
@jangteo1,015,977 VESTS (501 SP)0.2486511,824
@bigbig1,015,891 VESTS (500 SP)0.2486511,861
@jeffjagoe1,015,464 VESTS (500 SP)0.2486501,904
@thabiggdogg1,015,446 VESTS (500 SP)0.2486501,521
@onehand1,015,304 VESTS (500 SP)0.24865015,011
@drorion1,000,000 VESTS (493 SP)0.245641641
@chopa919911,966 VESTS (449 SP)0.2235841,235
@armdown813,662 VESTS (401 SP)0.19952113,390
@feelsogood812,859 VESTS (400 SP)0.1995213,393
@sunwatcher812,836 VESTS (400 SP)0.1995213,171
@craim100786,037 VESTS (387 SP)0.1925041,210
@mightynick719,444 VESTS (354 SP)0.1764612,203
@yusulism616,335 VESTS (304 SP)0.1513952,477
@yoon614,281 VESTS (303 SP)0.153932,469
@kungdel610,240 VESTS (301 SP)0.1493912,623
@dreamien610,234 VESTS (301 SP)0.1493912,452
@osyvv610,207 VESTS (301 SP)0.1493912,452
@japanguide610,098 VESTS (301 SP)0.1493913,938
@boostyou609,916 VESTS (300 SP)0.1493911,867
@toporo609,886 VESTS (300 SP)0.1493912,246
@zorba609,761 VESTS (300 SP)0.1493911,544
@scandinavianlife609,387 VESTS (300 SP)0.1493906,445
@forykw609,089 VESTS (300 SP)0.1493901,567
@mcfarhat508,534 VESTS (251 SP)0.1243262,204
@felander508,512 VESTS (251 SP)0.1243262,044
@sambillingham508,443 VESTS (250 SP)0.1243262,814
@ayogom412,944 VESTS (203 SP)0.1012659,376
@preparedwombat406,847 VESTS (200 SP)0.0992611,701
@ziscad406,833 VESTS (200 SP)0.0992611,645
@doctordhaka406,830 VESTS (200 SP)0.0992611,770
@jaytop406,829 VESTS (200 SP)0.0992612,697
@tata1406,824 VESTS (200 SP)0.0992611,635
@romankibo406,823 VESTS (200 SP)0.0992611,635
@deuksoo84406,815 VESTS (200 SP)0.0992612,292
@thomas-bm406,795 VESTS (200 SP)0.0992611,708
@happylazar406,792 VESTS (200 SP)0.0992611,635
@lcc3108406,779 VESTS (200 SP)0.0992616,757
@revisesociology406,759 VESTS (200 SP)0.0992611,638
@jayplayco406,634 VESTS (200 SP)0.09926024,985
@knight4sky406,558 VESTS (200 SP)0.0992601,061
@rimowa406,382 VESTS (200 SP)0.099260729
@joannewong406,360 VESTS (200 SP)0.0992605,806
@soyrosa406,336 VESTS (200 SP)0.0992601,816
@rehan12406,075 VESTS (200 SP)0.099260538
@maxwell95304,867 VESTS (150 SP)0.075195734
@drigweeu304,797 VESTS (150 SP)0.0751951,299
@moneyhacks304,635 VESTS (150 SP)0.0741955,697
@ted7284,633 VESTS (140 SP)0.071821,666
@stokjockey244,097 VESTS (120 SP)0.06156981
@for91days243,818 VESTS (120 SP)0.06156565
@valth223,766 VESTS (110 SP)0.0551434,332
@monkeydoo213,477 VESTS (105 SP)0.052137654
@hwantag203,788 VESTS (100 SP)0.051315,929
@soosoo203,785 VESTS (100 SP)0.051315,879
@leesongyi203,784 VESTS (100 SP)0.051315,879
@hakguan203,707 VESTS (100 SP)0.051305,893
@carrotcake203,569 VESTS (100 SP)0.051305,875
@jisung203,426 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130818
@smartbear203,426 VESTS (100 SP)0.051301,632
@maarnio203,423 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130818
@sintai203,423 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130818
@mellissaying203,423 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130853
@kr-ebook203,417 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130818
@wony203,416 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130817
@dakeshi203,416 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130829
@riscadox203,416 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130817
@wayprosper203,413 VESTS (100 SP)0.051301,191
@zaedol203,413 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130817
@deanlogic203,413 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130817
@sacred-agent203,412 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130817
@epitt925203,407 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130817
@johnrenald203,406 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130924
@gidung203,406 VESTS (100 SP)0.051303,857
@room9203,404 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130845
