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We are now into week 3 of The Alternative Lifestyle Show and I am totally, totally enjoying it.

It is so interesting talking to all the great steemians we have had on the show so far. Every single one has had a fascinating story to tell.

If you missed last week's show it is available as a recording.

Moving on to this week's show that starts in four hours on MSP Waves Radio, we have another fantastic set of guests covering a whole range of alternative lifestyle topics.

Here they are in the running order they will appear on the show :

  • @goldendawne - one of the leading homesteaders on the platform, a Steward of Gondor for @fulltimegeek, and a meeter and greeter extraordinaire

  • @ura-soul - he is a witness and a long time steemian, he runs Ureka - an online community for healing, balancing and evolving - and is a 10 year vegan

  • @geke - a homeschooler, a former homesteader, and now author of Cost Benefit Jr - a book that explains the concepts of economics for homeschooling children

  • @occupywallets - an activist using music and art to take on the likes of Monsanto, with full strength backing from The Eatles

  • @armadillocreek - hailing from the Ozarks, these homesteaders know their quail, their hot toddies and their steempunk weddings

Interspersed between these guests I'll be updating on various projects on the go, and we'll be playing a few more rounds of the 60 Second Quiz mk II (thank you @bobydimitrov and others for your feedback last week).

So sharpen up your typing fingers, and have a votable post ready to drop if you win. You'll have 60 seconds to answer the questions. First correct answer wins a full upvote from me (currently $1.67).

Look forward to seeing you all in 4 hours from now, squeezed in tastefully between @Uniwhisp's Emotion Integration show before and @DisarrangedJane and @Globocop's Chaos Show right after.

Each week the Alternative Lifestyle Show will be cover a whole range of topics including :

  • homesteading
  • prepping
  • homeschooling
  • tiny houses
  • complimentary medicine
  • alternative energy
  • cooking, particularly low meat, vegetarian and vegan
  • permaculture and organic gardening

If you have a passion for any of these subjects and would like to come on future shows please drop a comment below or find me on Discord at Pennsif#9921.

The Alternative Lifestyle Show is on MSP Waves Radio.

It is on Fridays, 10pm - midnight UTC.

You will be able to listen through the PAL Discord server, via or on Twitch at

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We message a lot, but it'll be fun to actually talk today! With voices!

Looks very good! We seem to have lost each other somewhere? Blessings!

Sounds very interesting again @pennsif !
I'll be there ! :)

I have my alarm set. thumbs up :)

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