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Yesterday was a great day. I love to travel around the local nature. Here you can see the first two parts of my little trip (1,2).

After driving further from the village of Nagorskoye, we noticed a small pond surrounded by furry reeds not far from the road.

It was already a late evening and the sun was setting over the horizon, so the photos turned out to be very warm and sunny.

I like how clouds are reflected in the water. In the evening it appears light pink. Also in the middle of the pond, you can see the wheel, it seems as if it is the place itself, it fits well into the resulting background.

And from this side of the pond there are many algae and even more reeds grow.

Near the pond is a dense forest and a lot of green grass.

And finally some more photos with the reflection of clouds in the water, it's so beautiful!

Thank you for watching!

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Excellent places for walking, I like to walk around like that. Lovely photos!

nice pics.

Beautiful.Nice capturing.By the way you too beautiful. ;)

Thank you so much:)

Красивое место :)


The reflection works really well with these evening colors!

Thank you very much!! )


Such a great scenery you have there @milaoz I really love to see places like that. Thank you for sharing those moments with us. Happy steeming ! Please do follow me on Steemit! Thanks buddy!

Great pics! Smooth water reflecting the colors of the sky and clouds.

So peaceful. Love the reflections on the still water.