SteemRadio - schedule of all the steemit radio shows - week beginning 19 February 2018

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SteemRadio rolls onwards and upwards.

MSP Waves currently has 15 shows in the offing. Many of these should be reaching the airwaves very soon. Check out the MSP Waves website for the full 'coming soon' schedule.

Over on the SteemStar Network @SirCork is setting off on his round the world tour this coming Saturday and is hoping to be broadcasting as he circumnavigates the globe.


@ma1neevent and @poeticsnake have just announced a new name and a new format for their Wednesday show.

Formerly known as The @Ma1neevent Interview Show, the show is now rebranded as the The Resteem Radio Show with a whole host of new features including a weekly witness feature, The Resteem Game and Welcome a new Steemian as well as some great interviews.

Full details in @ma1neevent's post :

I am totally enjoying doing the Alternative Lifestyle Show on Fridays. The three researchers who work with me (@awesomehomestead, @ravenruis, @redrica) are doing an excellent job finding guests for the shows

This coming Friday (23 February) we have more great more guests including @goldendawne, @kokibyivana and @llfarms. We will also have @awesomehomestead and @geordieprepper popping on the show.

The following Friday (2 March) we have something new coming up. We will be trying the first of our special 'themed' shows when White Walking Feather @wwf will be returning with his Stewards of Terra Mater. This will be a little experimental with more of a 'round table discussion' type format.

After that show, Friday 9 March will see us returning to the normal format. We are currently looking for more guests for that week if anyone is interested.

The homeschooling contest continues until midnight UTC on Wednesday 21 February 2018.

This coming Saturday @globocop and I will be stepping back in the time machine on Frequency Waves 432Hz show again as we continue our journey through the 1970s.

Next Saturday's show will focus on 1972.

This will be the last of these shows while @globocop relocates to Panama.

My new show 'My Life in 8 Songs' will then be taking over the Saturday slot (9pm-midnight UTC) on MSP Waves Radio for a few weeks. The show starts on Saturday 3 March and then will run on that slot for a few weeks until @globocop is back up and running again. Then it will move to its own weekday slot.

Full details about this new show can be found in my post :

There will be three guests each week. We already have some terrific steemians booked in for the show but we are still looking for more. Contact me via comments or in Discord @Pennsif#9921 if you are interested.

I am also well advanced in the planning for a new regular news / magazine style show. I will be recruiting more researchers for that.

If you are interested in current affairs, have good connections on the steem blockchain and would like to be involved in a groundbreaking new show do get in touch with me.

If you know of any other relevant shows that I haven't included please do put the details in a comment below or DM me on Discord @pennsif#9921 . Also please let me know of any changes to the shows already listed

The times for the shows are all shown in Coordinated Universal Time UTC/GMT - which is currently UK time. There are numerous sites on the web for converting UTC to your local time. This one looks particularly useful

