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Unenthusiastic people, dissatisfied with their life often become those children whose parents want to give them everything while in childhood. Those parents buy them everything, do not give them any tasks or work to do in or around house, do not show them the boundaries of behavior this spoil the child. Some of those parents often do not accept themselves and are afraid their children will get the same complex as they did, because they do not have what they desire/want/wish. Therefore, the parent compensates the way, that his child gets everything instead of teaching them to be satisfied and happy without having or possessing everything. This is especially a common occurrence in families with a lower standard of living or vice versa by those, who at start were poor but managed to build a better life with their ambition, which is being driven by non-acceptance. This “best friend” concept can be harmful for the child, especially when the parent starts to believe that it is how it is and the child maybe does not even feel that way at some point. Such authoritative parenting is not the best. I think it is right and proper to be – as the parent – for your child on the first place and be his idol or at least a good example. However, it is crucial to teach the child how to think independently and with his own head, for him to recognize his responsibilities for every action he takes and that he learns to accept the diversities. These are the crucial elements of parenting.

Eros, [psi]

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