Exciting Changes to our Radio Show, now named The Resteem Radio Show!

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After months of
the @Ma1neEvent Interviews Show,
we are making a few exciting
new changes to the show!

Hello friends!

Many of you have been listeners to my weekly radio show the @Ma1neEvent Interviews Show on @MSP-Waves radio. I started that show by myself last summer in 2017. At first I was all by myself hosting the show, and doing pre-recorded interviews with different people from Steemit each week. It was a blast getting to know all of the different members from all over the world!

After doing an interview with @PoeticSnake, we eventually became friends, and she joined me as a co-host. We then started doing most of the interviews live on the air during our weekly time slot, Wednesdays 10pm - Midnight UTC, which is also 5pm - 7pm Eastern Standard Time.

I have been meaning to change the show name to something to not include my own username for awhile. We took last week off from the show, and started to brainstorm some new ideas.

While we will still continue to the live interviews on the show, we wanted to start incorperating new ideas and segments into the weekly show. We are both very active curators on Steemit, so we eventually landed on a new show name...

The Resteem Radio Show!

(logo by @poeticsnake)

We plan to change up the show a bit, and incorporate more audience interaction!

New Show Segment Ideas:

Welcome a new Steemian!
Welcome a new Minnow to MSP!
Blockchain related news / discussion!
Open Mic for Steem Project / Blog Post Promotion!
Steem Community Interviews! (Join us on the show to tell your Steem Story!)
Weekly Witness Feature!
Open Mic for Steemian Shout outs from the audience!
Curation Chat and Discussion!
The Resteem Game - Random Posts / Blogs will be featured from the audience!
... and more!

We still want to hear your Steem Story!

We would love to have you join us on the show for an interview! Tell us your Steem story... what brought you here, what you think of Steemit, and what you are posting about! You can give shout outs to you favorite Steemians too! Please send @Ma1neEvent or @PoeticSnake a message on Discord Chat if you would like to be a guest on the show!

Anyone who has previously been a guest on the show is welcome to come back and give us an update on your Steem Experience, now on our NEW show,
The Resteem Radio Show!

We also plan to possibly do more fun things like contests and giveaways in the future too! We are open to any suggestiong or feedback you would like to give us, either in the replies below, or in a DM.

A big shout out to everyone at @MSP-Waves for all that you do to keep us on the air!

Thank you to everyone who has always been so supportive to our radio show! We hope that these changes will be for the better, and that you will join us for future episodes of The Resteem Radio Show on MSPWaves.com.

LIVE on MSPWaves.com:
10pm - Midnight UTC
5pm - 7pm Eastern Standard Time

Join us in the audience chat during the show in the @MinnowSupport Project
Discord Server Chat.

If you miss the live show, the recordings will be shared on my @Ma1neEvent Steemit profile.

Feel free to resteem this post
to help us spread the word about the new show!

(banner by @poeticsnake)


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This is so exciting!! All the changes and wow, y'all are going to do a lot of new things! I hope to listen in and check out the new vibe. :) Good Luck with everything! Oh, and I'm tagging @pennsif so he can update his schedule post.


Sounds exciting, looking forward to tuning in on Wednesday.

Weekly listings post now updated with the new name and a Stop Press feature...

Let me know if you need any changes on that @ma1neevent / @poeticsnake


Thank you for your support @Pennsif!


Thank you @Uniwhisp!

ilovev chglgv001.jpg

Cool guys! Event though the show was already a winning concept, its never a bad idea to keep it fresh! Nice going, curious for the new concept, too bad Wednesdays are always not so good for me.

Are there any reruns to listen back to?


Yes I will still be posting the recordings on my blog! Thanks for listening!

Great concept @ma1neevent and @poeticsnake... the show is evolving.


Yes! It worked as my name when it was just me, but time to evolve for sure! Thanks for always showing us some love @shadowspub!

Great to see the new show ideas! I'd love to be on the show again if you like.


Yes Bucky we would love to chat with you on the air again!

i like your decision.

this is a very great mind! Coloring steemit community to come..the construct is great, the experiment is even better, and even daily will be marvelous!

great pos.

This is really good thinking by bright mind.... This will share the gospel of steemit around. Kudos.

great concept... But so sad Wednesdays are hectic and busy for me...


We share the recording on my blog as well in case you can't listen to the show live!

Their are many things for learning in this show and it is a very good show and I also listen the radio

@ma1neevent woow nice change i look out to it, greetings