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Steem Poker League

Let me tell you a little about SPL
I’ve gotten to know them pretty well
It’s a completely free poker site
Yes, you absolutely heard that right
There is no cost and you win SBD
Freerolls are always running daily
Hop in a game to see if you can place
Easy now, this isn’t a race
You gotta be patient, hold on to your stack
All in first hand? Man you’re whack
Let’s get to know a few of the crew
Go ahead and grab yourself a brew
The guy in charge goes by Tuck
Stay on his good side, with some luck
@bethalea is our team mom
Some say she’s even the bomb
@bigpchef is our weed guy
No, don’t contact him to buy
@nicnas helps out and runs community casino
Check it out, even if my hand always blows
@Kryptik kind of came out of nowhere
I hear he likes to draw dick pics, don’t stare
@Dontstopmenow is the SPL God of donating
Try to catch him, we’ll be waiting
@Themarkymark runs @buildawhale
If that doesn’t convince you, you’re pretty stale
@Ats-david showed up and is good for business
Give him some love, vote @ats-witness
@blocktrades also gives us some votes
How sweet is that? Totes McGotes!
@rawdawg is probably my favorite name
It’s a sex joke, so you know it’s not lame
I can’t list off everyone who makes this great
That would take too long, and it’s getting late
So don’t be offended, don’t feel left out
You’re all super special, without a doubt
So let’s get to the important conclusion
Pay attention so there’s no confusion
Sign up for the Steem Poker League today
Put your game face on, it’s time to play

I hope y'all enjoyed that as much as I did. If you like poker and haven't checked it out yet, I highly suggest you do. It really is an absolute blast! If you have any questions, feel free to post them below or check out @tuck-fheman.
I am still open to more suggestions. Give me a topic and I'll do my damnedest to write a poem for you. It can literally be about anything - happy, sad, funny, depressing, whatevs. If you want a personal poem or something specific, please be sure to give me enough information or anything that you would want included. Hopefully this will catch some speed and a lot of people will want their very own personalized poem. If my poem meets your standards, then all I ask for is a resteem to spread the joy. Thanks for reading and let's hear some ideas!

50% of post rewards will be donated back to SPL to help fund more freerolls!

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This rhyme ain't bust
Your chips collect dust.
You're raising with air
This ain't solitaire.

You didn't hold back
You increased your stack.
You impressed me
With your word EV.


Yes! Start up a poem blog! Oh yea, I still need to do one on wine, I'll dedicate it to you 😄


Braveboat hella deserves a wine poem! @braveboat I think you chose the right subject.. this is right up @boastsports alley.. ;)


That's not wine! That's Jameson! Actually there's another idea, the different drunks between different alcohols. haha


Thank you sir! Definitely enjoyed coming up with it, haha

This is awesome. You’re a poet and I didn’t even know it. :)


Thank you sir! Yea I kinda bullshitted my way into poetry and it worked, so might as well stick with it, haha

LEGOO more free roles! haha holy shiiit "totes McGotes" thats hilarious. I used to go to school with a kid and his last name was McGourty so we always called him that.

**** man, you couldn't of told me some of this stuff earlier. "patient and hold your stack" that doesn't exist over here.

This poem is gonna transform me into a top Poker star ;)


Hahaha that's great. Glad yoh enjoyed it! 😂 if I can write poems to make people better at poker then I think that would deserve a lot

Funny stuff man. I get in on a free role from time to time. Always a good time.

You gave me a good laugh boats, thanks.


Yessir glad you enjoyed it!

'some say' she's the bomb?!?!?!??



hahaha, it sounded better, ok?!?

Again a solid poem. I think you found another niche man. I started thinking about if I could write a poem, I needed a starting point. I quickly found myself rapping Warning by Biggie Smalls... Now I know I can’t join your poem gang.


Thank ya sir! I definitely enjoy it and there's pretty much unlimited topics to do. hahaha, that's great, it was a worth a shot anyways

Is this Texas holdem poker site legit?

and we can win some SBD? My mother always said if its always too good to be tru than it aint


It is legit. It's a freeroll site. The important thing to do is to support the SPL (upvote posts from @SPL and @Tuck-fheman). We have some great freeroll tournaments going, but we need everyone's support to keep them going on. You will need a reputation of 35 and to publish a introduce yourself post in order to get accepted to play.


Mostly Texas Holdem, but they have other games too. Yessir sure can! It's funded by the posts on @tuck-fheman's blog. You win "chips" but then you can cash them out and get sbd sent to your account