SteemRadio : schedule of shows for week beginning 19 February 2018

DayTime (UTC)StationShow
Mon 19 Feb12am - 1amMSP WavesSteemit Musicians with @isaria
Mon 19 Feb1am - 3amMSP WavesMinnow Mayor’s Town Hall with @aggroed
Tue 20 Feb12am - ?WhaleSharesWhaleshares Live Curation with @freedomexists, @KubbyElizabeth & Co
Tue 20 Feb12am - 3amMSP WavesFreezepeach Radio with @r0nd0n
Tue 20 Feb4pm - 6pmMSP WavesSim Your Life with @simgirl & @snook
Tue 20 Feb6pm - 8pmMSP WavesHacking Mental Performance with @WipGirl
Tue 20 Feb8pm - 10pmMSP WavesThe Music and Money Show @ScaredyCatGuide
Tue 20 Feb10pm - 12amMSP WavesWhatRUat with @BuckyDurddle & @doghaus
Tue 20 Feb11pm - 12amSteemStareSTEEMados with witness @nNnarvaez
Wed 21 Feb12am - 1amSteemStarTrash Talk with witness @patrice of SteemCleaners
Wed 21 Feb1am - 2amSteemStarYouAreHope Foundation Transparent Townhall with witness @SirCork
Wed 21 Feb1am - ?WhaleSharesBeyond Bitcoin - EOSTalk Live with @OfficialFuzzy
Wed 21 Feb10pm - 12amMSP WavesThe Resteem Radio Show with @ma1neevent & @poeticsnake
Thu 22 Feb12am - 2amMSP WavesThe Dancing Dreamers with DJ Damashii
Thu 22 Feb2am - 4amMSP WavesSongwriter Shop Talk with @meno
Thu 22 Feb4pm - 6pmSteemStarPimp Your Post Thursday with @shadowspub
Thu 22 Feb6pm - 8pmMSP WavesThe Mix with @WipGirl
Fri 23 Feb12am - 2amSteemStarPimp Your Post Thursday with @shadowspub
Fri 23 Feb1am - 3amMSP WavesFull Force Thursday with @crimsonclad
Fri 23 Feb1am - ?WhaleSharesWhaleShares Live Promote Your Post Session with @freedomexists
Fri 23 Feb8pm - 10pmMSP WavesEmotion Integration with @Uniwhisp
Fri 23 Feb10pm - 12amMSP WavesThe Alternative Lifestyle Show with @pennsif
Sat 24 Feb12am - 3amMSP WavesChaos Show @disarrangedjane & @globocop
Sat 24 Feb12.30am - ?Writers BlockState of the Witness with @anarcho-andrei & @swelker101
Sat 24 Feb1am - 3amSteemStarAll Play Friday with @topkpop
Sat 24 Feb2pm - ?WhaleSharesBitshares Open Source Hangout with @OfficialFuzzy
Sat 24 Feb3.30pm - ?WhaleSharesBeyondBitcoin Whaletank Hangout with @OfficialFuzzy
Sat 24 Feb4pm - ?MSP WavesWomen of Steem Forum with @aggroed
Sat 24 Feb9pm - 12amMSP WavesFrequency Waves 432Hz with @globocop & @pennsif
Sun 25 Feb1am - 2amMSP WavesMinnow University with Shane @swelker101
Sun 25 Feb2am - 3amMSP WavesThe Peace Academy with @isaria & @aggroed
Sun 25 Feb3pm - 7.30pmSteemStarSteemitizens of Steem with @SirCork
Sun 25 Feb5pm - 7pmMSP WavesFrom the Ground Up Lazy Sundays @ftgu
Sun 25 Feb7pm - 9pmMSP WavesRomance on the Air @hope777 & @kubbyelizabeth
Sun 25 Feb7.30pm - 9pmSteemStarVO.TU (Voices of the Underground) with @Beanz
Sun 25 Feb9pm - 11pmMSP WavesGod Waves with @globocop
Sun 25 Feb9pm - 11pmSteemStarThe Cabinet of Curiosities with @LenaDr
Sun 25 Feb11pm - 12amMSP WavesSteemit Creative with @swelker101 & @isaria

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Looking forward to being on the show!!! What a lineup you have again this week!

It will be great to have you on the show. We have chatted many times but never spoken !

ME too!!! It will be SO great to finally laugh together and chat!!


Thanks for the follow @pennsif. I caught @meno's show with @basilmarples. Brilliant! Will definitely be checking out your next show, as soon as I work out how to listen 🤣

I hope you can make it along to the show.

I am looking forward to it! It will make for some nice evening listening

I'm quite new to #mspwaves but I love how it's progressing with all the new programming coming up!

Is there a way to get an alert when a live programme is starting?

Hi @atomcollector, yes I believe there is a way to get alerts now for the MSP shows. If you ask one of the Mods on PAL they can add a show alert tag to your Discord name there now I believe.

Someone like @gmuxx, @ma1neevent or @r0nd0n should be able to help with this.

Did Shadowspub change the PYPT channel? I thought it was Steemit Ramble? (or am I confusing myself?? hahaha)

The Discord server is called Steemit Ramble but I believe the show is still called 'Pimp Your Post Thursday (PYPT)' @shadowspub

yes! the show is called that :) (but i think you have it listed under the Steem Star network above?) I apologize if I've mixed something up! I thought they were two different servers - hahahaha but i'm new to discord :)

To participate in the PYPT you go to the Steemit Ramble Discord server but they are actually broadcast live at the same time via the Steem Star Network as well by @SirCork.

ahhhhhhhhhhh confusion cleared!!! :) thanks @pennsif!!! :)

No problem. I can't recall if you already go to PYPT. If not do pop along - they are very good.

i do!!!! i love it!!! i'm hoping this week to do something a little special. but we will have to see if it works out well without disrupting the flow :) i think it will be a win/win/win situation - but i want to be respectful of everyone involved to make sure first!!!! :)

Sounds interesting - do you normally go to the first session or the second one?

Steem radio, that sounds like much fun. It would be nice to listen to it. How can I tune in to it and listen?

Just click on the station link next to each show in the listings and you will go to the website for details of how to listen.

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