Announcing HUNT Token Airdrops for Steemians (Smart Media Token Project)

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Hello Steemians,

We are running Steemhunt, a community-generated leaderboard that rewards people for sharing and upvoting cool new products, run on top of the STEEM blockchain.

Today, we are proud to announce our new HUNT platform and airdrop plan - the largest-ever airdrop for Steemit users.

Power of Product Influencers

Can you guess the similarities of the users who contribute to the following communities?

They are people who love to see innovative new products and be the first to discover them. They enjoy reviewing the pros and cons of new products, and most importantly, they never hesitate to purchase or help the makers if they think the products are cool and interesting.

Their word of mouth has far more impact than normal people. Their product reviews always help makers to become more innovative and make great products. Their initial purchase or use of the products become a strong stepping stone for the makers to successfully go through their initial market stage.


Steemhunt is creating a HUNT Token Economy for Product Influencers

Even though the product influencers are the core part of the communities mentioned above, like Product Hunt, most of the benefits go to the platform company itself. Of course this is a common problem of most content-based platforms. The Steem blockchain aims to disrupt this industry.

Steemhunt has initiated a daily ranking community for cool new products on top of the Steem blockchain. There are many people who share innovative products and compete with others on a daily basis. They are called Hunters.

For the first two months of our operation, 1931 products have already been hunted, and $5,024.15 SBD hunter’s rewards were generated. You can see those products here in Steemhunt’s Hall of Fame -

Now, we are trying to step forward. We are going to create a HUNT Token Economy, a decentralised token system to reward product influencers, help them buy innovative products, and help makers reach out to product influencers.

To create this economy, we are going to expand the current Steemhunt into three pillars:

  1. [Steemhunt] - a community where hunters introduce cool new products
  2. [Reviewhunt] - a marketing channel where makers suggest bounty missions for hunters
  3. [Ideahunt] - a Kickstarter-like platform where makers run crowdfunding campaigns for hunters

(Design Draft - It may be changed in the production stage.)

What is the HUNT platform?

As mentioned above, Steemhunt will expand into three categories - Steemhunt, Reviewhunt, and Ideahunt. HUNT tokens will be the main currency in the HUNT platform issued from the Smart Media Token platform. Here are more details how HUNT tokens will be circulated in the economy:

  1. HUNT tokens will be issued based on the Smart Media Token platform (SMT) as soon as it is ready.
  2. In Steemhunt, hunters get reward HUNT tokens for sharing and upvoting cool new products, which are competing on a daily basis.
  3. In Reviewhunt, makers (or companies) are able to call the bounty missions for hunters by rewarding them with HUNT tokens. For example, makers can ask hunters to write a detailed product review on their blog or leave an app store review.
  4. In Ideahunt, makers (or companies) can run a crowdfunding campaign by accepting HUNT tokens. When they run the campaign, their product can be also featured in Steemhunt.
  5. The HUNT platform will create its own token economy using supply and demand mechanisms. First, hunters can collect HUNT tokens in Steemhunt and Reviewhunt, and use the tokens in Ideahunt by participating in the crowdfunding campaigns. Second, makers (or companies) can buy HUNT tokens to run the bounty marketing for hunters. Of course we have a plan to list HUNT tokens on exchange markets, but we also want to create our own independent token flow.


Largest-ever airdrop for Steemians by ERC20 tokens, to be swapped with HUNT tokens when SMT is Ready.

The most important KSF (Key Successful Factor) of the HUNT platform is to gather as many product influencers as possible and amplify our community activities RATHER THAN COLLECTING MONEY FROM INVESTORS. So, we won’t run any public token sales. Instead, 50% of the initially issued tokens will be airdropped for Steemians so that the HUNT platform can invite many product influencers.

One issue is that we don’t know when exactly the SMT platform will be ready, so we will create ERC20-based HUNT tokens first, airdrop them to Steemians, and swap with SMT-based HUNT tokens when it is launched later.

