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in photography •  3 years ago  (edited)

Friends, today I visited a very beautiful place near a small village called Nagorskoye. 

The village got its name because of the large slope going sharply down to the big field. 

Here I have already descended down from the cliff and decided to take pictures of very lush clouds, they were so beautiful.

Still attracted my attention are a few houses built right above the descent down to the big field. 

It's very cool to live in such a place and watch the nature from high.

Here on this road I went down to a large glade.

I really liked this place and the weather that day was very good and there was an excellent light for the photos, so I got a minimum of photo processing.

Thank you for watching!

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Positives vibes on theses pictures

This is beautiful

real russian landscapes!!... what is the camera and lens?

Really naturally beautiful pics!

Beautiful photos

Wou, is beautiful. Gracias por compartir, es un lugar mágico, calmado, lleno de paz. Grandiosas fotos.

Beautiful! So this is where the old windows XP screensaver picture was taken! :D