Open Mic Week 6 (late entry!) - Hallelujah (Cohen) sung by @merej99steemCreated with Sketch.

in openmic •  2 years ago

Sorry for the late entry guys!

I suppose I could have waited to submit this for Week 7, but I've got some holiday music on tap for the future.

I hope you enjoy. And perhaps you'll throw some love my way on @luzcypher's post too.

You can find it here in the comments section

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

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A beautiful tribute from the heart. Thanks merej99 !

I tried singing this one yesterday and broke down crying. We lost a true beacon of light this week but his music lives on with each of us.


indeed. It took about 8 takes for me to let this one go. :'(

Thanks for entering again. I have added your post to this week's entries.


Aw @luzcypher - that is super sweet of you. It's tough competition once again! I think I'm just happy to be singing again. The pipes are slowly coming back. Now if I only had a studio again so I don't feel like I'm holding back. :)


I got goosebumps listening to you sing this song.

Excellent work as always my great friend @ merej99. Congratulations

Nice job!

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