First Steem Meetup in Wales - Saturday 10 February 2018, Lampeter - most excellent!

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It happened.

The first Wales steem meetup.

And people came !

I was really unsure before the event.

Would people turn up? Would they find it useful? Would anyone want another?

Much to my delight the answer was yes to all of these.

When I started planning this meetup there were just 15 active steemians in Wales.

They are spread across the whole of Wales so we chose Lampeter as a central location for the meetup. Even then it was more than a 3 hour drive for the furthest members north and south of the meetup venue.

We still managed a good spread of attending steem members.

@artystuff and @pumpkinsandcats drove for 3 hours from the far north. @stevejhuggett came up from the south of the country.

Myself, @cryptocariad, @jen0revision, @cryptojelly and @timmartin are all based locally to the meetup location.

There were also two students from the local university who had read my article about the steem meetup in a local community newspaper. They were very keen and look like they will be signing up very shortly.

There was no formal structure for the meeting. But there was some great discussion, people got to know each, and exciting ideas and plans for the future came thick and fast.

We shared out the T-shirts and digital prints kindly sent by @papa-pepper - and everyone was extremely happy and grateful to receive them.

Since we started planning this meetup, the number of active steemians in Wales has increased to well over 50.

So for the next meetup we will almost certainly split geographically - hopefully to north, south and mid/west. That will cut down the travel time considerably and hopefully encourage even more steemians to come along.

Thank you to everyone who came to the meetup. Thank you to @papa-pepper for the T-shirts and prints. Thank you to @cryptocariad, @jen0revision and @tinygalaxy for making the posters for the meetup. And thank you to Cath for the delicious cakes !

Check out these posts from other people who came to meetup for more photographs :

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[ flag image from pixabay - Creative Commons CC0 // photographs by @pennsif ]

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Thank you so much for arranging.

For any steemians in the North of Wales let me know =D

Thanks for coming along, it was great to meet you.

Looking forward to the interview on the Alternative Lifestyle radio show tonight.

I couldn't be there so I'll do my big by giving this a bit old 100% upslap!
Hopefully in the future I'll get to come visit the country of my forefathers!

Thank you StormRider

Hello! I am a Welsh Steemian too. Didn't make it to this one, but maybe I will make it to another one.

Awesome. Have you joined our Discord channel?

Good to find another Welsh steemian. Are you north, south or inbetween?

Do come along to the SteemWales Discord server and meet more Welsh steemians there...

LOL @pennsif, if you plan it they will come..... Why would you doubt folks would be there?
Steemit is the best of all worlds in online media and it is still in beta so when you think about or consider just how far it has come and the potential for where it is going, you become an ambassador for those to come here in the future!
This baby is just now starting to stand, wait till it not only learns to walk but run!

Looking forward to the walking and the running...

Congratulations on a successful meetup and kudos for putting it together! Well done!

Thank you @aunt-deb.

This is so incredibly exciting!!!! I wish I lived in Wales! hahahahaha
That's really impressive growth! You're doing great work in bringing more people into the community @pennsif! I can't wait for the pictures for the next visit! Awesome :)

Yes these are exciting times for sure.

I really like how more and more people are adopting the steemit platform every day! Facebook's days are over, along with the rest of the shity social media that has sold us out over the years! image


I'm glad to hear your meetup was a success!


What a great day for all involved in the Wales meet up. I know you must be very excited that the turn out was so good. I hope it grows by leaps and bounds. You’re a positive influence for all of us. 🐓🐓