A total of 500M ERC20 HUNT tokens will be issued, and 250M tokens will be airdropped in the following ways:

  1. 100M tokens (20%) will be airdropped to Steemit users with 1:1 ratio to Steem Power until 100M tokens are claimed. This will cover about 50% of the total Steemit account.
  2. 150M tokens (30%) will be used for the bounty rewards for Steemhunt contributors. This airdrop will run for a maximum of 500 days with 300,000 tokens per day (We hope SMT will be ready within 500 days). For more details, check out the next paragraph.

Bounty Rewards for Steemhunt Contributors

30% of the tokens will be distributed for bounty rewards for Steem users who contribute to the current Steemhunt community. Everyday 300K tokens will be airdropped over a maximum of 500 days via the following four categories:

  1. 90K (30%) - Sponsors who delegate SP on @steemhunt
  2. 90K (30%) - Referrals (When a new hunter joins Steemhunt after being referred by a current hunter, both will be rewarded)
  3. 60K (20%) - Voting and Resteem of Steemhunt posts on Steemit
  4. 60K (20%) - Posting hunts and review comments on Steemhunt


Airdrop Schedules

We are planning to begin the airdrop in the beginning of July, 2018 as soon as the ERC20 tokens, wallets, and token distribution website are ready. However, the airdrop for @steemhunt delegators BEGINS TODAY. We will keep calculating the weekly amount of tokens for sponsors, and add them on our sponsor’s report. Once the wallet interface is ready, the accumulated amount will be given to the sponsors. Please check the next paragraph for more details.

Airdrop for @steemhunt Sponsors - BEGINS TODAY!!!

Steemhunt is running a Steem Power delegation & reward program, and so far @steemhunt has raised 22489.75 Steem Power from 14 delegators. Steemhunt is collecting 5% of hunter’s rewards, and rewarding sponsors in proportion to the amount of SP they have delegated. For more details, please check this post: Introducing Incentives for Steemhunt Sponsors.

From now on, we will reserve HUNT token rewards. As explained above, the accumulated amount of tokens will be distributed to Sponsors when the ERC20 tokens and wallet interface are ready. Here are this week’s STEEM rewards and HUNT tokens reserved for sponsors (the STEEM rewards are already sent to sponsors from 90,000 HUNT tokens per day are reserved for the sponsors, which amounts to 630,000 tokens per week.

User NameDelegated SPReward ShareSTEEM RewardsHUNT Tokens Reserved
@tabris5009.07Opted out
@project75009.07Opted out

(Thanks so much to all our sponsors! Your weekly HUNT tokens are already reserved for the airdrop!)

If you become a Steemhunt sponsor, you will be entitled to gain the reserved HUNT tokens since the week.

How to Delegate

You can delegate your Steem Power to @steemhunt by clicking the delegation button:

100 SP | 200 SP | 300 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP | 5000 SP | 10000 SP | 15000 SP | 20000 SP | 100000 SP

Or, you can manually input the amount of SP you want to delegate by changing the parameter of the URL.

  • Change ’1000’ to the number you want.

Coming Up Next

At the end of July, we will officially begin the HUNT Token Airdrop as soon as the following items are developed:


  1. Token contract (Solidity)
  2. Airdrop distribution with users' SP
  3. Sponsor token distribution
  4. Referral tracking
  5. Voting bot - HUNT token integration
  6. Token distribution after payout period


  1. Token website & white paper
  2. Wallet: transfer (offchain -> onchain)
  3. Wallet: transaction history
  4. Relevant changes on

To be updated, you can check our Github Issues here -

Also, please follow @steemhunt account and join our chat channels:


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Very cool idea! I love to see innovations like this happening on STEEM.

Being on the eosDAC launch team, I saw the the eosDAC airdrop first-hand and suggest you have plenty of ETH ready to pay for gas and give yourself quite a bit of time (it could take weeks to complete, if you want to have valid logs showing each transaction completed).

Is there a minimum amount of SP someone has to have in order to participate? Our airdrop was on EOS holders and we created a manual process for those with less than 100 EOS. How do you plan to collect ETH addresses and verify that the owner of the ETH address also owns the Steem Power? When does that process begin?

I might have to do some delegations just to support this cool idea and to have some HUNT tokens to play around with. Cool stuff. :)

should've used bitshares...

I agree 100% bitshares is a much better paltform.

