@SteemCreations FREE digital artwork/photography/services For steemians By steemians

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Hey steemians, most of you probably never heard of this project so let me introduce it and the idea behind it.

The main goal is to ensure free digital artwork/photography and services for every user of this platform while giving back and supporting the authors who contribute their work.

The idea is to add value and help the community grow and support it's users. And to create a place where you can find all the artwork you need for your blog/post.

How it works

For authors who share their work

  • By contributing to #steemcreations tag you are giving away your artwork to the community to use it for free
  • By doing that you help grow and add value to the community
  • And in return you get love and respect /upvotes/resteems/mentions giving you more visibility on STEEMIT and increasing your payouts
  • Also all work from steemcreations will be featured in SteemChallanges giving you even more visibility

For steemians who want to use the artwork

  • Upvote or resteem authors post
  • If the post is older than 7 days mention the author
    Optional: send a tip to the author to show your gratitude

How to share your work:

  • Simply use the #steemcreations tag
  • Add @steemcreations or steemcreations to the post title
  • Write few sentences about the project and what it's about to let people know your work is available and free to use

How to support the project:

  • Contribute by sharing your work by using #steemcreations tag
  • Use steem generated artwork for your posts
  • Resteem or upvote this post
  • Donate to @steemcreations
  • Delegate some SP

Note: all donations and delegations will be used exclusively to support the authors and to boost visibility of @steemcreations posts.

Now lets take a look at some of the work we already got contributed by awesome members of the STEEMIT community in the past month since @steemcreations project has started

Let me introduce you our newest member a very talented artist @gabocarranza

He makes very interesting and creative drawings and turns them into digital art with a little bit of help from photoshop

See his post here

Awesome custom gifs by: @malos10

Thank you for your awesome gifs @malos10 looking forward to seeing more of your work in #steemcreations



U5dqosAkkWSKe1KAhCPTEajZBeQJj7H (1).gif


Very cool long exposure image from @glyuk63

Wish you would share more of your work @glyuk63 - you do some great photography man; I'm sure people would love to use them for their posts

Evening city

Creative yin-yang desing from @bitrocker2020

and a custom gif that you can easily make on your own following the instructions in his post

Animated logo

Yin-Yang island

Awesome 3d steem logo designs by @dandesign86

Great work man! Keep it up. Also congratz on wining @officialfuzzy logo design contest (:




We also got some nice digital art from @mihaisyblu

Nice photoshop skills man!

Meeting in Africa

Storm on the Island

Last but not least is me @runicar

and my contributions and efforts to promote @steemcreations on my main blog. I organize weekly contests and art giveaways in an effort to bring more attention to the project. Here are some of my contributions.

Current Fractal art contest
Last weeks Fractal art contest
Vector Art
Banner giveaway

As you can see we already got some really talented steemians sharing their work with the community. I will do my best to reward each and every contribution to #steemcreations
Note: all attempts to miss-use the tag to get upvotes/exposure will be punished with a 100% down vote from @runicar

This is just the beginning of a great story that you will help me write. Stick around and follow @steemcreations and @runicar for many design inspired contests and giveaways.

Lastly I would like to once again say thank you to all contributors and supporters of the project because without you this wouldn't be possible.

I wish there will be many more of you in the future using this great opportunity to contribute and give back to such a positive and loving community STEEMIT is!

As always have a great day and steem on.



upvoted and resteemed !

damn I put the wrong link in and upvote your comment instead of the post :( would appreciate if you send the funds back to @runicar or @steemcreations when you get them so I can use them to further support the project.

No worries ill make sure u get it back

Ok how do i send it back to u?

Normally as you would through wallet transaction.

It says it pays out in 4 days when it comes to my wallet it will say @runicar or @steemian sent? Im new to this so i can refund u

Thank you, means a lot!

I would say this is the wolf of steemit


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grate for authors I will check my portfolio to contribute to the community ,For steemians By steemians

hey dear @alexandravart glad you found @steemcreations
your contributions will be highly appreciated!

I started creating a post for @steemcreations but I am so new to this platform and there are things I do not know about it, specially about contest and challenges .
Can I make a post with all the artworks that I want to share in this project ? or I should make a post for each artwork and use the tag and the title steemcreations ?

It would be better to post them separetly or atleast not more than 2 per post. You can title it whatever you want just include @steemcreations somewhere in the title (:

Fantastic! Love your style, very futiristic and abstract.
Upvoted and will resteem with @steemcreations
looking forward to see more of your work.

Very great for the platform!
I look forward to participating.
Steem On :)

Glad you like it :)
Looking forward to see what you make.

Hey, this is cool.

Will add a few of my self created gifs and other stuff around steemit.

hey @detlev glad to have you onboard the #steemcreations spaceship!
looking forward for your contributions!

Wow, it's amazing and full of energy...

Thank you (: so is your handmade jewlery, very creative. Followed!

Thank you! I can't wait to play around making stuff for other members. I love this idea!

@dandesign86 Love them Thank you!!!

glad you do (: looking forward for your contributions

This is a cool project. I will most assuredly contribute the one and other.

glad you like it and to have you onboard!
can't wait to see what you make (:

I'll vote for you, comment, you follow me, vote comments. Please.

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This is a nice project..i don't know about it..but finally i know about that..thnx for sharing this news with us.

Perfect initiative for the perfect community. 👌 upvoted, followed and resteemed.

Much apreciated! Glad you like it.

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Great picture

Amazing Dog bla bla

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A lot of great art work, thanks for showing the art named poseidon ! Upped and resteemed !👍👍👍


Awesome project @runicar . I found this because you posted it on our @SteemitBC discord server. Thanks.

Thanks for your support (:

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This is a very cool idea and I'm proud to see such talent be recognized and celebrated within this vibrant community.

Well done!

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