Freewrite #211 Prompt: Swing - Childhood Memories

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Childhood Memories


Day 211: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: swing by @mariannewest

I woke up this morning and decided to seek out @mariannewest’s five minute freewrite to see if I could write a decent story in five minutes given I'm one of those people that agonise about every word I write and often re-write blogs numerous times before hitting the post button.

At this stage it's still not uncommon for me to reread and edit post publish. Lucky for my OCD, Steemit only gives me seven days to do so before it's seared into the blockchain for all eternity never to be changed again. Im hoping through things like this freewrite to reduce this.

Freewrite Now!

Prompt: Swing

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sun was high in the sky with not a cloud to be seen. I looked out the window to see the children playing on the swing their dad had made for them years before.

The oldest two of the three had managed to squeeze on the wooden plank with the youngest doing her best to push their combined weight when suddenly I heard a crack, then the thud and finally the screams.

The old swing ropes had snapped under the pressure and the eldest two were in a crumpled mess in the dirt, tears streaming down their faces as the youngest looked upon the whole scene with a smirk that was so desperately hiding a laugh...

This is actually a true atory written through the eyes of my mother. I was the eldest in the dirt crying.

Time flies when you're having fun.

Wow, that is not long when you are writing, may not help that I am doing it on my phone while walking on the treadmill but in the world of multitasking and competing priorities, time is in short supply so multitasking is the way.

I have to apologize as I think I may have even gone over by 30 seconds to finish it up.

Thanks for taking the time to read my #freewrite. I enjoyed writing it and think I may do more of these going forward. Thoughts?

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  ·  last year (edited)

Growing up, I wasn't sure if devices like swings , monkey bars and min-merry-go-rounds were created to cull excess child population or to produce practice patients for pediatricians?!

Namaste, JaiChai

BTW, you still can fix "atory" to "story"...


Haha so true! Either way someone wins. But im not sure it was just to cull kiddlets. As druck adults are often the ones harmed from these devices. Lol.

The fact that you did this on your phone while walking on a treadmill is way beyond me! LOL I could almost feel the sun beating down on me! You should try the free write when you have some free time (I know, who the hell has free time!?). :)


Hsha yes free time is quite illusive. I could stip the gym but then Id have to stop chocolate and who wants to do something like that. I will have to find some time to focus on it instead of multitask but I'm sure there will also be many tredmill stories to tell.

Maybe I should start a treadmill series, lol.


haha, I thought the same! there's freewriting... and there's threadmill-freewriting. :D I guess you invented a new sport. Thanks for sharing it. Now, for the first time I got here because of a link in Discord. And I'm glad!

Also, this freewriting thing, might be something I want to try out soon too! Must be the ultimate "perfectionism-killer".


This is a very detailed story that gives so much imagery for the reader. I feel like I'm there playing with them. Freewriting is so much fun and really helps to hone the craft of writing. I can be very OCD with my writing too so I totally understand where you are coming from. Love the short story!


Thank you Ivy A.K.A. @socent, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. The sorey story helped a little with my OCD, so I may have to do some more. Thank you for stopping by. 😁


Well I hope you do more and share them :)


@socent I hope to get back to them soon, since getting approval to fly to pick up our son, life has been full on. lol. exciting times ahead. 😆

Wow you did this while walking on the treadmill??? You are on whole new level @insideoutlet. I think you are very good at it. You could think of a real memory to write about. I can't think much with such time constraint Hahaha. I too joined freewrite recently. Boy, it is challenging too for me because I do not like spelling errors so I too would check and edit my posts to make them sound better and more compact. Freewrite is making me throwing all these out if the window!! Not sure how many freeewrites I can survive, but let's try this some more, shall we?? :)


Im in, the reason I tried a freewrite was because I saw you write your first one in the post promo. It reminded me to give it a go.

Im on the tredmill for 35 minutes four too five times a week. But would like to find five minutes with my computer as I can type heaps faster and hope I can get a decent short story up.