That would definitely save them some money on fees. However, lots of people prefer to have "all" their tokens and coins in a single wallet, and I feel like it's pretty nice to have it in my Meta Mask wallet until they release it as an SMT.

spot on

Hey I followed you.
I'm a blogger..
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Thank You :)

You can follow me as well to get updates on I.C.O's and airdrops. Lets grow together.

Great point @lukestokes

The fixed cost in gas to run an airdrop is often an afterthought. How much ETH exactly do you think someone needs to have to do an airdrop of 100,000,000 tokens or more?

We appreciate you guys open sourcing the eosDAC airdrop code. It has been useful in understanding the mechanics of how you can automate certain aspects of an airdrop.

  ·  last year (edited)

Oh wow you're from eosDAC! Yeah it was eosDAC success encouraged us to make this decision.

We're going to add an interface on Steemhunt so Steemit users put their ETH address to claim their HUNT tokens. Airdrop happens on everyone who applied before we ran out of 100M tokens (there're about 187M SP atm on Steemit, maybe less than 100M if Steemit Inc does not participate. Left over tokens will be burned), no minimum cap. In that sense, it's little bit different from traditional airdrops.

Like we mentioned on the post, the process begins on July once we finish all the required back-end and interface developments. Reserving tokens for delegators begin today, but actual token transactions on ETH network will be made on July as well (reserving amount will be accumulated till then).

Thanks heaps for your advice and support :)
Hope to see you around on Steemhunt community as well!

We are planning to begin the airdrop in the beginning of July, 2018

Ah, thank you. I missed that part. :)

Hey I followed you.
I'm a blogger..
Please do follow me back for the latest upcoming ICOs review!!
Thank You :)

Very cool idea. Specially referral reward will make it worth. It will enhance the on-boarding process.


Nice ..
Great work from you, well done
Thank you for sharing these words with us..

Not gonna delegate just yet, but will keep an eye on the project. Keep it up guys!

Testing out a delegation of 20k SP to @steemhunt. Please use it wisely.

Good luck with the project.

  ·  last year (edited)

Oh wow you became the biggest sponsor for Steemhunt now!

Yeah we’ll do our best making everything right!
Thanks heaps for your support 👍🏻

Thanks to support netuoso, i got emotional..


thanks a lot @netuoso
I also support it...

Hey I followed everyone out here.
I'm a blogger..
Please do follow me back for the latest upcoming ICOs review!!
Thank You :)

Wow,, this is great @netuoso, :)

This airdrop will once again benefit the usual whale structure instead of distributing the "power" more evenly among users. I'm hence a huge fan of the approach @socialwallet takes, which they call "reverse airdrop". That way they distribute a certain %age of tokens to the smaller users on the platform.

I love your idea but would rather see a distribution that's more evenly divided among users without only considering their big wallets. The more tokens you distribute to smaller users the more people will be encouraged to use your platform, that's at least just my opinion ;)

I totally agree with you @steembusiness.

That was the reason we only assigned 20% of airdrop tokens for SP holders (They still need to sign in to Steemhunt to register their ETH wallet to claim HUNT tokens), and bigger portion (30%) goes to the community early contributors as a bounty.

People who participate in Steemhunt by posting, commenting, resteem, referrals will get those bounties regardless of their Steem Power. (People who contribute by votings and delegation will get some as well, but they benefit those participant)

I hope this explained your concerns.

Your distribution is definitely split in a very nice way already. I'm just in general against giving whales even more and more tokens but rather a fan of an even split. Why should someone get more tokens just due to the fact that he or she owns more? I might be a bit idealistic on that but it's similar to me like carrying water down a river.

Because they have invested more and took more risk. That is why they should get more. Isn't that obvious?

I do agree with that, especially when you take in mind wealth distribution

When will non-delegators be able to participate? How can we find out?

Hey I followed you.
I'm a blogger..
Please do follow me back for the latest upcoming ICOs review!!
Thank You :)

thanks for the info

Nice project. I've delegated 25k SP and will consider another 25k SP depending on how things progress.

Speaking of which, why use ERC-20 when you could more easily use Bitshares and avoid all those ETH gas fees? Keep in mind had to use Ethereum for EOS because they needed massive liquidity. And EOSdac had to use Ethereum because EOS used it.

