How does our Society look through REI theory

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For better understanding it is important to know the REI theory. REI theory is first formula which easy explains numerous human situations and behaviours and has its very own working principle of ways to desired outcome - no matter if it goes for happiness, true love, self confidence, courage or any other psychological related issue. Topics can be found here.

One of the greatest topic is probably how our social system looks through REI theory. We all know that our social system or monetary system prefers money, time, laws and order, opportunism, and planning. Everything that is written or calculated is something worth. Those are basic Reasons (R from REI) values. This means we are living in the world that is strictly established by Reason rules. When you go to work you're having a hundred and one traffic signs on the road, which you have to obey. You have to be to the minute exact on your work place. In the schools the lectures are specified amount of time long, and you'll go to bus on exact given time. If you look at the sports you'll see the lines which are limiting the play field. And every year more and more rules are added to the sport (Emotions) branches. The rules are more complicated and hard to follow for people who are in the first place actually in the sports because of their motoric ability. When you are born, there is a law, which prescribes, what insurance should you have, what are your society duties and under what law and rules you're living.

But in the world that only one mind creates rules and values for all three, everything is upside down. Because there are still people born onto this world, who think mainly with Emotion or Instinct and their Reason is in subordinate role, their abilities are discriminated from Reasons side. The people are convinced that only if they are as close as it gets to the values of Reasons – ruling mind, they can be accepted into society (also known physically as “common world”). But those rules are for Emotion and Instinct not natural, and because of that they accept at himself a Reasons mechanisms, which are not their own wishes, but only his theatre and own stage sets they are playing. So the Reason stole from them also ability to love. With unnatural elevation of Reasons mechanisms comes by those people who are mainly thinking with Emotion and Instinct to internal conflicts. The result is not accepting his own world and in many cases severe depressions. The Reasons rules are so widespread that this became our general thinking. The majority think that the education is the right way and we have the general thinking that everyone should work. We prefer to pay good those, who bring us some benefits and reject those who does not find a new ways to earn more money. We hire those who brings us innovations and think of new services, which may brings us some benefits. The people who find a strategic ways to aim at more and more people, are more appreciated in the companies. But what about the people who only think mainly with Emotion or Instinct?

Different views on payment
For this case let us see, how the three groups sees the way of payment. The Reasons way is that those who do and deserves, should be paid. More they do, more they get paid. This sharing of goods enables Reason quasi equality by witch the goods ends up always back in his hands. This is the social system that we live in today – capitalism. The Instincts way of payment and sharing goods is conviction that everyone should work, and paid should be those who are mostly of need. Everyone would have everything and this is also called socialism. This regulation would be wonderful, only if there would be no people thinking with Emotion and Reason. The Emotions way on the other hand is that paid will be those who he alone selects and his regulations in society should be more hierarchic. Because of his positive way of looking at the world he will probably enslave and subjugate people and conquer them. He's thinking is “I am more than others”. He's social system is hierarchical dominant as in old Egypt.

What does money mean to every mind specifically
The most powerful mechanism that Reasons have think of is money. Before that Emotion values did rule to the world, but money has enabled the Reason to very successfully take over Emotion values. These days you hardly think of of something that cannot be valued with money. The human rights are these days measured with Courts, which are nothing else as Reasons nest. The Banks are perfectly designed from Reason and stock exchanges are the biggest mechanisms which enables the Reason to get the most profit. Stock exchanges are Reasons phenomenon, because he (Reason) understands that Emotion and Instinct would not come close to them. Even if this happen, will Instinct because of his pessimistic view, loose everything. The Emotion will on the other side lose a lot, because of his optimistic view. The reason that only Reason earns on the stock exchanges is, because he is not looking at the numbers emotionally and does understand probability of losing. He is the only one who earns long-terms on the stock exchanges and operates with the money of Instinct and Emotion. The Emotion is on the other hand very optimistic when some stock will grow, but because he believe that they will grow even more, he decided at the wrong time to sell them. Instinct however will hardly decide to come close to stock exchanges, but in some point he will also decide that he can enrich his hard saved money. He will observe some graphs for a long time and decide to buy stocks that has grown for a while. But something that grows for a while also reaches the top. The stocks will start to fall and Instinct will be afraid to lose everything and sell the stocks. Probably with lower amount as he bought them. The people that are earning with stocks are only Reason thinking people. Another mechanism, which only enables Reasons to make back money. Reasons mechanism are also very noticeable in the school system. Eight years are children exposed to linguistic and numbers, planing and strategies. People are getting feeling that the school separates hardworking from lazy ones. But the truth is that the society system and Reason values has developed so far, that the one who are creating this school system are also the ones who think with Reason. This is also the key reason, what rules will develop those, who are successful in schools.

Is there a fair social system??
The next very powerful mechanism is democratic social organisation. The Reason has with the democracy a very powerful opportunity, to overrule Instinct and Emotion. Maybe for people this can be a very good social organisation, but what I am going to explain in this topic, will actually surprise you. The Reason is very good aware that the Instinct because of his pessimistic view, does not at all goes to the polls, because he believes, that with his single vote will not change anything. Also the Emotion, who is Instincts right the opposite, stays at home, because his way of thinking is not future oriented. This is the reason that will of the people represents once again those who mainly think with Reason. And Reason yet once again decides about the fate of everyone.

Modern world is about thinking that money is answer to everything, ...
But Reason has a lot of more other ideas, how to gain more and more money. For this purpose he invented the casinos and gambling. This is the way that only Emotions can succumbs. The Emotion is also the only mind, who can be very addicted. The Reason also takes advantage of Instinct. The Instinct is ready to pay a high price for safety. So the Reason prepared for him a mechanism which convince him to buy drugs. The big companies that produce medicines and nutritions, insurance companies and similar institutions, are the best way that Reason can get Instincts money in his hands. Only the time can tell, when we all are going to eat some medicine. When Reason wants more money in his hands, because of the power, he also affect other Reasons institutions. Those mechanisms are dispossession of capitalists, nationalisation of their wealth, terrorism, inquisition. Those are a few out of many mechanisms that were constructed from Reason, to overrule Instinct and Emotion. But for both of them, the money is not direct but only indirect motive. The money is only motive for Reason. Instinct can with money provide himself a safety and allows Emotion to get things that he wishes. Those minds are actually not motivated for money but are going to job only because they do not have any other choice. And that can be directly related to their efficiency.

And now you're asking yourself, if it's possible to create fair society? The answer is yes. This will be society in which all three minds would have equal power. Intractable regime would achieve those, who will create a society in which every one of three minds would not prevail long-term over another. And we have first time in history this chance!

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I didn't see REI defined as an acronym... so I went to

You don't have it there either. It would have been good to start off the explanation of this theory with explaining what the acronym REI means. Thanks.

krnel, Hi! I think you'll find what you're looking for, hopefully, here:


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