Open Mic Week 6 Winners - See Who Won This Week And Enter Week 7

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Open Mic Winners From Week 6

Thanks to everyone who entered and supported Open Mic Week 6. Community support for Open Mic has been tremendous and is one of many projects bringing the music community together on Steemit.

Total 300 Steem Prize


Open Mic Week 6 Winners

Here's the screen shot of the Open Mic Night Week 6 post at closing time showing all the upvotes.


Here's the openmic thread showing all the entries and votes on the authors individual posts.


Winners from Open Mic Week 6


Open Mic Week 6 Suzanne Tribute To Leonard Cohen --- by @cryptofarmer

Transfers To Winners


Plus 7 More Entries For Your Enjoyment

Open Mic Week 6 I M Not In Love Covered By Steevc --- by @steevc

Thanks to all the contestants so far in this weeks Open Mic Night. Special thanks to @kevinwong for guidance and @pfunk for sponsoring. Remember to vote before Sunday, 20th November 2016

Congratulations guys! Thanks again to everyone that entered. Thank you @pfunk for sponsoring Open Mic with 200 Steem donation for each week! Very generous of you.

Vote And Enter Open Mic Week 7


##Open Mic Week 7 - Record Your Performance On Your Phone, Enter And Win Steem - Sponsored by @pfunk @luzcypher##

Special thanks to @kevinwong for guidance, @verbal-d for inspiration and @pfunk for sponsoring Open Mic and all the Steemians who voted for the musicians.



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Wow, it's the fifth time I participate in the contest and I never expected I could reach a third place...I'm very happy. Thank you from my heart and congratulations to all the participants, you are awesome.


Thank you for supporting Open Mic and congratulations!

@luzcypher I was checking my wallet and I saw a transfer from you
wow I won?
It's the 1st music - related challenge I've ever won!
I'm so happy!
Thank YOU ALL very much! host, sponsors and voters!!

  • that's awesome ^ ^
    You all just popped me up tonight!
    resteemed ha ha !

Hurrah! Well done, lovely voice too :)


@lloyddavis thank you - we should collaborate - you play I sing :) haha
something like this


hehehehe! yeah, let's not wait till I'm dead like Sinatra though :D


@lloyddavis lol, we shouldn't hahaha


Congratulations! Hope to hear you sing some more for us.


@luzcypher Thank you
are your ears still okay?
haha - maybe - we'll see

A big thank you to @luzcypher and @pfunk for all their hard work, dedication and contribution, as well as a resounding thank you to all participants each week. Congrats to @englishtchrivy and @cryptofarmer as well. I'm very humbled to have gotten first place. Let's all do our best for week 7!

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Congratulations winners and participants. I think @lloyddavis should have gotten at least a boobie prize! ROFL


Oh let me just get my comedy trombone.... wah wah wah waaaaaaah. I thank you and my boobies thank you.


Also the judges are wise not to encourage my nudity. Today topless... tomorrow who knows!

Congratulations to all the winners

Grats to the winners! Thank you as always for hosting this @luzcypher. Lets see what we come up with this week :D

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