Are you really so stupid that you're going to continue to spam people even though all you get is flags and end up making nothing?

Lol your comment has more money made than his post

As your self-appointed Steem Pope, I must advise an end to your spam. Confess your sins and seek absolution lest ye be damned to flagatory.

Lol @ "flagatory". 😂

@steempope needs to be a satirical account, ASAP.

You'll never learn it! Stop Spamming! You little ****!!!
Stan Lucifer here, can i speak your boss plz?
I want to report an incident to him with one of his employees (i'm talking about you lol). He's spamming the shit out of us!!!

This is horrible someone please delete this spammer @guiltyparties

Look, you have 72 votes and still nothing. You should know by now you should stop begging for votes, it's not good for your account :(

This user is on the @buildawhale blacklist for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Spam
  • Plagiarism
  • Scam or Fraud

Stop spamming my account, remove me from whatever list you have me on. If you are the one stealing my posts and reposting on another website I am not impressed at all.

Someone is stealing your shit on here? Do you have a link so I can make sure they haven't stolen mine or others as well.

Hey mouth breather...I've got a bible verse for's tattooed on the bottom of my ball sack..."And God said; let ALL spammers blow on Satan's skin flute"...STFO my Steemit page!

Stop spamming

I've muted your account so I don't see your spammy comments. Do yourself a favour and don't waste your time posting more spam on my wall, I won't see it.

Spammer -_-

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