How to Delegate Steem Power the easy way if you have over 30 SP you can delegate. (Minnowsupport)

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Hey steemers,

Quick video on delegation to any one who wants to share the love. Real simple way!

Thanks for watching.

Step 1:

In order to Delegate SP you need to convert to Vests its a bit tricky.

  1. in order to find your numbers go to and look for steem_per_mvests.
  2. you want to calculate 1,000,000 and divide the steem_per_mvests and multiple by amount of steem power you want to delegate.

Step 2:

Here is an example where I delegated 100 SP to @minnowsupport you must use the link below from VESTS#

where it says my user name zeartul you would replace with your name and I will be delegating to minnowsupport and my vests for 100 Steem power are 207998.115079 make sure you have 6 digits after the decimal or you will get an error.

Step 3:

You copy that URL and paste into your browser and you will see a screen like this with your name and the account you are going to delegate to which for me is minnowsupport

after you click continue it will ask for you user name and your active key, make sure to not use your owner key.

once its confirmed you will see a message saying succes.

You cannot power down delegated SP. If you want to take back the delegation just enter 0.000000 for the vests.

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Get informed and Join the future:


For those with confusion on the formula, here's the deal:

(1000000/steem_per_mvests) x SP
where steem_per_mvests can be found here: and SP is the # of Steem Power you want to delegate.

i.e. I want to delegate 50, steem_per_mvests is currently 483.211, so...

( 2069.489312)x50

103,474.465606 remembering it must go to 6 decimal places.

ALSO when copying the link the author provided, be sure to include the VESTS# in what you copy, or it won't work.

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Yup awesome man! Thank you for elaborating.

Im new what. Is this mean

If you have enough over 30 Steem power you can share it to who ever you want. Having more SP means you have more voting weight.

I have made this a bit simpler: Simple SP Delegation UI. :)
The steemconnect automatically convert VESTS to SP.

That is great thank you. Mind if I make a post on it?

Go ahead, thanks!

wow dude this rocks, thanks!

@justyy I seem to get an error when i try to use your tool. Any idea why?

Hi, you have only 6.6 SP (in other words you can't delegate SP that don't belong to you)

Thanks for making the video. Between that and a trip over to the awesome Peace, Abundance and Liberty discord channel, I had no problem delegating some SP.

Awesome glad you got to be able to share your SP.

Hi, Thanks so much for this post - only last week I was wondering how to delegate some of my SP as my two children are recently joined steem and I want to support them but giving them extra SP!

So I am so happy to find this post as before all I had found was how to do it via using complicated programming language - too scary for me!

I wonder if you delegate your SP to others, whether as new Steem is created and those with Steem Power are allocated their share (to mitigate the inflationary effect), this steem is given to the actual SP holder or the person delegated this. Does anyone know this?!

Have a beautiful day y'all ;-)

Hey sorry for your question not being answered , no new steem does not migrate to them. The only SP is the one you delegate to them.

thanks so much ;-)

thanks. now i know how to delegate power, how can i undelegate back tho?

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After you are done delegating do the same steps but now enter, 0.000000

Than once you confirm you have a 7 day waiting period.

Definitely following you for informative Post like this, heads up to more posting on Steemit

Thank you very much for the follow! I appreciate it.

Critical Question: This post is suggesting people go over to and enter their credentials. But who is the owner of and why should we be entering our credentials there in order to delegate on (the official site)? Per this: the owner is Marino Fabien in France. Why is this person the intermediary for this type of transaction? Is there a possibility this is a Phishing scam to enter your key into a site that can then log it and use it improperly? Can someone knowledgeable in the Steemit Community please advise asap? Thanks in advance! is the site ( is a tool.

And the official site is, not Don't worry it is crediable.

Thank you for sharing this information

Any time make sure to follow for more info.

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