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Good morning everyone! I hear you thinking: A Daily Dose at this time of day? Yes! Yesterday there were only two entries and one of them was not even poetry... So I decided to wait untill a bit later. And a bit later turned into today. So, there you have it!

I haven't writen any poetry in the last week myself, the reason for this is another kind of poetry called "javascript". Yes, javascript is also a form of poetry imo. Because when you write poetry you are trying to instill a certain emotion of state of mind into the reader and so, in javascript as well. The difference is the receiver, in the javascript case this is a computer. I have been working on the $upcom bot together with @yanosh01 and have started on some new projects as well... If you have not done so yet, I would like to ask yo to give Yanosh01 one of your witness votes, no witnesses no Steemit and you have 30 votes, so why not support him back?

But, back to real poetry now, we had only a few entries and I ended up with this order:

The cream of the crop today was, imo, this unforgettable poem called "Amnesia" by @dhaarmiie. I have often yearned for amnesia myself but I seem to be cursed/blessed with the memory of an elephant. But, wouldn't it be great to only remember the good stuff from life and just delete the bad from your mind? 




Second today came in @gumegxgolom's poem "You are a great women" which is, no surprise, a love poem. I think the "women" in the title should be "woman" singular, or maybe not... I love how he uses the image of himself to explain his love...

"You are a great women"


Third and final today came @vegaron with his narrative poem "Other half". It describes love in a very everyday kind of way through the senses of the lover. Great images and very recognizable feelings.


"Other half"



That's all for now people! Keep them coming even though Steem prices are low...


Just thought to inform you guys about our First Poetry Contest which was introduced few days ago. Please click on the Link for more information and to be a part of it.

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I could relate well to Amnesia by @dhaarmiie when I read it earlier today. I am sure I will enjoy reading the other poems as well. Thanks for such a nice daily poetry dose as well as your work with @yanosh01 on the java poem titled upcom ;-) It has good intention and message. I've deployed it a few times today - I think it is a great idea to encourage those interesting minds that we come across out here on the platform to not only keep writing poetry but also to join the united effort.

You guys writing the code and making it all work so nicely - so valuable - thanks again.


Thank you for the great comment :) You have been Upvoted By @poetsunit courtesy @angelveselinov with the new $upcom command @poetsunit . Part of the Basic Subscription Pack @poetsunited . Enjoy :)