In all honesty I wrote it in the five minutes and then corrected the spelling. If I didn't you wouldn't have been able to make much sense of it. I'm not a great at spelling. I look forward to seeing your next freewrite.


Hahaha you read mine, really? Wow I'm flattered :P I love your honesty. Sometimes I too read back and edit, especially if I can feel my mistakes right after I typed it. We will get better at this! Let's do this! :)

Pretty solid effort for 5min! LoL I can imagine that scene happening here except my youngest would have either been outright wetting himself laughing or if his siblings were really bawling would have come racing inside in sheer panic to get me XD

Obviously you were all fine in the end or have you never gotten back on a swing since that fateful day ;D



Haha, if it were my brother, the middle one. He would have been wetting himself but he was in the pile crying on this occasion lol.

I still love a good swing so no permanent damage done. Lol

I love this! Of course you were one among the heap on the ground haha

I've been meaning to to a 5 minute free write as well, but there just never seems to be the time! And yes, I realize I'm talking to the person who just wrote this on a treadmill lol


Of course, it's no fun on the sidelines. I'm sure if you found 5 minutes for the treadmill then you could find five but you priorties are a little more pressing than mine, so dobt be tp hard on yourself. Plus 5 mins is never 5 mins on Steemit, as posting it is only the begininning. Especially if you want some views, thers discord to share it to, which involves more time to find quality to engage with. All fun and games.

My memeory too swi gs to my childhood with the swings story. @insideoutlet swings are always a parr of everyone matter wat many would have some fabulos memoriea...


Swings are fun and sonething I think even adults can enjoy. I mean who doesn't love the idea of flying.

did you hart at that time @insideoutlet?, I can imagine how panic your mom was. Remembering the old memories can bring the happiness inside.

your write indeed bring me to my old memory too...thanks


Im not sure if she was panicked, as after she realizedwr wernt seriously hurt she just gotmad that dad didn't check it more often lol.

This is great!!! Yes, 5 minutes go by fast - but we are not sticklers over here. I am so glad you gave it a try and hope to see you around often!!


I will be back. It was nice and one of the reasons I came to Steemit. To write and explore my life creative side. It's sad it's taken me this long to remeber that. It's so easy to get caught up in it all.


For sure. We are here every day with a new prompt :)

Hahaha, I share your same habit of re-reads and re-writes... agonising must-dos... ;) I actually thought you were the mum in the story! I did one or two marianne's freewrites but then my OCD (shhhh!) got the better of me.. lol. Good luck to you... :))


With any luck Ill be able to reduce my OCD through multiple #freewrite's. I tried again with a three prompt story. It got a bit messy but I posted it anyway , which was against all my OCD standards lol... thanks for checking it out.

Bravo, a lovely little story in just 5 minutes (+ 30 seconds - but whose counting?)

I should caution against doing this on the treadmill, it could've led to an even worse disaster; but then we know what you would've done with the result...

Written a lovely "freewrite" sometime in the future!


The treadmill counts for me so its a great way to keep time. Today I only have two minutes ledt so Im responding to all the lovely people who took the time to read my post.


Thank-you for taking the time to respond, even though it is a bit hazardous - Can you tell I spent time as a safety officer?

I think the kid better enjoy the fall than the swing, lol... you're great, jogging and steemit on? It's fantastic. That's called not wasting time.


No time to waste time. That stuff is super limited and needs to be used wisely.

Nice free write seam like a great way to get the creative juices flowing

I enjoyed reading this @insideoutlet. Especially knowing that it was a true story and you were the eldest ;) LOL Ah.....childhood memories.

You did a wonderful job creating the imagery and even the sounds and textures - I could almost place myself as a witness on this scene.


Thank you. It was fun remembering the story. I even had a chat with my sister about it later that night.

Lovely memory. thanks for sharing :-)


Haha, not sure lovely was the right word, painful maybe.


Yea, it's painful but in a lovely way because you get to share it with us. I'm sure it was painful lol


Haha very true. It was nice to recall the memory.

Wonderful writing and story


Thank you. Was fun to write.

The force is strong with this one... ;)