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For some people, success is something that seems to have been outlined by God. This raises a view that is deterministic or surrender to fate. As a result, if people already feel that they are not good, then success is something that is difficult to reach. It is from this reckless belief that many failures are born.

And what is needed by combatant mentality is the willingness to hone basic personal skills. The following is a summary of a number of personal abilities (skills) that I think are most influential in changing one's destiny to be better, from ordinary individuals to successful individuals.
  • Positive Thinking Ability

People who are able to think positively view difficulty as a challenge, regard criticism as a contribution of thought, and see many opportunities and possibilities in imperfections. While negative people regard difficulties as a form of failure or their own stupidity.

Positive thinking means keeping away from all forms of prejudice, both towards someone and certain objects. A prejudiced person easily loses opportunities, lacks success in social relations, and easily brings problems in the life of the organization.

  • Ability to Set Goals

The ability to set goals is very basic in designing one's success. Objectives are guidelines that direct a person to take appropriate and measurable actions. The purpose of controlling or watching someone's behavior. And the goal gives strength to advance and defeat various obstacles.

If someone fails to set a goal, then he moves without direction. In his life, this person did not know where to go and what stage. At a very chronological stage, aimless people are like people who lose their personality.

  • Ability to Cooperate

In many success stories, it is almost a common truth that someone's success is always achieved thanks to help or cooperation with other people. Rarely is a success achieved purely from its own business. Even the most eccentric artist needs cooperation with other people so that his works are worthy of respect.

Success always requires the ability to cooperate. This means that there is a process of mutual giving, mutual support, complementarity, and move together towards a goal.

  • The ability to control pressure

The ladder of success usually has to be treaded with various burdens and disturbances around it. Rarely can success be obtained 100% for free. In a very competitive field, the stages of success often carry tremendous psychological stress or pressure. So, the success fighters must have a mechanism for managing these pressures.

The popularity of a celebrity for example, in addition to bringing in a lot of money also brings psychological disorders. The death of Elvis Presley, Marlyn Monroe, John Lenon or Bruce Lee precisely when they were at the height of its glory was indeed full of mysteries. But of the many analyzes, there is always an element of pressure and excessive fear in themselves for the success they experience.

  • Ability to Think and Act Creative

No doubt, creativity is the source of the dynamics of civilization. Creative personalities are able to formulate something new, modify something that is old to be new, and can create something that does not yet exist. In this instant and competitive era, old patterns are often inadequate as a mainstay of competition. This is where fresh ways of thinking are needed and followed by appropriate actions. Success stories often begin with a simple but creative way of thinking.

  • Right Acting Ability

A value is not valuable if it does not exist at the right time and place. So is an action. In life, whether or not we succeed is very much determined by the accuracy of the actions we take, both in terms of the type and timing of their actions. Successful people usually have the ability to take appropriate actions and at the time needed, especially because they have faced similar situations repeatedly. Instinctive ability or feeling they are trained by challenges for the challenges they have successfully conquered. This at the same time shows the law of success which actually cannot be obtained instantly.

  • Ability to Love

Well, what's even more interesting is that successful people always have the ability to love what they believe and do. This love makes them devote their attention, energy and effort wholeheartedly. That ability also makes them resilient and eager to defeat every challenge. This also answers why successful people have amazing dedication to the fields they are engaged in. Without the ability to love, successful people will not be able to last long in the ladder of success.

  • Ability to Lead

It is difficult to deny, successful people are those who have the ability to organize and utilize the energy or thoughts of others towards a particular goal. As simple as someone who is successful, he has the opportunity to become a leader. Successful people like having charisma, are often a source of inspiration, are able to motivate (directly or indirectly), and often become role models for others. Interestingly, many successful people are born not as leaders, but he is successful because he is able to lead others.

Note to #steemit friends:

Keep in mind for STEEMians, success is something that can be fought for. No doubt, there are indeed some people who are more fortunate in life. That is, the person requires relatively less effort than the average person in gaining success. But for fighters who want to succeed, success always means that the business exceeds the average of most people.

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@fremy gives a message through words of wisdom :
"Physical limitations (disabilities) are not the main obstacles to achieving a dream, if you are trying to be really there will be good opportunities. Efforts will be directly proportional to the outcome. So no need to fear, your dream will be achieved without having to beg..."

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