How can I explain haters

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In most cases, the haters does not self accept themselves. People are seeing what they want to see from their own perspective. Let me explain. There are a few different options possible as every mind (from REI theory), sees someone who is somehow successful, different. There are three main motives, why haters are reacting negatively to someone's success:

  • The main reason of those whose dominating mind is Instinct is, that they do not allow or indulge someone to have/be/behave or whatever is the case because they cannot accept someone who is more successful or in worst cases, it is just having a good laugh. The situation can go so far that this "hater" can indulge even that something bad happens to this successful person. Many times resulting in humiliation.

  • The main reason of those whose dominating mind is Emotion is, that they feel to this person too much competition. They are better at some point and in some ability. They stand out, and this is why they feel competition, not knowing that actually this person on the computer screen, does not represent to them any immediate or current competition. They are still experiencing everything within themselves. Many times resulting in sharp comments.

  • The main reason of those whose dominating mind is Reason is, that the other person is having something more than themselves. Such "haters" feel that they are left behind and that they do not benefit from successful people in any way. The result can be cold-blooded comments. But in many cases, those "haters" are in minority, because they don't feel experience direct feelings and emotions as those whose dominating mind is Instinct or Emotion.

There will be anytime people like this around us. Not because we want them but because we live in a world full of abuse. We manage to develop so far that we forget the genuine meanings of true values. Above are described values of the majority of people now a day. Those values are negative values in a situation when we experience a more successful person outside of us. Because the world is constantly forcing us to be competitive, look for the benefit and that we humiliate or somehow devaluate others, because those are normal values these days, the outcome as described above is expected. Keep in mind that we live in times where the negative values are desirable in the connection to success, yet at the same time, they bring us many other problems. The solution is to use our positive values and to find a work, place, and people, where we can function with those values.

There is a lot of people on the planet, and everyone is trying to show himself in a better way to others. But the truth is very different. We live a lie. Where "I" supposed to be in the first place, we have changed it to "You". To impress, to show ourselves in really good look, to meet what others expect, to do things BECAUSE of others. This is not the truth! We expect too much and do too little for ourselves to meet what our true positive values are.

If people do something that they want, and they are in it with the love and the heart and the body, there is no reason to stop doing that. There are a lot of dissatisfied (not self-accepting) people in the world and while they cannot accept themselves, they also (subconsciously) try to devalue others to feel accepted. This is our subconsciousness, not consciousness.

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You mentioned True Value... I have a feeling you're going to
be very interested in what I've been posting since May or 2017...

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Thank you! I am going to check it out, of course! ;)

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