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This time, just a short thought, from the author of REI theory.

In life, we take thousands of decisions, on which it depends whether we will find happiness and love, friendship and health, as well as well-being. If we could always make the right decision at the right moment, everything would be accessible to everyone, but this is not life. People differ in that some learn from their mistakes, whereas others do not. Just remember your first unhappy crush or envy and excessive rivalry, which have destroyed so many friendships. Remember the obstacles that that made you feel stuck in a situation, despite their irrelevance. [psi] represents a new understanding of our mind, thus opening up a completely new insight into the worlds of our thoughts, attitudes and decisions. Because life depends on our ability to think, [psi] will not only be a book to you, but knowledge that you cannot afford not to have.

Our society through REI model
Explanation of Depression with REI theory
Subconscious actions cannot be explained by ourselves
Parenting through REI theory - indirectly
How to find the right partner
How does Reason (todays monetary system) takes advantage over Instinct and Emotion
Expressing affection - each mind do it on his own way
At which profession is individual mind successful
Educational system through REI theory and how can it be equitable for everyone
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Read about important attributes of the REI minds
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Read introduction of Theory REI


i am inspire about him from your post.
thank you for your post.@tadejbrunsek

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