MSP Waves Radio - Pennsif's Alternative Lifestyle Show - Friday 9 February 2018 [recording]

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In case you missed the show here is the recording of the third episode of Pennsif's Alternative Lifestyle Show.

The show aired on MSP Waves Radio on Friday 9 February 2018.

[See below for the YouTube link - alas DTube won't take the file again today 😞]

The guests on the show were :

  • @occupywallets - an activist using music and art to take on the likes of Monsanto, with full strength backing from The Eatles

  • @ura-soul - he is a witness and a long time steemian, he runs Ureka - an online community for healing, balancing and evolving - and is a 10 year vegan

  • @geke - a homeschooler, a former homesteader, and now author of Cost Benefit Jr - a book that explains the concepts of economics for homeschooling children

  • @armadillocreek - hailing from the Ozarks, these homesteaders know their quail, their hot toddies and their steempunk weddings

Due to snow storms @goldendawne unfortunately couldn't get on the show so will be appearing on a show in the very near future.

We also managed to have a few goes with a refined version of the new 60 Second Quiz. The winners of upvotes from the quiz this time included @llfarms and @soundwavesphoton.

Each week the Alternative Lifestyle Show will be cover a whole range of topics including :

  • homesteading
  • prepping
  • homeschooling
  • tiny houses
  • complimentary medicine
  • alternative energy
  • cooking, particularly low meat, vegetarian and vegan
  • permaculture and organic gardening

If you have a passion for any of these subjects and would like to come on future shows please drop a comment below or find me on Discord at Pennsif#9921.

The Alternative Lifestyle Show is on MSP Waves Radio.

It will be on Fridays, 10pm - midnight UTC.

You will be able to listen through the PAL Discord server, via or on Twitch at

Unfortunately DTube won't play ball yet again today so I have loaded the show recording on YouTube for now :

[Does anyone know if there is a maximum file size that will upload to DTube?]

During the interview with @occupywallets (at around 13 minutes) we played one of his Eatles tracks 'Glyphosate'.

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[ graphic by pennsif ]

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Hi @pennsif, what kind of error are you getting from dtube when uploading?

Is it uploading but won't submit?

I had problems with submitting. My videos would upload but won't submit and will give me an error

Error submitting to the blockchain

The only solution was

  • logout of dtube
  • login to steemit > wallet > permissions > show private posting key > copy it
  • login to dtube with your steemit username
  • use the copied posting key for your password

I didn't have anymore problems after that. The biggest upload I had so far is 190MB and I've always tried to keep the snaps under 1500 pixels.

They don't have a max size for video uploads but did say the browser can crash in the middle of upload.

Is there another episode pending? Please remember to inform us before the beginning of next episode

Sorry for missing my slot. All is good here. Luckily... considering we had an ice storm this morning and more snow. (P.S.- NOT fond of winter here).

YES- I will be rescheduling!

I think Is there another episode !! but veery good work !!

thanks guys am always listening in, superb show

This was such a pleasure, to be on your show! Thanks again, and I will be tuning in often to hear what my awesome fellow MSP Steemians are up to...