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Our behaviour is the result of what our minds are thinking about and not so much the consequence of the way of its thinking. We certainly cannot change the way of our thinking but we can drastically change our thinking only and there is an important difference between those two statements. For example, one is driving with a kick scooter, another one with a bike, the third one with a car; all three can primarily drive to reach their goal, later change their mind and course, and proceed to another goal. However, this does not mean they travel with another vehicle this time. Even more, everyone knows only his own world and is therefore convinced of his belief that everybody else also uses the same transport as him and do not understand where the differences come from. For instance, if one reaches his goal faster, the other thinks “maybe he just was in rush with his kick scooter” – if an individual with a car noticed someone else to turn his car around in a narrow street with ease, he instantly concludes the car was small or the driven drove in reverse. All use the same expression for their transport: “vehicle” and even though we comprehend the differences between each other, we interpret those differences based on what defines that vehicle in our world.

Eros, [psi]

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