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I loosed the hounds, and more than 100 were found.

Five beautiful poems selected
from global English verse & prose poetry on steemit
22nd ~ 24th June 2018

Photo by Marek Szturc on Unsplash

LIFE The Wedding Party in the Village by @ayijufridar
Ayi Jufridar is a journalist and writes creatively on steemit as well. Without an editor poring over his every word, he allows himself here to relate his feelings and thoughts at a typical wedding in Indonesia. How enjoyable it must have been!
the chunks of white rice began to cool,
no matter how hot the sunburned

TRUISM Which Sun by @billykeed
Feel the warm, summer vibe in this lovely short poem. Billy Keed brings unique perspectives to his ever widening reader base on steemit.
What you see
this morning
is your own light

REFUGEES While They Weep by @jcedwards
This poet handles an emotive topic with love and biblical allusion, in these heartfelt verses reminding us that anything we do, has a great and lasting impact on the youth.
Faith no longer feeds their souls
Ravaged lives filled with despair
Give them hope to lift them up
In times too rough to bear.

SPIRITISM Chant the Spirit Songs by @josediccus
This young Nigerian poet writes on various topics and in various styles. He also uploads video to DLive. In this poem, he creates vibrant fictional village scene in India.
In trances unseen, in dimensions untraveled
We gyrate in insane dances like rhythm unplugged

LOVE the barmen have retired by @lukakorba
You will enjoy this raw, urban poetry with sad, dark, and pensive perspectives.
don’t fall asleep before it’s closing time.
two tequilas with double lime,
and some salt to make it go down smooth.

Poems are selected on subjective criteria and reflect my personal taste.
Feel free to comment or join #poetsunited discord server.
If English is not your first language, we proofread and offer suggestions.

Thanks to @unipsycho for
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Are you a professional in writing poetry?
Many people in the world are master of writing in poetry .. I am a person who likes to read poetry, but it is difficult for me to write a poem .. Your post supports people who hung poetry, I love it, cool ..


Hello, I am glad you like the post. You can follow the discord invite in the post and we will chat further about your writing. We have a room called #draftroom where you can put poetry you want to have someone look at ;-). i will look at your steemit blog now.

thanks for commenting.

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How wonderful work!


Hello, friend. I recall seeing your steemit name before - and after looking at your posts, I am sure I read and commented on a poem by yourself a few days ago. Are you a poetsunited member?

I agree with you - the poems in the post are really nice. There were a few more which I decided to leave out otherwise the post would be too long. I will keep those blogs on a watch list for the next Hunt Curation ;-) Thanks for comment!


I am not member of any group and neither you have commented on poem . But we had a short conversation because I like to comment and share my opinions and you like it too. We had discussion on the subject called "Suicide" . All the best to you. You have a big responsibility to choose the best poem. Lots of good vibes.

Yours Reader


I know now - yes. Thank you for refreshing my memory. It was just yesterday. Glad to see you came to my blog my friend. Every encounter happens for good reasons. It is up to us to make it good. Peace to you.


Indeed, True and it was wonderful to know you remember my name . This is fast pacing world and a big Community , Hash-tag is just a small drop in a big sea. You are invited to my blog and spread your opinion in those little but impactful boxes.

Yours Reader

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I'm honoured to have my poem included with these excellent poem choices - thank you so much for the compliment on my work! I've upvoted and resteemed your post.

Nice post. The content of his poetry is good. I love it.