@bahagia-arbi203,404 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130867
@wefund203,403 VESTS (100 SP)0.051303,151
@matildah203,402 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130817
@styner203,395 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130817
@hanen203,392 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130817
@direwolf203,368 VESTS (100 SP)0.051307,177
@simplymike203,363 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130826
@lpessin203,344 VESTS (100 SP)0.051301,623
@yann03203,319 VESTS (100 SP)0.051302,749
@woogie1018203,305 VESTS (100 SP)0.051301,068
@sitha203,304 VESTS (100 SP)0.051303,466
@cocorush203,303 VESTS (100 SP)0.051301,353
@kuberaleez203,299 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130622
@ldsklee203,288 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130622
@ab7b13203,287 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130628
@seraphim502203,286 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130639
@xyzashu203,262 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130487
@team101203,228 VESTS (100 SP)0.051301,167
@ravenkim203,224 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130541
@kimzwarch203,221 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130530
@redtravels203,220 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130569
@fknmayhem203,214 VESTS (100 SP)0.0513019,621
@aaronleang203,210 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130464
@omersurer203,145 VESTS (100 SP)0.051301,994
@bobby.madagascar203,122 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130265
@sambasambo203,060 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130130
@nowoojun203,056 VESTS (100 SP)0.051303,224
@osmerj202,993 VESTS (100 SP)0.05130209
@yonghwanny194,505 VESTS (96 SP)0.048125592
@veenang166,570 VESTS (82 SP)0.0411071,546
@maikuraki162,629 VESTS (80 SP)0.04104965
@wilhb81132,034 VESTS (65 SP)0.03285407
@andimywapblog12121,893 VESTS (60 SP)0.0378420
@aleister102,002 VESTS (50 SP)0.025652,956
@dinglehopper101,680 VESTS (50 SP)0.02565336
@superoo7101,606 VESTS (50 SP)0.0256510,362
@strosalia101,602 VESTS (50 SP)0.025651,038
@bboyady101,560 VESTS (50 SP)0.02565478
@team2dev101,541 VESTS (50 SP)0.02565152
@nothingmatters101,527 VESTS (50 SP)0.0256567
@replayphoto60,965 VESTS (30 SP)0.01539214
@solomon50760,959 VESTS (30 SP)0.015395,491
@growroom40,682 VESTS (20 SP)0.0126165
@rangertx40,677 VESTS (20 SP)0.0126393
@lusterdoom40,671 VESTS (20 SP)0.0126125
@nataharuka34,521 VESTS (17 SP)0.00822891
@tim3w4rp30,512 VESTS (15 SP)0.00720388
@schroders30,512 VESTS (15 SP)0.00720123
@fundsteem20,545 VESTS (10 SP)0.00513260
@unicron20,342 VESTS (10 SP)0.0051382
@xomegax20,328 VESTS (10 SP)0.005132,055
@aykaco20,321 VESTS (10 SP)0.005131,006
@daan00720,317 VESTS (10 SP)0.00513337
@okekemmichael10,169 VESTS (5 SP)0.002741
@streetsmart10,164 VESTS (5 SP)0.002727
@onlyforyou10,163 VESTS (5 SP)0.00271,264
Total3,016,637,743.34 VESTS (1,486,133.0 SP)100.0%240.477630,000

(If your name is not in this report, you may have delegated SP after we already sent STEEM rewards. In this case, your rewards will be calculated next week.)


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Is there a way to check our diversity score for steemhunt ?

Yeah, that would be handy.

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

Brought to you by @tts. If you find it useful please consider upvoting this reply.

The reason people might only vote the top 10 is for the front runner opportunity when calculating curator rewards. Vote early on posts you know will get a huge payout and you'll reap more curator rewards.

Smart move to randomize to hunt list by default, but we can still sort this in the interface.

And I'll have to try posting another 'hunt' to see if the DSS is leveling the playing field.