Boatsports90's Poem Adventures - For I am but a Cat

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This is just a little cat poem I came up with. Don't get your hopes up too much, but I still thought it might brighten your day. Hope you enjoy!

For I am but a Cat

For I am but a cat
If I want, I’ll get fat
I’ll hide in this hat
Don’t look, I shat
Come here little rat
I’ll make you flat
I’ll show you combat
Oh, there’s a gnat
I made it go splat
I’m quite the acrobat
And fun to look at
The world is my habitat
I sleep on the door mat
No, let’s not chat
Give me a little pat
No more of that
For I am but a cat

There you have it. Once I realized how many words rhymed with 'cat' I figured I'd go with it. If it made anyone smile at least once, then it was worth it. If this happens to be your first time reading one of my poems, I promise my others have more substance and aren't about cats, ha! Check em out below!

I am still open to more suggestions. Give me a topic and I'll do my damnedest to write a poem for you. It can literally be about anything - happy, sad, funny, depressing, whatevs. If you want a personal poem or something specific, please be sure to give me enough information or anything that you would want included. Hopefully this will catch some speed and a lot of people will want their very own personalized poem. If my poem meets your standards, then all I ask for is a resteem to spread the joy. Thanks for reading and let's hear some ideas!

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