Steps to make your soul calm for the next year better

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Try to reflect for the better next year. Well STEEMians, on this sweet occasion I will share a simple Method from me for STEEMians "steps to make the soul calm"

There are several steps and follow the steps :
For days STEEMians are preoccupied with various things. Realize that STEEMians mind requires rest and not enough with just sleep. STEEMians need to sleep in a state of get up. Reflect on and gain inner peace. Take a few minutes a day to reflect. In contemplation STEEMians are not looking for answers, just be friends with calm then you will get clarity of mind. The answer comes from clear mind STEEMians.

Do it on a quiet morning, soon after waking up. Or in the evening just before going to bed. Reflect in silence. Do not use thoughts to find answers.

STEEMians likened the mind used is like soapy water stirred in a glass of glass. More and more soap mix, the water more turbid. The faster STEEMians stir the faster the vortex. So too with contemplation, like is to stop the mix and let the water spin slowly. Watch the soap particles down one by one, touching the bottom of the glass. It's really slowly without a sound even STEEMians can hear the whole soap particles.

Now STEEMians get clear water capable of continuing the light. That is the case, with STEEMians common sense.

After STEEMians do it STEEMians will find peace of mind and try to introspect STEEMians self, then STEEMians will see weaknesses and strengths in STEEMians self. Then do the best for STEEMians life from now on, STEEMians will find the best way in life STEEMians self.

Author @fremy
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Hopefully this article is useful for all My friends

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you can enjoy it

My life keeps running, I really hope you can always provide support for the disabled so that I can be motivated, your kindness is all hope for me. If the spirit of my life begins to dim and my confidence will also disappear then all my dream will be stopped.

Thanks for all of you who have shared love all the time.

@fremy gives a message through words of wisdom :
"Physical limitations (disabilities) are not the main obstacles to achieving a dream, if you are trying to be really there will be good opportunities. Efforts will be directly proportional to the outcome. So no need to fear, your dream will be achieved without having to beg..."

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My words are not as beautiful as rainbow at dusk, forgive me if there is offending you all and make you feel uncomfortable. I'm just an ordinary human who does not escape mistakes.

Written by @fremy wholeheartedly, based on experience with motivation and inspiration in his life.

My support to the random act of kindness initiated by #steemitcommunity

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