Replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda “The Grandeur of the Golden Pagoda from Lumbini Natural Park – Berastagi” [Revisiting]

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In North Sumatra lies a city with an incredible natural charm that is Berastagi. The city is located in Karo Regency is located 70 kilometers from the center of Medan with a height reaching 1300 meters above sea level. The city is flanked by two active volcanoes, Mount Sibayak and Mount Sinabung.

Speaking of Berastagi tourist sites, there is one location that must be visited when stopped at Berastagi. Tourist destination that makes you not feel in Indonesia. This tourist destination is Berastagi Lumbini Natural Park which became one of the favorite tourist destinations when visiting there. Lumbini Nature Park Located in Tongkoh Village, Dolat rayat Sub-district, Karo District. It is 70 km from Medan.

History Lumbini Natural Park

Lumbini, based on Buddhism, was the place where Siddhartha Gautama was born by Queen Mayadevi before getting the Enlightenment a few years later and became a Buddha Gautama as well as the inventor of Buddhism. Lumbini itself is located in the Rupandehi District of Nepal. The name of Lumbini Berastagi Natural Park is taken from the name of the location. The difference is, if the original Lumbini is located in Nepal.

Lumbini Nature Park opened since 2010, this 3 hectare park has many interesting things that become the reason tourists come all the way here. One of the most famous is a replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda. Construction began in 2007, The project was successfully completed in 2010. Height 46.8 meters, 68 meters in length and 68 meters wide and was inaugurated with a major ceremony in October 2010. The ceremony was attended by more than 1,300 monks and over 200 lay people from around the world.

Lumbini Nature Park is a replica of the "Shwedagon Pagoda" in Yangon, Myanmar. Its architecture is similar to a gold-plated Thai pagoda. It hosts an elephant statue and the door looks like an Indian craft.

This replica consists of :

1 unit of the Large Pagoda, 42 feet tall, 25.8 meters wide, 25.8 meters wide.
8 units of Small Pagodas with a height of 7.18 meters, 5.38 meters long, 5.38 meters wide.
1 unit of Ashoka Pillar with height 19,8 meter and pole 0,9 meter in diameter.
4 units Sakyamuni Buddha Statue made of green jade.

Access to Lumbini Berastagi Natural Park

For travelers who want to visit and see the grandeur of the golden pagoda at Lumbini Berastagi Natural Park, can start their journey from the city of Medan, North Sumatra. The distance between the city of Medan with Berastagi not too far away. The distance between these two cities can be reached either using public transportation or private vehicles.

For those who use private vehicles, travel time between Medan to Berastagi ranged from 2 hours to 3 hours of travel. Meanwhile, for traveler who prefer using public transportation, public transportation tariff from Medan city.

Privileges Lumbini Natural Park Berastagi

Lumbini Natural Park not far from downtown Berastagi. When entering the area of Berastagi Lumbini Natural Park, Must report first at the security post which is located beside the entrance gate. And for entrance tickets do not need to pay at all alias free. All you have to do is fill in the guest book in front of the entrance gate. Although free, but this location has a complete facility and convenient for visitors.

To get to this Pagoda, you will pass a golden suspension bridge as a scattering infrastructure of the overpass combined with dozens of hanging lanterns. The 20 meter long suspension bridge is known as Titi Lumbini. Underneath is a beautifully landscaped garden laid out nicely and attractively, fish ponds and various types of flowers and trees that add to the coolness. As a harmonization of the natural forest atmosphere around it.

Magnificent pagoda

Arriving in the Pagoda area, you seemed to be greeted by the splendor of Replica Shwedagon Pagoda is painted gold with a beautiful architecture. Unique reliefs and Buddha statues adorn the main building of this Pagoda. To the left of the main building of Pagoda, there is a tower that has a peak-shaped peak. Underneath there are vine tendrils in the form of gold bracelets. Interestingly, at the top of Pagoda there are dozens of bells as decoration that will clink when blown.

Not only that, building the gold pagoda Lumbini Berastagi Natural Park also presents its own luxury. Moreover most of these buildings are lined with distinctive ornaments and golden colors, this pagoda building looks so beautiful and very grand. Architectural design was quite interesting, because it has similarities with pagoda-pagoda in the country of Thailand. Being around this pagoda makes you feel like abroad.

To enjoy the beauty of the pagoda from outside and inside the building, everyone can enter. Before entering we have to remove the footwear and put it on the shelf that has been provided beside the entrance. In addition to pagoda buildings there is also a garden with blooming flowers and sculptures that add to the beauty of the pagoda in Lumbini Nature Park is.

In addition to the Temple or pagoda, you can also walk around and see the gardens. Around the pagoda there are a lot of strawberry and vegetable garden that grows fertile. The park has its own beauty and uniqueness.

That's all the information from me, Hopefully it can be a reference for your tourist destination.

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