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Today I want to continue the story about my little trip to the local nature. The first articles you can see here (1, 2, 3).

These landscapes are also located near the village of Nagorskoye. I like to photograph nature in this there is something soothing and interesting.

You can enjoy these clouds for a long time, they are simply incredible in size.

The forest in the distance seems so beautiful that I want to approach it more closely.

And here you can see two roads descending from a downhill slope.

At this point a very interesting tree grows, it attracted my attention.

And here the road is very winding on it you can reach the forest.

Thank you for watching!

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so beautiful , thanks for sharing , I'll be glad if you would like to check my photos too, thanks.

This is why I love steemit
I get to see such marvellous photographs here and talented photographers like you

great country side - i now follow you and hope you will enjoy my art and music too - if you have time -D

You can download a free filter for landscapes (Lightroom)