Working professionally is a strategy of success [Revisiting]

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Perhaps STEEMians friends have experienced the following. STEEMians had prepared a plan of work, arranged everything, and the work was almost ready within the deadline, suddenly STEEMians realized, co-workers did not provide the necessary data, and even he was not in the office...!!!

On the situation STEEMians pursued the target, the phone rings and no friends are willing to answer, so STEEMians have to answer the calls from the clients. When STEEMians had refocused on the work STEEMians were getting over, suddenly another coworker approached, inviting a chat about his daughter taking music lessons.

Well, how STEEMians want to finish the job if always plagued with these things? Sometimes, lazy and annoying coworkers, making STEEMians rise blood or cause the work of STEEMians to accumulate at the end of the week. Here are the tactics to deal with them.
  • Co-workers whose habits often come out during work hours

People who belong to this type can suddenly disappear when needed. They are often "Go Out" and arrive late without first notifying them, while STEEMians' work is hampered by his actions so STEEMians have to work twice.

Tactic overcome:
Talk to him, Explain to him the problems and feelings of the STEEMians, or the consequences of his actions on the job. Invite him to find a way out. For example, ask whether he is aware that due to his actions the work must be done twice so that the department of STEEMians seems unprofessional. Also ask his opinion to solve this problem.

  • Co-worker who are habitual Rebels

The type of rebel often reduces his work by asking others to do his job. They very easily blame others for their mistakes and refuse to do tasks not written in the job description.

Tactic overcome:
First, make sure whether the rebel is included in the list of names who must do the job. If not, explain to boss about the situation and ask what the STEEMians should do.

  • Co-workers who habitually postpone work

This type always delays the job until the last moment. Slow down in providing information / data STEEMians need within the time limit that STEEMians need.

Tactic overcome:
Increase the time limit of STEEMians so that tasks can be completed on time. If this does not work, note STEEMians report that the data has not been received from any of the departments. In this way, the job postponer will react.

  • Co-workers of competitors

This type always wants to show, he is more than others. He will always try to do everything more than any other worker. Either by making the most sales or coming home at night, and more.

Tactic overcome:
Show him, STEEMians are not interested in doing work or anything else by competing.

  • Co-worker who a Critic

The shirts of STEEMians, mobile phones, cars, did not escape the criticism of the co-worker.

Tactic overcome:
No need to be angry at his criticism. Take it easy, Perhaps the criticism is true, When STEEMians are calm, STEEMians can accept his criticism casually without the need to worry or feel the need to defend themselves, STEEMians do not need to take it seriously.

  • Co-worker who have a habit of telling stories

The storyteller can go back and forth to STEEMians table just to tell about his latest girlfriend or tell about his family. The sound of STEEMians phone and the deadline for completing the work of STEEMians is not a barrier for him. Still, he's back and forth, so it interferes with STEEMians concentration.

Tactic overcome:
If a STEEMians co-worker just wants to chat, especially on personal matters, tell her to talk about it at lunchtime or during breaks. Determine the hours and should be consistent with the time that STEEMians have specified.

The most important thing to keep in mind and be maintained in relationships with co-workers is not to have a fight. It's much easier to resolve problems as early as possible than to maintain a cracked relationship. Another thing that is also worth remembering the employees, STEEMians superiors always want the unit / department look good and make sure STEEMians are able to do all the tasks well.

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So a brief review from me, Hopefully this article is useful for all My friends

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you can enjoy it

My life keeps running, I really hope you can always provide support for the disabled so that I can be motivated, your kindness is all hope for me. If the spirit of my life begins to dim and my confidence will also disappear then all my dream will be stopped.

Thanks for all of you who have shared love all the time.

@fremy gives a message through words of wisdom :
"Physical limitations (disabilities) are not the main obstacles to achieving a dream, if you are trying to be really there will be good opportunities. Efforts will be directly proportional to the outcome. So no need to fear, your dream will be achieved without having to beg..."

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My words are not as beautiful as rainbow at dusk, forgive me if there is offending you all and make you feel uncomfortable. I'm just an ordinary human who does not escape mistakes.

Written by @fremy wholeheartedly, based on experience with motivation and inspiration in his life.

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