But it seems Ethereum doesn't make a lot of sense for this project. Indeed it should be much easier and advantageous for your devs to work with another Graphene blockchain. Not to mention, Bitshares offers a much better experience for users than Ethereum does. Hope you'll consider these factors.

Oh thanks so much for your delegation! as well as your valuable advice :)

We'll have our offchain wallet with HUNT token balances and keeping all the transactions, so creating a temporary token is not really a crucial part (we can just swap our offchain balance to SMT token directly). However, we thought it would be more tangible(?) if users can withdraw their tokens to their private wallets as a actual crypto token.

We decided to use ERC20 even though it'll cost us some gas fees because

  1. ERC20 is probably most familiar with people and many have ETH wallets already like MEW or Metamamsk.
  2. Easier to get listed on exchanges because every exchange support ERC20 already.
  3. Private sales - Crypto funds normally hold ETH for their investments, so it would be easier for them to buy ERC20
  4. Gas fee - is a problem, but as we distribute the tokens to users' offchain wallet first, we'll have to pay the gas fee only if a user wants to withdraw their balance to their ETH wallet (and there'll be a minimum withdraw limit for sure)

TBH, I didn't even know we can create custom token on Bitshare (I haven't really looked at Bitshare closely).

Creating a token would be the last step once we finishes all the necessary development, so we still have time to re-consider what token we use.

Could you tell us more about benefits of using Bitshare tokens other than the transaction fee?
Do you think it's still better to use Bitshare token considering all the factors I explained above?

I'm not a dev but I know that BTS can handle several hundred times more Tx than ETH. Look at ETH is already congested while BTS is begging to be used. You guys could even make BTS break the record for highest amount of daily Tx currently held by STEEM.

Best of luck with the project!

Awesome SP delegation! Glad you have recognized the quality and potential of the project and supported it accordingly.

  ·  last year (edited)

I do like where this is going. Are you on discord ( nevermind I see the link now ) ? Like to invite your team to @platforms and see if we can't help build your community out. Let me know for sure.

Hi @steemitqa
Yes we're on discord (@project7#0294 and @tabris#5953).
Thanks for invitation! Feel free to ping us on Discord :)

Sounds good. When will your snapshot of the chain be taken for the SP issue of tokens?

It’ll be around July. We’ll announce the detail before that :)

That’s great. If you hold SP but it is delegated to another account, will you still qualify for the airdrop or will the account itscdelegated to get it?

Good question. I'd say delegation will not affect on airdrops.

So even if you delegated all your SPs to someone else, you'll still get the HUNT token airdrop with the full amount.
On the other hand, accounts with delegated SPs will not be accounted as SP holding.

Good answer. I think that's the best way to do it, when you delegate you delegate voting power. If projects like yours don't assign airdropped tokens to the real holder of the Steem Power you would actually discourage people from delegating. If the person holding the steem power prefers that the tokens go to the account they are delegating to, they can always send them on.

That’s good to know. Thanks for the confirmation!

Hi sr im Jose im from nicaragua im planning on doing a proyect that would be the first in my country... ncaragua is goin to go into a deep economic recesion and i want to do something to slow the recesion in my country and i think descentralized money its a good way to do it..... answer me pliz if u can help me with the proyect .. to.. give education to my fellow citizen about cryptocurrencies... almos anyone know something about it.

Very cool to see a product hunt for steem

excellent project. please provide us a stat of recent delegation and their daily hunt allocation. best wishes for the project

  ·  last year (edited)

So far, we have received 269,256 SP from 107 delegators.
We give away 630,000 HUNT tokens (reserves for now) per week for delegators, and the allocation is based on the amount of SP they delegated.

For example, if a user delegated 26,925 SP (10% of total), that user will receive 63,000 HUNT tokens per week.

vampy like this project ^,...,^

  ·  last year (edited)

Login on the site appears to be broken. It doesn't log me in, just goes back to the screen with the login button still there. If I try to interact with the site, it says I need to log in, and I can't.

Oh really? I've never seen that issue before.

Did you authorize Steemhunt from the Steemconnect?
You can see your authorized app here

If you see, try revoke it and login again.

