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The only downvotes on this post at the time of this edit belong to the scammer/thief therealwolf and his platform smartmarket which a part of smartsteem. They are both extremely high value downvotes and those 2 alone put this post along w/ many other comments and post below the show threshold. This is intentionally done to try and hid the "pictures for proof" i've posted. This isn't my word against his, every SBD/STEEM is trackable on the blockchains and everything I say here can be verified if you find my pictures insufficient evidence.

This is a "service" provided by @therealwolf that constantly misrepresents it's earnings and payout figures and sometimes just straight up jacks the money. Guess it depends on his mood. My last post was a charity post with all earning going to Child Advocates and this asshole essentially just stole money from abused children so ya there's also that. Now here's this pics for proof incase you don't want to go searching through the blockchain to verify this for yourself.

20.00 SBD $48.66 9.93% $70.54 /life/@prometheusrisen/hugs-not-hits .... $70.54 vote value

Smartsteem has voted on the post and its only at $39.84 total

This isn't a one time deal either, the comment sections are filled with people asking where their money went to, some people pay for votes and then just flat out don't receive them. I guess in retrospect I should feel good this guy @therealwolf only fleeced me for a couple points on my money instead of just jacking it entirely like he did to this guy.

[-]dreamm (54) · 14 hours ago
WTF? why did i get a 0.00 upvote?


You got a 33.33% upvote from @bid4joy courtesy of @prometheusrisen!

You sent $20 sbd & getting $20 sbd in payout minus pennies plus 7 steempower!
your netting a +35% gain here not losing money, your picture proves it!
If your for charity can you show us some pictures of you giving them money past or present?
The math here is not easy and you clearly donot understand it. If you go to the page you took one snapshot from smartsteem & many bots moved to a 10% maximum gain -10% maximum loss, you are going to net +35% gain do you better understand it yet? & i donot like therealwolf, I am a catman IMG_20180514_091605_808.jpg
Also they all lower the % as post promotion is supposed to cost money not earn it, if your new & want to trend you gotta pay to play! Then hopefully your noticed & can rake in some organic votes! I like @thundercurator hand votes & gives 300% upvote but is new & growing! The 2nd best imo are @smartmarket & @minnowbooster but always tapped out giving +200% upvotes.
Also timing is involved, if within the first 30 minutes the values go down as curation %'s change during this time paying out more so your voted a lesser %. I also disagree with the downvotes as this is supposed to be a censorship free platform & @therealwolf comments along with your proof would earn him more business if seen and not hidden.

No reply huh... Admitting you were wrong shows how big a man you are or can you not provide proof of your charitable donations?

just to tell you the ammount of SBD and STEEL showing in steemit isn't the same as the payout becuase it hold the curation too so if you calculate it you need to do SBD75%+STEEM75% so the ammount is 2075%= 15 SBD and 775%=5 steem anyway he have his roi +10% anyway because 1 steem = 1.3 sbd so 5 * 1.3 = 6.5 sbd

Thanks guess I did leave curation out 😂👍

For the sake of simplicity, let's assume curators get no part of the payout (which isn't the case). Half of your payout will be payed as SBD. So for a $40 post, you'll get 20 SBD and $20 worth of Steem Power. The value of SBD fluctuates a lot, but right now, 1 SBD is worth $2.54.

That means you'll earn $50.80 worth of SBD (20 SBD) and $20 worth of Steem Power, for a total of $70.80.

You can easily see the pending payout of the post bro ... I PUT A FUCKING PICTURE OF IT ... stop the lies stop the scams. Here it is again incase someone gets suckered in by reading your bullshit

Tell me again about that payout and the value and how you came up with those numbers in your post LIKE I DONT HAVE PICTURES FOR PROVE YOU SACK O SHIT

No need for name calling. It seems you're getting mad because you don't know how the system works. It's okay to not know, it's a very complicated system, and it's tough to know all the intricacies.

LMAO went from here's the numbers o o o got called out on your BS with PICS FOR PROVE like I always have, these aren't unverified claims, I'm not attacking your intelligence, I'm attacking your character for the reveal you just did when OPENLY LYING. I' m mad because I was scammed and when I tried to politely ask what was going on I was booted from discord and my comments were downvoted. Then @therealwolfs army starts showing up with BS LIES LIKE YOURS and when i PROVE THEY ARE LIES WITH PICTURES SHOWING THE LIES you still try to spin it. I'll give it to ya, it's either balls or batshit crazy to continue your argument when theres a pic showing you are lying. Most people cut and run when outed ... must be part of the @therealwolfs army of double down on the lie scammers. You keep repeating your lies, I'll keep posting pictures proving you're lying.

ok, so, im a little confused.....
ure saying u got scammed right.... but so's this guy..

•[-]leewilliamson (-5) · 21 hours ago
@therealwolf 's created platform smartsteem scammed my post this morning (mothersday) that was supposed to be for an Abused Childrens Charity. Dude literally stole from abused children that don't have mothers ... on mothersday.

1 vote
(spam on my post, that u DIDNT EVEN BOTHER VOTING incidentally)

so which one is it?

so, basically, ure pissing off people that dont even have anything to do with the service ure pissed at....

hows that working for you?
think im gonna jump on the bandwagon and start downvoting ure shit.
congratulations. u 'made the list'

Please post the math for me to tell me why I'm wrong. I don't understand what you're trying to tell me with the photo.

Dude, this screenshot literally shows what @tangerinetravels said above. You receive 20 SBD (about 50$) and 7 Steem (about 24$) so 74$ in total, so exactly what you ought to receive.

10 hours ago
7e7329a8Smartsteem smartsteem upvote @prometheusrisen/hugs-not-hits (9.03%)

@smartsteem - 64.138
527.501 STEEM
$5970.788 SBD

2,237,623.817 SP Your 9% upvote is worth:

Calculator $37.60

$37.60 *.75 = $28.20 which would be more than a 10% return so my math is probably off. lol

Take into account the USD values of SBD and Steem at the time of upvote and do your math again. I'm sure, you will get it right.

i upvoted and followed you @mysearchisover PLease upvote me. thank you for this comment i learnt a thig or two about how to calculate

I just upvoted your blog post. You might want to sign up for @dustsweeper.

Just read the post again and realized you don’t know how to do math lol you didn’t even lose money at all dude. U sent 20 SBD and got a 20 SBD upvote, the only reason it’s right under 20 is because of the steem price downtrend. You’re actually lucky they didn’t destroy your account rep for calling them scammers.

My pleasure, just trying to keep others from getting scammed like I did. The guys super rich and he's stealing money from abused children ... was really hoping the steemit community was a better place than this.

Thanks for the warning, I'll keep my eyes open.

My pleasure. It's really my fault, had I looked into it more I would have seen all the comments, it just seemed like so many big steemians were using it so it must be ok. I'm kind of assuming it only works how it says it does if you're on his whitelist if it does at all ... but maybe it is just a straight scam.

Math is hard. If you can't do it, someone could help you. This is not a scam it is you not understanding how it works.

Man you are a douchenozzle! You're spamming other peoples' posts randomly claiming that you were ripped off, when in fact, you are just too stupid to realize how the payouts work! And even worse, when other users try to explain it to you, you then start attacking them!

Stop for a minute, take a deep breath, then reread the comments that others have left below explaining things to you. The main point that you fail to understand is that 1 SBD does not equate to $1 USD.

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