Thought from author of REI theory about what is Happiness

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Accepting our house and our world is like playing cards and not looking at others or care what cards others have. It is true that with better cards we play more easier but since we don't play for the money but for the happiness, and who accept himself (his world and house), enjoys the game no matter what will be the end. He enjoys in companionship with others, in tension between the game and even in wining of someone else, and so he spend a great evening even if he didn't win – this time … But often happiness is unpredictable, especially because there are happening coincidences which are created by Life, and who plays game like that, can experience a surprise and win with bad cards in his hands at the end. But someone who does not accept his house and world by the table, can have his hands full of aces, he will be irritated, trembled, he will upset himself and others, he will be afraid that others may cheat on him, and he will behave in every way impossible and no one will like to play with him and maybe others will remove him from the game … and who is to blame? He never figure out that only himself! As accepting are not those cards in our hands, but our view on the game – life.

Eros, [psi]

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