Homesteaders & Preppers on steemit list - new version imminent - help wanted

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It's time for the next edition of the list of Homesteaders and Preppers on steemit.

The last list smashed through the 300 target to reach 308.

I've been collecting a few more new people since then, but I am sure there are many I have missed.

I wonder if we can reach 350?

So please do let me know, via comment or Discord (@Pennsif#9921) if...

  • You are a homesteader or prepper that has joined steemit in the last month and I haven't already made contact with you

  • You know of any homesteaders or preppers that have joined in the past month

  • You are a homesteader or prepper that joined before last month but are not on the list below

  • You know of any older homesteaders or preppers that are not on the list.

This is the previous edition (v12) of the list :

You will see that the list is now rather long and unwieldy. So I am going to split it into two lists.

I had contemplated splitting it into active and inactive members. But that is too fluid. People come and go.

Particularly in the last couple of months quite a number on the list who had 'gone dark' have reappeared and started actively engaging on the platform again. Excellent news!

So instead I am going to split the list geographically - USA v Rest of the World.

One small question on that split - would it be better to be North America (ie USA and Canada) rather than just USA?

I will be compiling version 13 of the list during this week so please do get any responses in as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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[ graphic by @pennsif ]

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I think I'd go with North America, just for the (semi)same time zones. If the list is too 'lop-sided' that way, would it be more even with a split for Northern and Southern hemispheres? That would group growing seasons.

Just thinking out loud...

Yes I think North America makes good sense.

We still only have a couple of dozen in the southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand). I guess because of the language issue we are not yet picking up people in Indonesia for example.

Ahhhh, okay. I wasn't sure how many we had south of the equator. I know there are a few in South America and South Africa, but not many - yet.

If the numbers shift in the future, then maybe a re-assessment at the time would address then.

I wish i live around.. Would have loved to be part of this... Nice job.. Keep rising..

WOW! 308 members!!! AMazing in such a short time!

Hi @pennsif, I've been away a few days but back now.
Mmm, I see that this post needs at the very least, a re-steem to get the word out there.

Job Done! ;)

Great post, I would love to be a part of this! I think this is a really cool idea that makes people aware, and plan around the government! Thank you much!

Hi There sorry this is late - I'd really like to be on your list :)