NSAS Idea Suggestion # 24 - Sugar, Sweet Death

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In this series I propose daily ideas for new members who are interested in becoming #steemstem authors.

NSAS: New STEM Authors Support

I will post an idea a dayish (it is the goal to post daily, but again real life>steemit for now). With this idea I will include a short description about aspects you may be interested in. If you read this idea proposal, and you like it, and you want to write about it:

Go to the comments and write: "I, username, claim this idea"

Obviously "username" is where you write your own username. This is so that I know who is interested in @steemstem and science in general and I am always looking for a good read. This is honor system stuff, so please respect someone claiming an idea. Again, this is just the first step towards writing a good science post. There is more to it. Do your research, use scientific sources and try to use some proper language and attractive design.
This series will have their own hashtag #nsas, so that you can go back and sort through some of the ideas I have shared and what people made out of it. If you decide to use the idea I propose, please also include #nsas on your posts so that I can have a look at it and maybe get you connected in the steemstem group.
Please also visit @steemstem on steemit as well as on Discord. Follow the guidelines and appreciate the community. That means engage, upvote and comment until your fingers bleed.

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Sugar, Sweet Death

Do I believe sugar instantly kills you? No. Do I think that many health gurus and the media tell you that sugar is the worst thing that ever happened to health? Yes.
This idea suggestion can lead to a post relativating the health problems caused by sugar. I heard quite a bit of "Calories from sugar are worse" in some documentaries (you know, the type where someone eats more sugar while keeping the calorie intake constant). I may be wrong, but I feel like there is a little witch hunt going on here, with sugar as the evil witch.
For this post you will need to dig for scientific reasons why sugar is supposedly so bad for you. This will probably lead you back to a fiercly fought debate in the 1960s, when the sugar vs fat causing heart disease debate was going on. It seems that several industries were sponsoring research and that some of that research was not kosher. There are many directions you could go from there.
I believe this post can be challenging to research and write, but you have a lot of opportunity to write an amazing post with new insights.
Here are a few sources to help you get started:

These sources are merely to get you an overview of the different health claims about sugar. For this post, you will have to dig deeper and look at the physiology of the body and how sugar fits in there. Also, there seems to be a different between sugar, and added sugar, which seems noteworthy.
Anyways, I am looking forward to this post if you choose to take it.

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I might suggest Pure, white and deadly book as one of the reading material. It is an interesting book for such topic. Great effort!