Steemhunt Starts to Upvote Project Contribution Contents

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Steemhunt Tractions

Since many Steemians are supporting the Steemhunt project, @steemhunt raised over 1.5 million SP delegation over the past month. Our DAU (Daily Activated User) has reached over 1.3K. Now Steemhunt is the 7th most used Steem dApps. Steemhunt is growing fast, and now there are almost one thousand hunters contributing to our community.

Screenshot 2018-06-16 22.17.59.png
(Our tranctions are growing fast now.)

Screenshot 2018-06-20 10.15.34.png
(Steemhunt is the 7th most used Steem dApps - ref:

Steemhunt is Still Very New to Everyone

Regardless of these fast growing tractions, there are still so many Steemians who don’t know Steemhunt’s aim as a SMT project on Steem blockchain. Also, we haven’t spread our buzz outside of Steemit yet. But now we think that this is the right time for @steemhunt to boost up the awareness of our project in/out of the Steemit community. So today, we are proud to announce our new voting policy to upvote Steemhunt projects and other SMT contribution projects.

New @steemhunt Voting Distributions

We will allocate a maximum of 10% of our total voting pool to the contribution contents for Steemhunt and other SMT projects. Please see below for details on how our voting distribution will be altered.


  1. 80% -> Hunting posts
  2. 10% -> Review comments
  3. 10% -> Moderation process


  1. 70% (minimum) -> Hunting posts
  2. 10% -> Review comments
  3. 10% (maximum) -> Contents which promote Steemhunt and other SMT projects.
  4. 10% -> Moderation and Abusing Management Process

What Contents @steemhunt will Upvote?

10% of our total voting pool will be used to upvote the non-hunting posts which contribute to Steemhunt and other SMT projects. There are three main categories in this pool.

1. Content that Makes Steemhunt Attractive for New Users

Any type of articles or video content that can attract new users to become hunters. These contents can be well-structured project descriptions, high quality videos, translated content (to attract non-English speaking users) and more.

2. Content that Attempts to Bring New Users outside of the Steemit Community

You may attempt to introduce Steemhunt outside of Steemit through Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you have tried and succeeded, you can write about your success and provide feasible evidence of the result via a Steemit post (Please do not attempt to post on ProductHunt. The Steemhunt team will promote Steemhunt on ProductHunt after our own signup process is applicable after the HF20).

3. Other Innovative SMT Projects that have Potential to Add Value to the Steem Blockchain

Steemhunt has already witnessed how difficult it is for an early-SMT project to gain attention in the initial stage. Even though we cannot use much of our voting pool for this category, we’d like to contribute by supporting other initial-stage SMT projects that have huge potential.

Criteria to Choose What to Upvote

To minimise the abusing attempts in this voting pool, we won’t run an automated upvoting bot. The Steemhunt team will MANUALLY upvote content using the following criteria:

  1. [Achievement] How much this content has boosted attention of, or successfully attracted new users to the Steemhunt project.
  2. [Quality of the post] The post must not be plagiarised, scammed, or violate any TOS (terms of service) of the platform.
  3. [Whitelist] The content owner must not be listed as a blacklisted user on Steemhunt.
  4. [SMT-potential] In terms of SMT projects, they should be in the initial stage and have growth potential.

How to Upvote the above Content

You don’t need to do anything special to get upvotes from @steemhunt. Our team is monitoring all the content that has tagged @steemhunt, mentioned Steemhunt, or used the Steemhunt tag. But you can still try to let us know your content by sharing the URL in the #steemhunt_contributions channel in our Discord group (


  1. Send direct messages to Steemhunt team members and moderators.
  2. Share your URL in another channel rather than the #steemhunt_contributions channel.
  3. Ask our upvote DIRECTLY in your content or the comment section.

Benefits for your Contribution

As well as @steemhunt’s upvoting of your content, we decide the top contributors of the week every monday, and send the HUNT airdrop tokens to them based on their achievement over the past week. To receive HUNT tokens, you MUST LOGIN on via SteemConnect.

When Will This Begin? Now!!

This new voting pool is effective immediately. So please participate in the Steemhunt project contribution activities now.

Welcome to our New Guardians!

Since Steemhunt traction is rapidly growing and our ranking system has changed to the new ABV (Account Based Voting) system, we’ve noticed that there are too many 1) contents to moderate, 2) abusers who try to cheat the system, and 3) plagiarised attempts.

To mitigate these actions and help the Steemhunt team focus more on building/improving the HUNT platform, we decided to make a new role to manage our Discord group - Guardians!

These are the Guardians’ main roles and responsibilities.

  • Manage our Discord channel
  • Handle questions/requests from hunters on Discord
  • Support moderator’s work
  • Manage conflict in our community
  • Monitor abusing attempts and manage the blacklisted users
  • Manage/Investigate Vote4Vote attempts

Please welcome our new Guardians!


Please follow @steemhunt account and join our chat channels (Discord is more active):


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More information about our Sponsor program is here
More information about HUNT Token Airdrop is here
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fantastic news on the growth! :)

You got a 100.00% upvote from @votefun courtesy of @rishi556!

And @fknmayhem welcome and congratulations on your new position

I want to do hunting but I don't really understand it yet. While I did hunting but someone already did some article so I'm confuse how can I make mine when I see an item that someone already made an article of it. I do appreciate those who'll help me to understand. thank you

Duplicates are not allowed. The easiest way is to follow the steemhunt account and also to joint the discord channel from Steemhunt. The community is vital and active and will help you to find the right approach for your hunt.

The easiest way to earn steem is @steemhunt. Keep hunting.

Keep hunting!
Congrats @folken and @fknmayhem on your new position

😘 I love @steemhunt and I’ll participate to its growing. 👍🏼

🙏🏻 Followed and resteemed! 😜

A big hug from @amico! 🤗

Congrats @folken @fknmayhem for being new guardians 👌👍 thanks @steemhunt for making the platform more attractive and rewarding...looming forward to do some advertising👍

Thank you for your commitment to building trust in the community by emphasizing fairness and consistency! The appointment of Guardians is a great and necessary step at this stage of growth, assuming that the individuals selected as Guardians are, in fact, well-suited and well-qualified for such a role ... which imo @folken and @fknmayhem are! :-) Of course, not that they or you need my approval or validation ;-)))

Looking forward to seeing the SMT projects that you guys help to incubate.

That is really great news @steemhunt is now supporting others projects and welcome to our new guardians :D

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As SMTs are not on testnet yet, how will you decide to upvote the posts? Is it enough to list ideas about how to use SMTs for the project in the future?

Congrats! This post is featured on today's Steemit News in Chinese, by Joy.

Good Job Team! @tabris & @project7 ! Will share this to our server as well!