Boatsports90's Poem Adventures - I Might be a Dad Today

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I Might be a Dad Today

Today is finally the big day
We’ve almost made it the whole way
My wife will be induced here soon
Hopefully it will be before noon
They already called and pushed us back
The waiting is actually driving me whack
What if they move it to next week?
That won’t work, I’d probably freak
Her due date was a week and a half ago
Her blood pressure isn’t staying so low
It’s time for baby to come out and say “Hi”
The morning is barely creeping by
This is all a new experience for me
What to expect? What will I see?
Actually, I’m not sure I want to look
That would probably leave me shook
It’ll be hard seeing her in so much pain
But I have to be strong and keep her sane
It’s not about me or what I feel
Just that baby comes and lets out a squeal
Is it a boy or girl? We still don’t know
We’ve come this far, only a little to go
Wish us luck throughout today
It’s going to be a hell of a Friday

There you have it. I am really trying to kill some time and keep my mind off everything. I was hoping we would get a call and I wouldn't be able to finish, but that was not the case. Hopefully we will be in the hospital soon. I will be sure to do a post later on how everything went and post a pic of baby Sheets!

I am still open to more suggestions. Give me a topic and I'll do my damnedest to write a poem for you. It can literally be about anything - happy, sad, funny, depressing, whatevs. If you want a personal poem or something specific, please be sure to give me enough information or anything that you would want included. Hopefully this will catch some speed and a lot of people will want their very own personalized poem. If my poem meets your standards, then all I ask for is a resteem to spread the joy. Thanks for reading and let's hear some ideas!

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Good luck @boatsports90.
Enjoy these moments, it will be stange but once the baby is there you will be a dad :)


Thank you sir! Just kinda hanging out waiting for some serious labor to kick in 😂

Definitely excited to be a dad though!

Congrats on your new addition!!

Congratulations on the new arrival to your family! I'm curious as to how one prepares for the arrival of a new child. I enjoyed your poem! I'm following and upvoted this post!


Thank you! I guess there's not but so many ways to prepare, we have a place for them to sleep, clothes to wear, and a bunch of diapers - that pretty much covers most of it I guess, haha. Sometime soon I'll do a post (maybe poem) on my experiences and the new baby


Best of luck to you and I hope it all works out fine!