What is the difference with important insights from theory REI

in #psychology2 years ago

Yes, that is true, I have changed, to inside - that is what I recognize, but also to outside. For a lot of people I did not change, because the truth is that everyone is seeing you with their own eyes, and someone that has a hard implemented idea or ticket about who you are, will hardly recognize anything. This is because their mind just mirrors their "knowing" about you, on you.

I got a lot of true friends that differ sooo much than my other friends from my youth. Those friends I became acquainted with the same knowledge, and this is what connects us! 🙂

Yes, if you're raised into this world as anybody else, as the money is the only thing that keeps you going, this truth can really shock you, when you realize, that someone who has nothing, has succeeded.

But let me say this. The knowledge that I am talking about is giving the people a meaning of life. This means that even if you won a lottery, you would stay completely calm because you know what is your worth and especially you know the meaning of life. So, you can gain those meaning without even having a money. The monetary system is so established, that you are massive bombed from all around you, not knowing even, what this means, and not knowing, what is the truth. The problem is a modern social world. It gives us a lot of benefits, yet it favors those who think the same as that society conscious. The problems happen, when in middle of that society grow up people, who do not think this way.

I think that this knowledge can make soo many impressions on Americans and Canadian people. Because if you look at the news, you will see a lot of Self proclaimed life coaches like Prince_Ea, Jay Shetty and so on. I am really respecting them, what they are doing. But there is still a place to upgrade what they talk about. They are giving examples, but they cannot really nor on any theory nor on any concept. This is where our theory comes in. And explains a very nice concept that is easily understandable to all of the people. To those with high rational mind and to those who are thinking not rational but in pictures and with feelings. 🙂

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