Steemit Open Mic Week 85 - See Who Played Open Mic PART TWO

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Steemit Open Mic is an online, live music venue to give musicians a chance to share their music with the Steemit community and get their music heard. It is growing larger every week thanks to all of you.

This week's entries have been split into two posts because we have so many entries that we broke the post size limit on Steemit!

This post is part 2 and this is

Steemit Open Mic Week 85 - See Who Played - Part 1

To see all the entries you'll have to go there too. The post was so big the website would not post it!

We had 293 entries this week of which 277 are valid by following all the rules! Awesome guys!

You can read more about why all of the entries are not in the See Who Played weekly posts by reading Steemit Open Mic Is About Building A Community Of Musicians On Steemit Not About Winning --- by @luzcypher

There have been a flush of new accounts downloading people's valid Open Mic entries, uploading them to a new YouTube account, and posting it as their own performance on their multiple Steemit accounts. Those will not be included and I have muted those accounts.

To the scammers doing this, muting your account means I will no longer see your posts so you are wasting yours and every one elses time continuing down that path. You will be flagged, reported to @steemcleaners, and banned from entering Open Mic.

Please bear with us as we deal with this issue and keep Open Mic about building a musical community on Steemit worthy of the talent you bring to us each week.

@pfunk has been sponsoring Steemit Open Mic since I first started it and I want to give a big thank you to him and all the people who support and take part in Steemit Open Mic.

@pfunk is a Steemit witness and helps keep the platform working and you can vote for him here

Let's Keep @pfunk In The Top 20 Witnesses By Voting For Him

Vote For Pfunk For Witness And Keep Steemit Open Mic Growing Strong We Need Your Help Now

Special thanks to @curie for selecting and supporting musicians who have entered Steemit Open Mic.

Special thanks to @ausbitbank for creating the new @openmic account and to all who funded it with +24,000 Steem Power

Did you know that you can earn curation rewards while supporting musicians on Steemit? Read this to discover how.

Following the Open Mic Trail only upvotes people who enter Open Mic. You Still have to upvote this post manually to support the Open Mic Project.

You can read more about it here:

How To Support Musicians On Steemit And Earn Curation Rewards By Following The Open Mic Trail --- by @luzcypher

@trevorpetrie just started an MP3 Open Mic Radio Station for everyone entering Open Mic. You can learn more about that here:

Calling All Open Mic People Check This Out --- by @passion-ground

Looking For Developers To Help Build A Dedicated Open Mic Website Built On The Steem Blockchain --- by @luzcypher

The cutoff date to enter however is 12.00 PM UTC Time (Friday, 18th May 2018). Find your UTC time here. Entries posted late will not be upvoted. Please get your entries in on time. Thank you.##

Winners will be announced Monday, the 21st of May 2018.

Steemit Open Mic Week 85 Part 2

, --- by @kingtamarah

A.5 --- by @yoi

Ms. Direction by Aghostisaghost (OC) --- by @aghostisaghost

Steemit Open Mic Week 85 - See Who Played - Part 1

Special thanks to @pfunk for his loyal support, @verbal-d, @meno, @soundlegion, @passion-ground and @krystle for helping with judging the entries and spreading the word.





Wow..I am happy to get into this part 2 and this becomes an additional spirit for me in singing although there is still much I need to learn through the vidio of other friends.

I thank you for the jury @luzcypher pfunk, @passion-ground, @soundlegion, @krystle
@verbal-d, the judge judgments.

The cutoff date to enter is 12.00 PM UTC Time (Friday, 18th May 2018). Find your UTC time here. Entries posted late will not be upvoted. Please read the post and get your entries in on time. Week 86 begins May 20th and ends the 25th.

WOW - that is an impressive list! Thanks for your work!!

A very nice list. A very very nice contest. thanks so much for work always!

Such a great list and out leashed talents on Mic. thanks @luzcypher for the efforts

Dear Sir,
They are very talented, they have good vocals and have guitars and piano. omg ;(((
I speak english very not good...I'm just a freshman at a university in Asia.. I only sing in my country's language ... Can I be on your list? 4 days ago, I decided to post my blog theme as music ^^ and every day I sing on my blog. I love songs and I love to sing.Hope you read my comment .. Thank you.
This is one of the videos I sing .. Hope you watch,,,Hope you read my comment .. Thanks sir :D

Hello @luzcypher i just wanted to make this complain to you as it has happened twice now and it will be painful if it keeps happening. I had been busy last week so didnt have time to check if i was on your see who played list and like my instinct was right i wasn't there, it isn't fair and honestly i am not happy about it. Just thought you should know how i feel. Because none of the judge had to see or even listen to my video or even if they did wouldnt recognise it cause it isnt on the list and this was after you put a stamp on it already saying you almost missed it but manage to accept the entry. This mistake doesn't give me an equal chance like the rest of the other contestants but its all good though. I know its not a deliberate act thats but please this kind of mistake isn't a good one has i may not always have the time to check the list.

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