Oh and if you can open the developer tool on the browser (cmd + i or F11 or settings -> more menu -> developer tool), open it and try it (it will show red text of error code there) and please capture the error message for me.

Let me know how it goes.

I have the same problem as him, here is a screenshot of the console.

Also, while I'm at it, after a long period without visiting Steemhunt the page is blank and I have to clear my cookies for the website to work again (happened twice so far). This is not related to the above error I believe but it's definitely something you should look into.

I think I really fixed the issue now. Can you try again?

Yup, it's working ! Good job ! :D

Oh thanks for your screenshot!
I think I fixed the issue now, so can you try again?

About the blank page issue, that's related to your local browser cache when we update the client. We have setup the cache settings correctly, but for some reasons, cache doesn't invalidate automatically. You can do hard-refresh (cmd + r on Mac, Alt + F5 on Windows) to remedy this issue for now. We'll find a way to fix this properly.

Hmm, it works now after pressing the button a few more times.

do I get bounty for just upvoting, or is this in combination with resteem?

You can also get bounty for just upvoting only.

Details will be announced soon but in general, you can get rewards by following activities (individually) on Steemhunt:

  1. Referrals (When a new hunter joins Steemhunt after being referred by a current hunter, both will be rewarded)
  2. Voting, Resteem of Steemhunt posts on Steemit
  3. Posting hunts and review comments on Steemhunt

and how is the bounty allocated? by upvote worth?

I'm guessing rshares.

yes by using rshares

Hey @steemhunt, this looks awesome!

I just want to confirm if the referrals are being tracked already or not?

I'll be delegating today and am looking forward to watching this project progress. Cheers!

Referral tracking is still under development now.

We’ll launch bounty programs and trackings continuously from next week, and plan to finish by the end of July (most likely ealier than that).

We announce every update we make on @steemhunt blog, so follw us to see the future updates :)

Thank you so much for your support 👍🏻

OK thanks for the info, good luck!

I hoe all next social medai platforms will use steem as the prime coin

Best of luck on your product launch. Seems like a cool idea, as I am always looking for new tech toys! Hope the SMT system is up soon.

Yeah we hope so too :)
FYI, Reviewhunt and Ideahunt platform part is a long-term milestones, but Steemhunt is already up and running on

Join us now and let's share great tech toys! ;)

Thank you!

This is really exciting! I think @steemhunt can be a successful project, so I'm going to be paying close attention to this. I sent a small delegation to get at least some HUNT tokens before they become too popular. Is there anything I need to do to claim these tokens, or just wait until SMTs are launched?

Best regards from @valth

Thanks for your support! that means a lot to us :)

As a delegation sponsor, you don't need to do anything for now. Your token reserve will be calculated automatically and you'll see the balance on our weekly sponsor post from next week :)

As SMT launches at the end of this year, we're planning to create an ERC20 tokens first so people can keep their HUNT tokens on their private ETH wallets.

We'll make the wallet & balance history interface on Steemhunt till July this year, so you'll be able to see it in real-time and send tokens from Steemhunt wallet interface to your private ETH wallets

Once SMT launches, we'll swap those ERC20 tokens to SMT in 1:1 ratio.

That sounds awesome! As long as I don't actively need to claim anything, the delegation stays, because it will be such a hassle to keep track if I end up missing rewards if I'm busy for a time. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing this project develops!

The SMT platform cannot arrive any sooner. Mass adoption is on its way. And SMT platform will lead the way.

That is a great news!

Do you really think the crypto market needs yet another token?

Hello everyone!

I'm a co-creator of Steemhunt. Thanks so much for all of your support, SP delegations, and cheering for this project. Steem community is REALY the best for all DApp developers. Without it, we won't have this much progress so quickly, so thanks so much again for all Steemians!

We will keep updating for further announcement via @steemhunt, but these are upcoming next for airdrops:

  1. The wallet interface will be quipped on in a few weeks soon so that you can check your HUNT tokens reserved so far.

  2. When we launch the wallet interface, you can register your ETH address to receive the ERC20 Hunt tokens you've got reserved.

