Earn Upto 1.25 SBD Per 1000 SP Delegation | OceanWhale Bot

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Earn Upto 1.25 SBD Per 1000 SP Delegation | OceanWhale Bot


Hello Steemians!

HERE @oceanwhale is sharing all of that what so ever it gain from the market among its delegators.

Every @oceanwhale User Will Receive 35+ Bonus Upvotes, which will help users with fewer resources to promote their Publications. we give an opportunity to our users to get visibility for their posts.

Every voting round will offer minimum of 10% return on your investment , every bid that is received after voting round is filled will be automatically moved to next voting round . And therefore avoid overbidding and make sure you actually earn profit when you purchase our vote.

@oceanwhale is the only non profitable bot running on steemit and want to work for your money.

If you want to delegate your steem power, I guarantee you that no one can able to give you 100% return on your delegation but oceanwhale does.

You may good and look the transfers done by @oceanwhale to its active delegator.

We want to create the best bot which can give value for both bidders and investors, if you want the best place and most trusted place to delegate your SP, you are at best place. oceanwhale is the best option your investment.

Delegate your SP to @oceanwhale and we will always make sure that our bid bot will never face any problem.

I also know that you may have invested you SP to someone else, but believe you will never regret to delegate your SP to @oceanwhale.

Please give us a chance to serve our service for you. and also get return of 100% of payout reward payout daily!

Support us!


We are giving maximum benefits to both customers & delegators.
We give 100% of our daily rewards to our delegators.

You can also earn!

  • You can also earn as a customer & taking part in bids. Use @oceanwhale for promotional purpose & get upvotes.
  • You can earn by delegating your Steem Power to @oceanwhale. Our 100% daily payout rewards are distributed in delegators.

How much are we giving?

We are giving 100% of our daily payout to our delegators. If we get 10 SBD daily then 10 SBDs will be distributed to our delgators according to their steem power delegations.

What are the Benefits?

  • Its a safe and comfortable way of earning money through your investments/Steem Power.

  • You don't have to do anything except delegating and then your will receive daily rewards onward, so one can earn a regular income through delegating some SP.

  • You will have full control of you delegated Steem Power so whenever you want to leave us to use it any other way then you can leave by only some clicks.

Is Delegation Safe?

Yes. Delegation is a feature that operates fully within the Steem blockchain. As you are only lending your Steem Power, you are still ultimately the owner of the Steem Power. You can also cancel your delegation anytime. (Note that canceling delegation will take 7 days to process, as enforced by Steem).

How Often Can I Receive my Payout?

Payouts will be given on a daily basis at 08:00 PST time. If You Delegated Steem Power today then You Will Receive your First Payout From Next Day Rewards.

How Much can I Delegate?

There is no limit. The more you delegate, the higher will be your absolute Steem returns.

To get 100% daily profit share, delegate US!

Bot Name Payout Delegate
@oceanwhale once per day Delegate

10 SP,20 SP,30 SP,40 SP,50 SP,75 SP,100 SP

150 SP,200 SP,250 SP,300 SP,400 SP,500 SP,1000 SP,2000 SP,2500 SP,3000 SP,4000 SP,5000 SP,6000 SP,7000 SP,8000 SP,9000 SP,10000 SP,15000 SP,20000 SP,25000 SP,30000 SP,35000 SP,40000 SP,45000 SP,50000 SP,60000 SP,70000 SP,80000 SP,90000 SP,100000 SP,150000 SP

or Fill in any amount of Steem Power.

How to update delegation?

If we have already delegated some Steem Power to @oceanwhale and now You want to increase or decrease the delegated SP then we redelegate the new amount. I mean if you already delegated 1000 SP to @oceanwhale and now you want to delegate more 500 SP then you have to delegate total amount and its total amount is 1500 so we will edit 1500 SP in the link above. If we mistakenly delegated 500 SP then only 500 SP will remain delegated to @oceanwhale and remaining 500 will be undelegated, so be clear that if you want to increase or decrease the delegation amount then rewrite the total amount you want to delegate.

OceanWhale Discord Support

OceanWhale Offers 24x7 Discord Support . Join Our Discord Server .


Resteem it to your followers!
Feel free to comment about any thing. Thanks ♥


If I increase my delegation from 10SP to 15SP, is the 15SP in effect immediately? or does the 10SP take 7 days to undelegate?

It will effect immediately. But You Will receive Updated Payout After Next Withdrawal.

You got a 65.16% upvote from @oceanwhale With 35+ Bonus Upvotes courtesy of @oceansbank! Delegate us Steem Power & get 100%daily rewards Payout! 20 SP, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500,1000 or Fill in any amount of SP Earn 1 SBD Per 1000 SP | Discord server

Thanks alot @oceanwhale for doing something great in steemit user.
I loved your article & your think.

Hey, I'm selling the domain resteem.it. Any chance that @oceanwhale would be interested?

Is @oceansbot still active?

@oceanwhale is this service still active?

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