  3. The airdrops for SP delegators have already been initiated. Other airdrops will be initiated in the end of July.

  4. Airdrops for Steem Power holders will be based on registrations on our website - this also be initiated in the end of July with Token Registration Website (we're working on it now).

  5. For more questions, please join Please join in our chat channels below (Discord is more active now):

Thanks so much again for all your support!

This is great..

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below to see the Video!

  ·  last year (edited)

So if I will delegate you 3,000 SP, will I receive 150k Hunt? And for how long should I delegate it for that amount?

It depends on your share among all SP delegators on @steemhunt. Everyday, 90,000 HUNT tokens will be reserved for the delegators based on their shares.

For example, let's say if there're only three delegators now - A with 500, B with 1,500, and C with 3,000 SPs. Then, A has 10%, B has 30%, and C has 60% shares. So, A, B, and C will gain 9,000, 27,000, and 54,000 HUNT tokens per day.

At this moment, @steemhunt has 111 delegators with total 270758.09 SPs delegated. Hope it will be helpful for you to understand :)

Also, this airdrop will keep going maximum for 500 days (until SMT is ready). If SMT is ready before the 500 days, rest of tokens will be incinerated to enhance the value of HUNT token holders. If SMT is too much delayed, then Steemhunt may run with the ERC20 tokens issued already, or choose other platform (but, we really hope it won't be happen).

Thank you for your quick answer. I will delegate for sure and I hope you will create a telegram group for members. I can be a moderator.

And another question, how will you keep track of all delegations and how you will send the ERC tokens to the delegators, we will have available in our accounts on steemhunt a space to put our eth adress?

Delegated 3,500! I can't wait for other news!

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks so much! The wallet interface will be equipped in in the end of July (if the dev work's done faster, then could be earlier than that). Once the wallet interface is ready, we will inform you guys, and you should register your ETH wallet address there.

Before that, @steemhunt will keep publishing the sponsor's report on every Monday (London time based). You can see how much your HUNT tokens are reserved.

We have Discord and Telegram channel, you can join either of both (Discord is more active now)

Also, the reserved HUNT tokens will be calculated on a weekly basis. It means that if you are maintaining your SP delegation on Monday when @steemhunt is publishing the report, you are entitled to gain all the last week's amount (for example, if you are person C above the example, and you just delegated on Sunday, then you still gain the weekly amount ( 54,000 * 7 = 378,000) regardless of the time you delegated.)


That's awesome! Thank you again! I will maintain the delegation for a long time!

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

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Oh wow.. I didn't expect utopian votes this.

We didn't use the utopian tag because this was not related to development topic.
Yeah we're already using utopian for our dev projects, and getting a lot of help from community :)

Thanks so much for your support!

Due to our systems changing slightly to work without a frontend, we've decided to upvote open source related stuff even outside of our tags, just like a regular curator would do.

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Thank you for appreciating Utopian and thanks for using it and supporting us!

I'm glad they upvoted you. It lends credence to your project.

Let the hunting begin :D


yay! 😎

Maybe in future it can be blockchain based drop-shipping platform

hi there!!!!
thanks for the info it will help a lot!!!
good luck!!!!!
have a great day!!!!

Hey I followed you.
I'm a blogger..
Please do follow me back for the latest upcoming ICOs review!!
Thank You :)

thanks mate! :)

Very cool idea! I love to see innovations like this happening on STEEM

I don't have anywhere near that much Steem power. But, great luck to the team at Steemhunt and to Steemians that qualify for the drop.

Such a good idea, @steemhunt.

    I cannot believe how much the Steem Community is growing by promoting descentralized applications as an alternative to regular ones. The way to get rewarded without third parties is the better way to empower the people. Even Kickstarter hasn't enought market expansion because they preferred to be stablished in some selective countries. There is so many entrepeneurs around the world who want to change it with their products. And this app is the ONLY key to help them to make possible the change.
      For any reason is that user @jerrybanfield believes that #Steem will be the most used cryptocurrency above Bitcoin in 2021. I hope use Steem Dollars to buy in places like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress; as change it directly to local currency. ¡Damn! We need more apps like that and i hope this application will be the road to the creation of those platforms

      It's all. Congratulation guys and keep moving...

      Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

      Also, if you are looking to get some tokens without investing or mining check out Crowdholding ( They are a co-creation platform were you get rewarded for giving feedback to crypto startups on the platform. You can earn Crowdholding's token as well as DeepOnion, ITT, Smartcash and many other ERC-20 tokens.

      Announcing HUNT Token Airdrops for Steemians (Smart Media Token Project) has been resteemed by @resteemmuse

      me encanta esta fabuloso..

      thanks! :)

      Cool stuff people

      cheers! 🍻

      This is pretty cool.

      thanks for saying that :)

      So all we need to do is go to Steemhunt and introduce some cool products we come across ?

      Yes :)

      We began to reserve airdrop tokens for sponsors (who delegate SP on @steemhunt) for now, and airdrop & bounty for hunters will begin on July once we finish required developments for tracking users activities.

      You can get rewards by following activities on Steemhunt:

      1. Referrals (When a new hunter joins Steemhunt after being referred by a current hunter, both will be rewarded)
      2. Voting and Resteem of Steemhunt posts on Steemit
      3. Posting hunts and review comments on Steemhunt

      Thanks for your interest, and I hope to see you around on Steemhunt community :)

      Very awesome. This is amazing. Let me participate in this campaign.

      Of course you’re welcome to participate:)

      Thank You Sir

      Interesting. SMTs launching out. Nice idea, I shall dive deeper.

      thanks for your interest! hope to see you on Steemhunt soon 😉

      I just tried it out ! Very interesting concept! You guys are genius , makes me want to think of something I can build and use SMTs:)

      Your Steemhunt bounty rewards seems comprehensive. It looks like all the participants will be covered, which is not always the case. Whales are usually the only ones that get these benefits. But I like that fact that it looks like everyone will have a chance to earn tokens.

      So essentially this will work the same as DTube and the rest of the platforms here, right, in terms of signing in? I don't need to create an account except updating my updating my Ethereum wallet address? Did I understand this correctly or not?

      Yes that's correct.
      You can sign in with your steem account, and no additional sign up is required for Steemhunt.
      Once we build the wallet interface, you can simply sign in Steemhunt with Steemconnect and update your ETH wallet address there.

      how to join it

      We’ll be announcing the detail before July, so at the moment you can just try out Steemhunt and if you want to reserve tokens earlier, participate in our sponsor program described on the post :)

      Thanks for your interest! 👍🏻


      Hi, I'm a knife maker can I add some work to could this be of interest to you?
      thank you very much, nicola

      Yes if you have a product website, or a page where we can buy your knife, you can post it on Steemhunt :)
      Please have a look at our Posting Guidlines for more detail.

      thanks :)

      Another big step, congrats to this amazing team ;)

      Thank you for your kind words 😁

      Will Steemhunt be open to other, non-tech items by then? For example cosmetics, health products and the like?

      Many users on Steemhunt favors of tech items, but there're some non-tech items being hunted already.
      For example, art, great designs, or just some beautiful products. As long as people find it "new" and "cool", we do not limit the category of the product.

      well, I have delegated a bit of my SP, I am still small fry but really like this idea and want to support this
      Getting a bit of hunt tokens in the package is also nice. So cannot wait to see what happens in the future. this is one of the projects that will make the steem blockchain grow and that is crucial.

      the only thing that might be an addition that you might have missed out is voting for witnesses.
      Being a fairly big project that is going to get bigger now with @exyle vlogging about it
      I have been on the blockchain for about a year now, I tend to roam around a lot and read a lot but did not know you.

      This shows Steem is growing in a positive way.

      If you do vote for witnesses then please consider us, we are also a new project called @swisswitness (sadly to small to start delegating anything or we would)
      here is an easy link

      Thank you for your support!
      I have some votings left and I love to to vote on witnesses who support 3rd party Steem dApps, so I just voted you guys :)

      Hey @kingswisdom !
      Definitely something to consider here.

      excellent post I follow you and I vote greetings from venezuela

      Amazing idea, will try to hunt, re-steem and contribute.

      seems like a lot of stuff going on there and I don't understand much of it. lol

      I join to hunt ok.

      welcome to Steemhunt! :)

      I 'm just leaving a comment here hoping for upvotes